Fellow Review 2024: The Forefront of AI-Driven Meeting Management

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  • June 26, 2024

Did you know using AI to manage meetings can significantly streamline and enhance team interactions? My experience with Fellow has shown it to be an exceptional tool in this area, designed to refine how meetings are organized and executed.

Fellow utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify the scheduling and conducting of meetings, ensuring they are more engaging and productive. This Fellow review explores how its AI Meeting Assistant and sophisticated features make it an indispensable tool for any business environment.

What sets Fellow apart is its integration of advanced computer vision and robotics. These technologies enhance real-time interactions during meetings, positioning it as the best AI productivity tool 2024 for teams aiming for dynamic and effective communication.

Fellow Review: AI-Enhanced Meeting Efficiency

Fellow effectively addresses common meeting inefficiencies with its targeted AI enhancements. Having evaluated numerous productivity tools, I affirm that Fellow is the best AI tool for 2024 transforming team management and meeting dynamics.

Fellow’s platform offers seamless integration with various systems and a straightforward interface, making it incredibly user-friendly for professionals and project managers. It’s precious for reducing unnecessary meetings and boosting collaborative engagement.

Join me as we explore the innovative features, competitive pricing, reliable customer support, and firsthand experiences in my Fellow review, showcasing how it can transform your team’s meeting strategies in 2024.

Fellow Review – My Verdict (4.5/5)

The fellow has proven to be an exceptional tool for meeting management and team collaboration, transforming the dynamics of workplace interactions with its innovative AI features. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Advanced Meeting Management transforms how teams interact by reducing the frequency and duration of meetings while enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Real-time Object Tracking through advanced computer vision systems allows for seamless inventory management by identifying and monitoring objects during meetings.
  • Multilingual Support ensures that languages like English, French, German, and others are supported across different regions, facilitating global communication.
  • Robust Data Security measures protect all meeting notes and action items, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and secure.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans make Fellow accessible to various users, from free access to more feature-rich options at $7 and $10 per month, allowing scalability according to organizational needs.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support through the contact page assists users and enhances user experience.
  • Extensive API Integrations, including OpenAI, enrich the functionality of Fellow by allowing it to integrate seamlessly with a wide array of services and applications.
  • Real-time Transcription in multiple languages, coupled with advanced features like keywords and topic tracking, ensures thorough documentation and review of every meeting.
  • Innovative AI Insights help analyze meeting dynamics and speaker talk time, promoting balanced participation and more structured discussions.

These features position Fellow as a standout choice for businesses looking to optimize meeting strategies and enhance team collaboration.

Fellow Review – Quick Overview

This glance outlines how Fellow excels in boosting team productivity and streamlining meeting processes:

Feature Details My Rating
Best for AI-driven meeting management and team collaboration 4.5/5
Pricing Free plan to $10/month 4.5/5
Accuracy and Reliability Precise real-time tracking and data accuracy 4.7/5
Integration Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more 4.8/5
Analytical Potential AI insights and analytics on meeting dynamics 4.6/5
Data Security High-level encryption and security protocols 4.8/5
User Interface User-friendly, intuitive design 4.5/5
Customization Templates customizable for various meeting types 4.5/5
Languages Supported Multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish 4.5/5
Storage Secure private storage options 4.5/5
Free Trial Available for all plans 4.7/5
Customer Support Available via contact page; dedicated support 4.6/5
Refund Policy 14-day refund policy available 4.5/5

Fellow is ideally suited for organizations looking to improve the efficiency of their meetings and enhance team collaboration. Whether for small teams or large enterprises, Fellow offers tailored solutions to meet diverse organizational needs and budgets, establishing it as a top choice in AI meeting management tools for 2024.

What is Fellow?

Fellow is a groundbreaking AI-driven meeting management tool transforming how teams collaborate and manage meetings. Launched to respond to the need for more structured and efficient meetings, Fellow combines artificial intelligence with robust project management features to optimize meeting productivity.


At its core, Fellow facilitates structured agendas, clear action items, and automated follow-ups, making it an essential tool for teams striving to make meetings more productive and actionable.

It excels in environments where collaboration and meeting outcomes are crucial, providing tools that help users prepare for meetings, engage in meaningful discussions, and track the implementation of decisions.

Pros and Cons of Fellow 2024


    • Streamlines meeting preparations and follow-ups
    • Integrates seamlessly with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack
    • Provides AI-driven insights for enhanced meeting dynamics
    • Offers customizable features for various meeting needs


    • New users may need time to adapt to features
    • Requires continuous internet for optimal functionality
    • Advanced features require premium subscriptions

Fellow Review: Is It Worth It?

Yes, absolutely. In my journey through various productivity tools, I found Fellow beneficial for enhancing meeting management and team collaboration. Its versatile plan options cater to different organizational needs, making it an excellent tool for individuals and companies seeking to streamline their meeting processes.

Pricing Plans for Fellow


Here’s a quick look at the available pricing tiers for Fellow, which show its commitment to accommodating a wide range of business needs:

  • Free Plan: A solid choice for those new to structured meetings, offering basic features like collaborative meeting notes and integration with Google and Microsoft services.
  • Pro Plan ($7/user/month): Ideal for teams looking to expand their collaboration with features such as project management integrations and enhanced meeting automations.
  • Business Plan ($10/user/month): Best for organizations needing advanced standardization across meetings with additional features like meeting feedback and organization-wide meeting templates.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large organizations looking to transform their meeting culture with advanced analytics and comprehensive support.

Fellow review of pricing proves to be an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to improve productivity and enhance meeting effectiveness, offering tailored solutions that fit various needs and budgets. Whether for small teams or large enterprises, Fellow provides features that foster better communication and decision-making.

Is Fellow Free?

Yes, Fellow offers a Free Plan ideal for those just starting with structured team meetings. This plan includes collaborative and private notes, a meeting timer, and integrations with Google, Microsoft, Slack, and Zoom, making it suitable for basic meeting management.

Can You Cancel a Fellow Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Fellow subscription at any time. There are no specific details about the refund policy for canceled subscriptions, so reviewing the terms during the subscription process is recommended or contacting their customer support for more information.

How To Disconnect Fellow?

To disconnect integrations in Fellow, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Fellow account.
  2. Navigate to the integration settings.
  3. Select the integration you wish to disconnect.
  4. Click the option to disconnect or remove the integration.
  5. Confirm your choice to ensure the integration is fully deactivated.

How Do You Delete Your Fellow Account?

To delete your Fellow account, you should:

  1. Log into your account through the Fellow website.
  2. Go to the account settings section.
  3. Locate and select the option to delete your account.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your identity and reason for deletion, if required.
  5. Confirm the deletion to remove your data permanently.

How Do I Contact Fellow Customer Service?

To reach Fellow customer service:

  • Visit the Fellow website.
  • Navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ section.
  • Use the provided contact form or direct email link to reach support.
  • You can also explore their Help Center for additional resources and FAQs to assist with your needs.

Fellow Review – Key Detailed Features

Fellow offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance meeting productivity across teams. Its ability to sync with calendar apps ensures that scheduling and attending meetings are as efficient as possible. Let’s look at my fellow review for more details.

How Does Fellow Work?

Fellow enhances meeting efficiency by providing structured tools for agenda setting, note-taking, and action item tracking. These tools have been pivotal in my ability to manage meetings more effectively, ensuring that every meeting is productive and purpose-driven.


My experience with Fellow has significantly enhanced team workflow management because it employs natural language programming to automate meeting minutes. Also, it allowed me to seamlessly create agendas, take collaborative notes, and track follow-ups, significantly increasing our team’s meeting efficiency.

Its real-time collaboration features make it easy to keep everyone on the same page, reducing miscommunication and ensuring that every meeting is productive. Moreover, Fellow’s approach to integrating open data principles has streamlined data accessibility and transparency across my team, supporting better decision-making.

Who Is Fellow For?

The fellow is perfect for team leaders and managers engaged in various project stages, requiring a tool that supports extensive selection processes for customizable meeting agendas to fit diverse team needs. The clear structure and easy-to-use interface suit both seasoned managers and those new to team leadership.


The fellow is precious in dynamic environments where team alignment and quick decision-making are crucial. Its ability to standardize meeting practices makes it an ideal choice for American businesses seeking to improve their team interaction and productivity.

What Does Fellow Integration Do?

Integrating Fellow has drastically improved how our systems communicate, from scheduling to executing actionable items, by leveraging the platform’s ability to analyze and utilize training data. This integration ensures our workflows are continuously refined and optimized, enhancing productivity.


This seamless connectivity with 50+ tools helps maintain a cohesive workflow environment, where updates in Fellow automatically sync with tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack, ensuring that all team members are on the same page without switching between apps.

This integration capacity is particularly beneficial for project management, where tasks and meeting outcomes must be closely monitored and updated. As an American project manager, the ability to integrate Fellow seamlessly into our existing digital ecosystem has allowed us to maintain high efficiency and data accuracy across projects.

What Kind of Meeting Templates Does Fellow Offer?

Fellow offers a range of customizable templates designed for various types of meetings, including team briefings, one-on-one sessions, client meetings, and more. These templates ensure each meeting type has a suitable framework to guide the discussion and capture essential information.


Access to these templates has streamlined my meeting preparation process, significantly reducing the time required to set up meetings while ensuring that all necessary topics are addressed.

The templates provide structure and ensure consistency in how meetings are conducted within the company. This is particularly important in American businesses where meeting outcomes can influence decision-making and project directions.

What is the Limitation of Fellow?

While Fellow provides extensive features for meeting management, one limitation is its reliance on third-party integrations to utilize its capabilities fully. Users without access to supported platforms might not experience the full benefits of its features, such as seamless calendar synchronization and real-time collaboration tools.

Another limitation I’ve encountered in the American workplace is the occasional complexity of customizing the tool to fit specific organizational needs. While Fellow is highly adaptable, setting up these customizations can require a deeper understanding of the tool and the existing IT infrastructure.

Does Fellow Encrypt Data?

Yes, data security is a priority for Fellow, which employs high-level encryption (Google Single Sign-on (SSO) or Office365 Single Sign-on (SSO), SOC 2 Type II, GDPR Compliance) to protect all data transmitted and stored within the system.


This robust security protocol ensures that sensitive meeting notes and company information are safeguarded against unauthorized access, a critical feature for American companies under stringent data protection regulations.

Fellow’s commitment to security protects data and builds trust among users, making it a reliable tool for businesses concerned with maintaining confidentiality and integrity in their communications.

Is Fellow Available in Different Languages?

Yes, Fellow supports multiple languages, making it an excellent tool for global teams and multinational companies. It offers versions in English, French, Spanish, and more, catering to a diverse user base.


This multilingual support is particularly advantageous for American companies with international branches, as it ensures that all team members, regardless of their primary language, can effectively use the tool.

The availability of multiple languages promotes inclusivity and enhances communication within culturally diverse teams, ensuring that all members can fully engage in the collaborative features of Fellow.

Are There Any Challenges Using Fellow for 1-on-1 vs. Team Meetings?

In my use, Fellow handles 1-on-1 meetings excellently with features tailored for personal interaction. However, scaling this to larger team meetings sometimes presents challenges, such as managing different user roles and access levels during a session.


More granular controls would help manage larger groups more effectively, ensuring that information flow is controlled and relevant to each participant’s role. These insights reflect my experience with Fellow, highlighting its robust features and areas for potential improvement to serve diverse organizational needs better.

What Are The Unique Selling Features of Fellow?

Fellow stands out in the meeting management software space with unique features that significantly enhance team collaboration and meeting effectiveness. Here’s a deeper look at these features based on my experience using them.

AI Meeting Transcription

Using Fellow’s AI Meeting Transcription has completely changed how I manage and review meetings. The ability to automatically transcribe discussions in real-time has made it effortless for my team and me to revisit and share meeting insights. This feature ensures that everyone, even those who missed the meeting, can stay updated, making it incredibly valuable for maintaining continuity in our projects.


Action Items

The Action Items feature in Fellow has been a game-changer for task management within meetings. It allows me to assign, visualize, and prioritize tasks effectively. This tool has helped my team stay organized and focused on our most critical tasks, boosting productivity by keeping everyone accountable for their responsibilities.


Meeting Minutes

Fellow’s Meeting Minutes feature has streamlined how we record and follow up on meetings. It ensures that all discussion points and decisions are captured and documented. I’ve found this particularly useful for reference in follow-up meetings and helping new team members catch up on previous discussions without a hassle.


Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Integrating OKRs with our daily tasks through Fellow has helped align my team’s efforts with our larger business objectives. This strategic alignment has enhanced our operational focus and increased overall team performance by linking daily activities with long-term goals.


Meeting Feedback

Implementing real-time feedback on meetings via Fellow has fostered a continuous improvement culture within our team. This feature allows us to give and receive feedback immediately after meetings, helping us refine our approach and continuously enhance our interactions’ effectiveness.



The Analytics tool provided by Fellow offers insightful data into our meeting habits and productivity. I’ve used these analytics to optimize our meeting schedules and formats, ensuring we focus on high-impact discussions and minimize unnecessary meeting time. These insights have been crucial for improving our team’s efficiency and meeting satisfaction.


Each feature Fellow offers is designed with user-friendliness and integrates seamlessly into our existing workflow tools, solidifying Fellow’s position as an essential component of our team’s success.

How to Use Fellow: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using Fellow to optimize your meetings is straightforward. Here’s a detailed guide based on my experience with the platform:

  1. Sign Up and Set Up Your Account
    • Start by signing up for Fellow on their website. You can choose a plan that suits your needs, ranging from a free version to more feature-rich paid options.
    • Once signed up, log in to your dashboard. Here, you can configure your profile settings and integrate your calendar (Google, Microsoft, etc.) to sync your scheduled meetings automatically.
  2. Create Your First Meeting
    • In the dashboard, click on ‘Create Meeting.’ Input the meeting details such as date, time, participants, and agenda.
    • You can invite participants via email directly from Fellow. They’ll receive an invite with a link to join the meeting and collaborate on the agenda.
  3. Use Templates or Create an Agenda
    • Fellow offers various templates for different types of meetings. Choose one that fits your meeting’s purpose or create a custom agenda from scratch.
    • Add topics, questions, or tasks you want to cover. Assign action items to specific team members and set time allocations for each agenda item to keep the meeting focused and productive.
  4. Conducting the Meeting
    • Use Fellow’s collaborative notes feature during the meeting to take notes in real time. All participants can view and contribute simultaneously, making it highly interactive.
    • Use the meeting timer to track time spent on each agenda item, ensuring the meeting stays on schedule.
  5. Post-Meeting Actions
    • After the meeting, use the Fellow’s action items feature to review and assign tasks. Set deadlines and track progress directly within the app.
    • Send out the meeting minutes automatically generated by Fellow to all participants. This ensures everyone is on the same page and has a record of what was discussed and agreed upon.
  6. Review and Feedback
    • Solicit feedback using Fellow’s meeting feedback tool. This helps improve future meetings by understanding what works and what needs adjustment.
    • Analyze meeting effectiveness through Fellow’s analytics dashboard to see trends in meeting duration, participation, and productivity.

This Fellow review can help you streamline your meeting processes by following these steps, making them more structured, efficient, and productive. Each step is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring even those new to digital meeting solutions can adapt quickly.

Is Fellow Right for Everyone?

Absolutely. Based on my experiences, Fellow is incredibly effective across various professional environments, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Here’s how different user groups can utilize Fellow to optimize their workflows:

  • Meeting Efficiency for Managers: Managers can streamline meetings using Fellow’s agenda and minutes features. Integrate the best AI tools for team collaboration to improve project communication and teamwork in every meeting counts and ensure clear and actionable follow-ups.
  • Project Collaboration for Teams: Teams can leverage Fellow’s task assignments and progress tracking to enhance transparency and accountability. Use the best AI tools for project management, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Freelancers and Consultants: Fellow’s scheduling and integration capabilities simplify juggling diverse tasks and meetings for those managing multiple clients or projects.
  • HR Professionals: HR teams can benefit from Fellow’s feedback and utilize the best AI tools for task automation to save time to foster a culture of continuous improvement and aligned communication.
  • Educators and Trainers: Fellow is great for educational settings. By integrating the best AI tools for time management where clear agendas, collaborative note-taking, and follow-up actions are crucial for effective learning environments.

These practical applications demonstrate Fellow’s versatility, making it a powerful tool for enhancing organizational productivity.


Yes, a Fellow is excellent for streamlining meeting processes and enhancing team collaboration. It effectively combines meeting management with actionable insights, making it a valuable tool for any organization looking to improve its meeting culture.

While Fellow is highly effective, some may find alternatives like Microsoft Teams or Asana better suited for environments that require deeper project management integration or broader communication tools.

One disadvantage I’ve noticed is that Fellow excels in structured environments but can be less flexible in casual settings where meetings are less formal. The learning curve for maximizing all its features can also be steep for some users.

Yes, Fellow can be trusted. It employs robust security measures, including high-level encryption and compliance with industry standards, to protect all user data.

Fellow’s popularity stems from its user-friendly interface and powerful features that cater to a wide range of meeting types, from one-on-ones to large team gatherings. Its integration with multiple calendars and communication tools makes it a versatile choice for many businesses.

Fellow is not an API, but it offers API access to developers who wish to integrate its capabilities with other services or customize its functionality to fit their organizational needs better.

In Fellow, you can automate essential aspects of meeting management to boost efficiency. This includes scheduling meetings at convenient times, tracking and updating action items, sending automated reminders, generating minutes after meetings, and collecting feedback to enhance future meetings. These automations streamline the meeting process, making it more productive and less time-consuming.

Wrapping Up 

In wrapping up this Fellow review, it’s clear that this platform stands out as a game-changer for enhancing team productivity and improving collaboration through efficient meeting management.

Fellow not only simplifies the coordination and execution of meetings but also provides dynamic tools for action management and feedback that prove essential for any organization focused on optimizing communication and operational workflows.

Its widespread popularity and trust across leading companies underline its effectiveness and innovative contributions to meeting management. For more detailed analyses and perspectives on similar tools, consider exploring additional AI reviews.

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