Getimg AI Review 2024: Is It the Best AI Image Generator Tool?

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  • June 20, 2024

Welcome to my Getimg ai Review 2024! I’ve had the chance to dive deep into this amazing tool, and I’m excited to share my experience with you. Getimg ai is a powerful AI platform that transforms simple text inputs into stunning images and videos. Imagine describing your vision and watching it come to life right before your eyes!

This tool is a perfect fit for everyone, from developers looking to integrate AI into their apps or websites to designers crafting unique visuals without needing advanced graphic design skills. Content creators will also love generating eye-catching images for articles, videos, or social media.

Whether you’re a US professional or a content creator, if you’re searching for the best AI image generators, Getimg ai is definitely worth considering.


Getimg AI Review – My Verdict

After extensively testing Getimg ai, I found it to be an exceptional tool for developers, graphic designers, and content creators. Its pricing is competitive at $12/mo-$49/mo, and the free trial offering 100 images monthly is a great perk.

The notable feature of generating various types of images, from photorealistic pictures to anime art, and the mentioned features are standout elements that significantly enhance productivity

Data security is robust with advanced encryption protocols, and customer support via email is reliable, though it could be faster. The monthly and annual subscription costs are reasonable, with significant discounts for yearly plans.

The tool’s GPU time is impressively fast, and the usage rights are favorable for commercial use. With over 60 templates and excellent customization options, Getimg ai is versatile.

The average rating is 4.5/5, making it highly recommended for US professionals. For a detailed analysis, refer to the table below.

Get Getimg AI Our Best Recommendation for AI Image Generator Tool

My Quick Overview – Getimg ai Review

Here’s a quick overview of Getimg ai, highlighting its key features and my ratings based on industry standards:

Feature Details My Ratings
Best For Developers, graphic designers, and content creators. It helps in image generation and editing needs. 4.5/5
Pricing $12/mo-$49/mo 4/5
Free Trial Yes, offers 100 images for free every month 5/5
Notable Feature Supports the generation of various types of images and art, from photorealistic pictures to anime art. 5/5
Data Security Uses advanced encryption protocols 4.5/5
Customer Support Via Email 3.5/5
Refund Policy N/A N/A
Monthly Subscription Cost $12/mo-$49/mo 4/5
Annual Subscription Cost $9/mo-$39/mo 4.5/5
GPU Time So Fast 4.5/5
Usage Rights Images generated under these plans can be used commercially, adhering to the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license. 4.5/5
Discount Yearly. 20% off 4/5
Free Plan Available 4/5
Premium Plan Available 4.5/5
Apps Available 4.5/5
API Integration Available 4.5/5
API Access Utilizes a straightforward REST API that interacts with Stable Diffusion-based models to generate and edit images. 4.5/5
Speed Fast 4.5/5
Remove Background Yes 4.5/5
Templates We provide over 60 image-generation AI models 5/5
Cloud Storage Available 4.5/5
Credits 2400 credits for $9 4.5/5
Advanced Research Options Available 4/5
Mobile and Web Access Available 4.5/5
Bulk Option Available 4.5/5
Models AI model 4.5/5
Filters Available 4.5/5
Customization Available 4.5/5
AI Capabilities Generate images from text in seconds, edit photos with words, expand pictures beyond their borders, animate images, or train custom AI models 5/5
AI Generations Fast and accurate 5/5
High-Resolution Download Available 4.5/5
Commercial Usage Available 4.5/5
Provide Export Yes 4.5/5
Invite Team Members Available 4.5/5
Payment Method Credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay 4.5/5

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Getimg ai Review

Here, I will cover a detailed analysis of Getimg ai’s key features, highlighting why it stands out as the best AI tools. We’ll explore its impressive AI model and other essential functionalities.

What is Getimg ai Best For?

Getimg ai is best for users looking to create and edit stunning visuals effortlessly. It’s packed with features for generating and altering elements with text commands, making it ideal for developers, graphic designers, and content creators.

This versatile tool supports a wide range of image styles, from photorealistic to artistic, catering to various creative needs. This extensive localization in multiple languages ensures accessibility and usability for a diverse global audience, catering to regions where AI-powered photo applications are highly adopted.


What is the Pricing of Getimg ai?

Getimg ai offers flexible pricing plans to suit various needs. The Basic plan is priced at $12/month, providing 3,000 credits. The Starter plan costs $29/month, offering 12,000 credits.

For more intensive users, the Hobby plan is available at $49/month, with 24,000 credits. All plans include features like AI generation, image-to-video, and access to over 80 AI models. Discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

How does Background Removal work in getting AI?

Background Removal in Getimg AI uses advanced AI algorithms to accurately separate the foreground subject from the background.

This process involves deep learning techniques, particularly semantic segmentation, which allows the AI to identify and isolate the main subject within an image, removing unwanted background elements efficiently.

This feature is beneficial for creating product images, marketing materials, and creative compositions. To learn more about optimizing these techniques, see our guide on best practices in AI-powered background removal.


What Solutions does Getimg ai offers?

Here are some solutions Getimg ai offers to US professionals:

  • Image Generation: Create unique visuals from text prompts.
  • Image Editing: Modify and enhance existing images.
  • Background Removal: Easily isolate subjects from their backgrounds.
  • AI-Powered Automation: Streamline visual content creation with AI.
  • API Integration: Incorporate image generation capabilities into applications.
  • Template Variety: Access over 60 different AI models for diverse image styles.

What Resolution Does Getimg ai Provide?

Getimg ai offers high-resolution image generation capabilities, allowing users to create images with resolutions up to 6144×6144 pixels. This is achieved through its advanced upscaling feature, which enhances image quality by increasing resolution without altering the original visual content. This makes it ideal for creating detailed and sharp images for various professional uses.

Are there any sort of Discounts Provided by Getimg ai?

Getimg ai offers a 20% discount on annual subscription plans. This makes it an attractive option for users looking to save on costs while accessing the platform’s comprehensive AI image generation and editing features.

What AI capabilities does Getimg ai have?

Getimg ai boasts impressive AI capabilities, including the ability to effortlessly generate and edit images from text commands. It allows users to create various styles of visuals, such as photorealistic images and artistic illustrations. Additionally, the platform supports altering elements within images, making it a versatile tool for creative professionals.

For those interested in exploring other AI-driven content creation tools, for enhancing content creation offers a unique approach to generating text-based content, whereas for AI-generated images and for AI-powered video creation provide innovative solutions for visual content creation and editing.

What sort of Integration is used in Getimg ai?

Getimg ai utilizes API integration to seamlessly incorporate its powerful image generation capabilities into applications. This allows developers to interact with Stable Diffusion-based models through a straightforward REST API, ensuring smooth and efficient operation based on the provided specifications.

For those engaged in mobile development or content creation on the go, integrating services that support AI-generated images on Android platforms can further enhance creative freedom and productivity.


Is there any Data Security Policy by Getimg ai?

Getimg.Ai employs robust data security measures to protect user information and generated content. The platform uses advanced encryption protocols to secure data transmission and maintains a secure server infrastructure to prevent data breaches and cyber attacks.

What are some notable features present in Getimg ai? boasts notable features, including an AI Text-to-Image Generator, AI Image-to-Video Generator, and an AI Image Editor. It also supports custom AI models with DreamBooth and offers Stable Diffusion Outpainting. The platform provides users with 80+ AI models for various styles and allows for the creation of 100 images per month for free. These tools make it valuable for professionals and beginners alike.


Can I use Getimg ai for free?

Yes, you can use for free. The platform offers 100 free images every month upon creating an account. Additionally, you can earn more credits by referring friends and followers.

How to contact Customer Support of Getimg ai?

To contact Customer Support of, you can use their Discord channel for community support or send an email directly. Detailed contact information and support options are available on their FAQ page.

What is the Refund Policy of Getimg ai? does not offer refunds for their subscription plans. If you cancel your subscription, you can still use your remaining credits until the end of the current billing cycle, but no refunds will be provided for the unused period.

 What type of payment modes or methods are available in Getimg ai? offers two primary payment methods for users: Credit/Debit Card and PayPal. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred mode of payment for subscriptions or additional services.

How to Cancel Getimg ai Subscription?

To cancel your subscription:

  • Log in to your account on
  • Navigate to the Account Settings.
  • Select the Subscription or Billing section.
  • Click on Cancel Subscription and follow the prompts to confirm.

How Does Getimg ai Work?

Getimg ai operates by processing text or image inputs through its API integration. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

  1. Input Submission: Users send text descriptions or image inputs via the API.
  2. AI Processing: The AI models analyze and process these inputs to create or modify images according to the provided specifications.
  3. Output Generation: The system then produces high-quality images that align with the user’s request, ready for use in various applications.

This was the result generated by when I gave it the following prompt:
“A person walking on a beach with palm trees on the shore and clouds in the sky.”


What is the Unique Selling Point of Getimg ai?

Getimg ai stands out as the best free AI image generator and editor. It offers powerful AI features like text-to-image and image-to-video generation, along with an intuitive editor. What truly sets it apart is its custom AI models and real-time generation capabilities, allowing for quick and creative image production.

These features make Getimg ai an excellent tool for anyone looking to generate and edit images efficiently and enabling quick and effective content production without prior experience.

What is Getimg ai? is an AI-powered platform designed for image generation and editing. It allows users to create stunning visuals by transforming text descriptions into images, enhancing or expanding photos, and generating short videos. This tool is based on advanced AI models and provides a flexible API for seamless integration into various applications.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of Getimg ai

Here are the pros and cons of


    1. User-friendly interface
    2. Versatile image generation capabilities
    3. Offers custom AI training for personalized images
    4. Free plan available with up to 100 images per month
    5. Supports multiple AI models for diverse outputs.


    1. Limited free usage to 100 images per month
    2. Requires a stable internet connection
    3. Some advanced options might be complex for beginners
    4. Image generation may sometimes lack specific details as directed
    5. Higher quality images often require paid plans

How Much Does Getimg ai Cost?

Getimg ai offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs:

Plan Cost
Free $0/mo
Basic $12/mo
Starter $29/mo
Hobby $49/mo
Get Getimg AI Our Best Recommendation for AI Image Generator Tool

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Yes, Getimg AI is considered trustworthy. It employs advanced encryption protocols to ensure data security and has a valid SSL certificate, providing a secure environment for its users.

Getimg AI uses Stable Diffusion-based models to generate and edit images. These models allow for high-quality image creation and modifications based on user inputs.

Yes, you can use Getimg ai on your phone in USA. The platform is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, providing flexibility for users to create and edit images on the go.

No, Getimg AI does not allow NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. The platform enforces strict content guidelines to ensure a safe and professional environment for all users.


In this Getimg AI Review, we’ve explored the extensive features and capabilities of this versatile tool. Getimg AI stands out with its robust image generation and editing capabilities, intuitive user interface, and competitive pricing plans.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, or content creator, this platform offers something for everyone. The advanced AI models and secure data protocols make it a reliable choice for high-quality image production.

Don’t forget to check out my other AI tool reviews for more insights and detailed evaluations.

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