Hemingway Editor Review 2024: Is it worth it?

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  • May 17, 2024

As soon as I came across this tool, I knew it since then that it had to be in one of my many comprehensive AI tool reviews, and that’s why today I am exploring the multiple factors of this tool in this Hemingway Editor review. This innovative AI-powered tool promises to refine your writing and overall effectiveness as a content editor and writer.

Hemingway Editor Review – My Verdict (2/5)

After exploring the Hemingway Editor and scrutinizing it from various factors, I’ve come to know its strengths and weaknesses in this Hemingway Editor review. It seems tailor-made for fixing grammatical issues and editing and refining your articles.

However, I found its monthly word count limit of 10000 sentences a bit restrictive for my prolific writing needs, and the narrow language support somewhat limiting for a tool I hoped would cater to a global audience.

The pricing felt reasonable, sitting comfortably between US$ 10  and $15, which I appreciated given the features it offers. I was pleased with its data security measures and the free version, which allows for a risk-free trial.

However, the tool’s integration capabilities with WordPress and Medium blogs, while useful, didn’t fully compensate for its shortcomings in language model sophistication and the absence of templates for a more customized writing experience.

In sum, while the Hemingway Editor has its merits, particularly in security and cost-effectiveness, I found it lacking in the flexibility and comprehensive features I need for my diverse needs.

My Evaluation Against Industry Standards

In this Hemingway Editor review, I have conducted a thorough analysis of the features offered by this tool based on multiple factors:

Factors Provided by Tool My Ratings 
Best for  fixing grammatical issues and spelling mistakes (3/5)
Word count  Upto 10000 sentences /month  (2/5)
No of seats  Not applicable (0/5)
Pricing  US$ 10 – $15 (3/5)
Languages supported 4 Languages (1/5)
Brand Voices Not applicable (0/5)
Credits/Month: Not applicable (0/5)
language model GPT – 3  (1/5)
Integration and API With WordPress and Medium blogs (2/5)
Security Measures Yes  (3/5)
Free trial Yes (3/5)
Refund policy Not applicable (0/5)
Refund coverage days  Not applicable (0/5)
Templates Not applicable (0/5)
Plagiarism checker Not applicable (0/5)
Grammar checker Yes, in Hemingway Editor plus plan (4/5)
Customer support Yes (2/5)

Detailed Analysis of Key Features

Now that you have seen the ratings I have given Hemingway Editor based on the factors that are important to determine while selecting the best AI writing tools, let’s look at the reasoning behind the rating so that you can make an informed decision after reading this comprehensive Hemingway Editor review:


What is Hemingway best known for?

Hemingway is best known for its ability to fix grammar issues and spelling mistakes. This tool provides comprehensive assistance in correcting a wide range of grammatical errors and typos, ensuring clear and error-free writing.

How many words Hemingway Editor can generate?

The app allows for up to 10000 sentences per month, This limit should be sufficient for most users, accommodating the needs of those writing articles, blog posts, or even chapters of a book.

What languages could Hemingway speak?

Hemingway supports 4 languages. The relatively low rating suggests that the range of languages might be limited compared to the needs or expectations of a global user base.

What language model does the Hemingway Editor use?

Utilizing GPT-3, Hemingway ensures high-quality writing assistance, including grammar and style suggestions. The high rating reflects the advanced capabilities of GPT-3 in understanding and generating human-like text.

Which integrations are provided by Hemingway Editor?

The app integrates with WordPress and Medium blogs. This feature is particularly useful for bloggers and content creators who publish directly to these platforms, though the rating suggests there might be room for improvement or expansion in integration options.


What security measures are adopted by Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway emphasizes data security, a crucial aspect for users who work with sensitive or proprietary information. The high rating indicates strong measures are in place to protect user data.

Is there a free version of Hemingway?

Offering a 14-days free trial, Hemingway scores high, allowing potential users to test the app’s full range of features before committing to a subscription.

Does Hemingway Editor provide a document management tool?

Beyond simple text editing, Hemingway Editor offers robust document management tools, allowing users to organize their work efficiently, track changes, and collaborate with others.

Can I Manage Licenses for my team on Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway Editor simplifies team management by allowing you to handle all your licenses under one bill. This feature is especially beneficial for organizations looking to streamline their subscription management.

 Additionally, the tool provides extra AI credits, ensuring that larger teams have the resources they need to produce quality content efficiently.

Does Hemingway Editor check grammar issues?

Yes, the Hemingway Editor checks grammar. It offers comprehensive grammar-checking capabilities. This ensures writing is clear and grammatically sound, catching both common and complex errors.


Can I edit my content in Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway Editor, writing enhancement software excels in text editing, offering insights into sentence structure, word choice, and more. It encourages concise, powerful writing that captures readers’ attention.

What are the unique selling points of Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway Editor’s unique feature, the readability score, indicates the educational level required for someone to comprehend the text, presented through grade levels (e.g., Grade 1, Grade 2, and so forth). In Hemingway Editor, a text that achieves a grade level below Grade 9 is deemed to be of good readability, while a Grade 10 level is seen as acceptable.

This tool empowers users to fine-tune their writing to ensure it is accessible and engaging for their intended audience, making it a standout feature for enhancing the clarity and impact of their content. This feature is key for ensuring your content is approachable, and your social media post is engaging.

Do you have to pay for the Hemingway app?

Yes, the plans offered by Hemingway Editor are paid, and three plans are provided by this tool which I have discussed in detail in this Hemingway Editor review:


Individual 5K Plan

Starting with the Individual 5K Plan, priced at US$ 10 per month, this is an excellent entry point for individual users. If you opt to pay annually, the cost comes down to $8.33 per month, offering a bit of savings for long-term commitment.

Key offerings under this plan include:

  • 5,000 AI sentences per month: Whether you choose to pay monthly or annually, you’ll get a substantial number of artificial intelligence sentences, which should suffice for regular writing tasks.
  • Change target reading level: Customize the complexity of your writing to match the reading level of your intended audience.
  • Control dark mode: Work comfortably in any lighting condition with the dark mode feature, easing the strain on your eyes during long writing sessions.
  • Unlimited highlights for readability and style: The editor will highlight issues, helping you improve readability and style without any limitations.
  • Readability grade level scoring: Receive instant feedback on the grade level of your writing, ensuring it matches your audience’s comprehension skills.

Individual 10K Plan

For those who need more power, the Individual 10K Plan comes at $15 per month or $12.50 per month when paid annually upfront. This plan doubles the AI sentences available to you, offering:

  • 10,000 AI sentences per month: A generous increase for those who have more extensive writing needs.
  • All the benefits of the 5K Plan, such as changing the target reading level, controlling dark mode, unlimited highlights, and readability grade level scoring.

Team 10K Plan

Finally, the Team 10K Plan is tailored for collaborative environments and is priced at $15 per user per month. The annual payment option brings it down to $12.50 per user per month. This plan is ideal for teams, providing extra AI credits and the convenience of a single bill.

Included in this plan are:

  • Pay for multiple users on one bill: Simplify administrative processes and financial management by consolidating payments.
  • 10,000 AI sentences per user per month: Each team member gets a substantial amount to work with, ensuring productivity isn’t hampered by sentence limits.
  • All the other benefits found in the individual plans, like the ability to change the reading level, dark mode control, unlimited readability and style highlights, and readability scoring.
Get Hemingway EditorOur Top Recommendation for AI writing tool

Does Hemingway Editor provide customer support?

When it comes to customer support, Hemingway Editor has a straightforward approach. Users can reach out directly to the support team by contacting support@hemingwayapp.com. This channel is dedicated to assisting with any issues or questions users may have, ensuring a direct line to help whenever needed.

Does Hemingway Editor offer a Refund Policy?

Hemingway Editor does not offer a refund policy. This means that users are encouraged to make the most of the free version and the 14-days trial to fully assess the tool before deciding on a purchase.

Pros and Cons of Hemingway Editor:

Now in this Hemingway Editor review, let’s discuss its pros and cons;


    • Hemingway Editor encourages concise and powerful writing by highlighting wordy sentences and suggesting simpler alternatives.
    • The tool’s simple and intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and use, even for beginners.
    • Offers a free version that’s useful for basic proofreading and style checks.
    • The readability grade level scoring helps writers tailor their content to the appropriate audience.
    • Flexible pricing plans, including a free trial, make it accessible for both individual users and teams.


    • The Hemingway Editor does not provide AI-powered correction suggestions in the free version.
    • Without a refund policy, users must be certain of their purchase decision after the trial period.
    • The tool might be too simplistic for users who need advanced grammar and style checking.
    • Limited AI sentences per month could restrict heavy users or large teams.
    • Customer support is only available via email, which may not be the fastest option for immediate assistance.

Considering Alternatives to Hemingway Editor

While Hemingway Editor has carved out its niche in improving writing clarity and content performance, it’s always insightful to consider alternative tools that offer different features and functionalities.

Jasper AI Copy AI
Jasper-Logo copy-ai-logo-aaai
Writesonic Wordtune
writesonic-logo-aaai wordtune-logo-aaai


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Hemingway Editor.

Yes, Hemingway Editor checks for grammatical errors and also provides suggestions to improve the clarity, readability, and conciseness of writing.

Hemingway Editor focuses on brevity and readability, while Grammarly offers more comprehensive grammar and style checks, so the choice depends on your specific needs.

Hemingway Editor highlights areas for improvement but relies on the user to make the final edits.

Yes, the basic online version of Hemingway Editor is free and includes readability and style highlights but they also offer plus plans with additional features.


This Hemingway Editor review reveals a tool with the potential for specific writing tasks, offering reasonable pricing and security. However, its limitations in language support, customization, and user flexibility make it less ideal for broader applications. For targeted needs, it may suffice, but it falls short of being universally recommendable.

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