Narrato Review 2024: A Game-Changer for Content Creators

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  • July 10, 2024

 Have you ever found yourself grappling with the overwhelming demands of content management, juggling multiple projects, and trying to maintain quality across the board?

As a seasoned content manager working in an agency for years in America, I’ve experienced these challenges firsthand. The quest for efficiency led me to explore various AI writing tools, and that’s how I came across Narrato.

Narrato excels in fostering collaboration among team members. In an agency setting, seamless communication is paramount to avoid costly mistakes. Its intuitive interface and collaborative features have bridged the gap between our in-office and remote team members. Everyone can now access project details, contribute to discussions, and make updates in real-time, ensuring a cohesive workflow.

In this Narrato Review 2024, I’ll share how this tool has revolutionized our writing processes and why it stands out as one of the best AI writing tools for 2024.

Narrato – Revolutionizing Content Creation and Management for Modern Marketers

In this Narrato review 2024, it’s clear that Narrato is more than just a content management tool. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to optimize every aspect of the content creation process.

For agencies like ours, where efficiency and quality are paramount, Narrato has proven to be an indispensable ally. If you’re looking for the best AI tools for 2024, Narrato deserves your attention. Its innovative features and seamless integrations make it a top contender in AI-driven content management.

Narrato Review – My Verdict (4.8/5)

As a content manager, I’ve found Narrato an absolute game-changer in my daily workflow, especially its extensive range of AI tools and templates for diverse content needs.

⮞ It offers AI templates for almost every content type, from long blog articles to social media posts, memes, newsletters, and emails. It is a comprehensive content marketing assistant that leverages AI and automation at every content creation and marketing stage.

⮞ For content creativity and planning, Narrato provides an AI content ideas generator, an SEO content brief generator, an AI keyword generator, and content calendars, streamlining the entire process.

⮞ The in-line AI assistant on Narrato helps rewrite, improve, simplify, or expand text with a single click, significantly speeding up content editing and optimization.

⮞ The AI content repurposing tool is awe-inspiring, transforming any content into various formats for distribution across multiple channels, including converting images into text-based content.

Custom AI templates allow you to save frequently used content generation prompts as reusable forms, where you only need to input variables to generate content, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

⮞ The platform scores a 4.8/5 on the quality of AI-generated content, excelling in generating high-quality blog and social media content. The “long blog article generator from URLs and documents” is a standout feature, providing image and video recommendations, SEO meta titles and descriptions, and social posts for promoting blog articles.

⮞ One social media template that caught my attention is the “Social media post from image” template, which generates attention-grabbing posts or captions from an input image.

⮞ Narrato integrates seamlessly with various platforms, speeding up content creation efficiency. It is worth considering if you’re searching for a robust AI writing tool.

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Narrato Review 2024– A Quick Analysis

Short on time? No worries. Here’s a table of my Narrato reviews detailing the tool’s features compared to user preferences in AI content generation tools. This comprehensive analysis will help you better understand what Narrato offers at a glance.

This detailed overview ensures you understand the significance of each selected feature.

Feature Details My Ratings
Best for
  • Generating content for blogs, social media, web copy, product descriptions, emails, brochures, and more
  • Content generation on autopilot
  • Social media and blog content creation and publishing/scheduling
  • Bulk content generation, like for product descriptions
  • Content planning and publishing
  • Content project management and collaboration
Pricing US$ 36 – $96/month 5/5
Number of Seats        4 user seats + additional users at $11 per user/month 5/5
Templates       100+ AI templates for content creation, optimization, and repurposing 5/5
Languages Supported            20+ languages 5/5
Plagiarism Check       Yes 5/5
Grammar Check         Yes 4/5
Brand Voice    Yes 5/5
Language Model         Latest LLMs 5/5
Integration WordPress, Webflow, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Canva, Zapier, and API for custom integrations 5/5
Data Security  Yes 5/5
Free Trial        Yes, 7-day free trial 4/5
Customer Support      Email, On dashboard messenger, Phone 5/5

What is Narrato?

Narrato is a revolutionary tool that significantly enhances content creation and management. A standout feature is Narrato’s AI Content Genie, an AI tool that, on autopilot, generates social media posts and blog articles weekly based on a one-time input of your website URL and a few target keywords.

Imagine receiving a fresh batch of content every week without lifting a finger. This is a dream come true for content marketers and social media managers. The auto-generated posts, complete with image recommendations, can be edited, scheduled, and published directly from Narrato, making it a comprehensive social media management suite.

The AI bulk content generation feature is also invaluable for businesses and marketers needing large volumes of content. Whether it’s product descriptions, landing pages, ads, emails, social media posts, or blog articles, Narrato has you covered.

Upload a CSV file with your inputs and generate the needed content. The output can be downloaded as a CSV file or added directly as new content items under a project on Narrato. This convenience is a game-changer for high-volume content needs.

Despite its extensive features, Narrato offers affordable options ranging from US$ 36 to $96 monthly. Custom pricing plans are also available for unique requirements. The platform is generous with its capacities, starting from 400,000 characters and allowing an additional 100,000 characters per month for every extra user.

Supporting over 20 major languages, Narrato expands its usability to various global markets, setting default languages for AI content generation.

Content collaboration on Narrato is streamlined with custom user roles for different stakeholders. Guest roles for clients and creator roles for freelancers come with access control, which is particularly beneficial for agencies. Custom workflows and workflow automation make managing content projects straightforward and efficient.

Overall, Narrato is a complete and comprehensive platform that addresses the gaps found in most AI content platforms. It boasts pioneering, advanced AI tools that are hard to find elsewhere, capable of replacing almost all other tools in your content marketing stack. As highlighted in this Narrato Review 2024, it’s one of the best AI writing tools for 2024.

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Pros and Cons

It’s crucial to weigh up both its strengths and shortcomings. We’ll explore some advantages and some potential disadvantages of Narrato.


    • Extensive range of AI tools and templates for content creation and marketing.
    • Unique AI autopilot for content generation.
    • Bulk content generation scales production by 10x.
    • Comprehensive social media management suite.
    • End-to-end content project management and collaboration.


    • Some features overlap with other AI content platforms.
    • Limited native integrations, but custom integrations are possible.
    • The 7-day free trial may not be sufficient for thorough exploration.

Narrato Review: Pricing & Plans


Pro Plan

Cost: US$ 36 /month (billed yearly per workspace, offering ~3.5 months free with yearly billing)


  • User Seats: 4 included, additional users at $9/user/month (guest users are free)
  • Projects & Content: Unlimited projects and content items
  • AI Writing: 400,000 characters/month included, +100,000 characters/month for every additional user
  • AI Content Genie: Social and blog creation auto-pilot for 1 project, additional projects at $5/project/month
  • AI Images: 80 images/month included, +20 images/month for every additional user
  • SEO Content Briefs: 40 briefs/month included, +10 briefs/month for every additional user
  • Additional Features: Custom workflows, content templates, folders & calendars, social media publishing (10 accounts max, grouping not available), content download & HTML, public share links, 30 days revision history, graphics & image search tools, unlimited grammar and readability checks
  • Plagiarism Credit: $4/month credit included (approx. 30,000 words), +$1 credit for every additional user/month

Business Plan

Cost: $96/month (billed yearly per workspace, offering ~3.5 months free with yearly billing)

Includes Everything in Pro, Plus:

  • User Seats: 4 included, additional users at $24/user/month (guest users are free)
  • AI Writing: Unlimited characters per month with a fair usage limit of 1,250,000 characters per user
  • Brand Voices: Included
  • AI Content Genie: Social and blog creation auto-pilot for 3 projects, additional projects at $5/project/month
  • Bulk AI Content Generation: 100 generations in one run (plans available for 1000 generations per run)
  • AI Images: 200 images/month included, +50 images/month for every additional user
  • AI Vision Content Generation: 200 images/month included, +50 images/month for every additional user
  • SEO Content Briefs: 100 briefs/month included, +25 briefs/month for every additional user
  • Additional Features: Social media accounts (unlimited, grouping available), custom AI templates, workflow automation, publishing to WordPress and Webflow, API & Zapier, freelancer payment management, white-labeling, unlimited revision history
  • Plagiarism Credit: $8/month credit included (approx. 60,000 words), +$2 credit for every additional user/month

Other Custom Plans

Narrato also offers customizable plans to fit different needs, such as:

  • Unlimited User Plans: For large teams
  • Single User, Low-Cost Plan: For individual users or solopreneurs
  • Small Agency Plans: Tailored for smaller agencies
  • Bigger Limit AI Bulk Content Generation Plans: For higher volume content generation needs

Note: Users can top up credits for additional usage, and pricing scales with the number of active users in the workspace.

Important: Narrato does not offer a money-back guarantee. For specific concerns or issues, it is recommended to contact their support team directly.

This flexible pricing structure allows Narrato to cater to various content creation needs, from individual freelancers to large businesses.

Both plans offer incredible value depending on your needs. The Pro plan is excellent for small to medium-sized teams looking to streamline their content creation process without breaking the bank.  On the other hand, the Business plan provides extensive features that cater to larger teams with more complex content strategies.

This Narrato pricing is competitive, especially considering the range of AI tools and the scalability options provided.

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Is There A Free Version of Narrato?

No. Narrato does not have a free version but offers a 7-day free trial.

Narrato Review – Key Features

Let’s jump right into my thorough Narrato review by answering a few of the queries you may have based on the ratings you’ve just seen.

What is Narrato Used For?

Narrato manages your entire content process, from planning to creation to publishing. Most users leverage Narrato’s AI templates and tools for content idea generation, blog writing, social media content generation, copywriting, email writing, bulk content generation, and content automation, among other things.

Narrato is also used for content project management, as users can save and organize all their content on a centralized platform and collaborate with their teams and stakeholders.

As an American content manager, I’ve found Narrato invaluable for streamlining our workflow. For instance, during a recent campaign, we needed to quickly generate a large content volume. Narrato’s bulk content generation feature allowed us to produce high-quality blog posts and social media updates efficiently, saving us significant time and effort.

Is There a Word Count Limit on Narrato?

Users can generate up to 500,000 characters/month on the Pro plan or +125,000 characters/month for every additional user. Also, for AI images, the limit is 100 images/month + 25 images/month for every additional user. The limit on SEO content briefs is 40 briefs/month, +10 briefs/month for every additional user.

The Business plan gives you unlimited access to AI writing, while the limits on AI images and SEO content briefs are also higher. The Business plan also includes AI Vision content generation, which is Narrato’s image-to-text generator, with a limit of 200 images/month + 50 images/month for every additional user.

In our agency, the transition to the Business plan was a game-changer. We often need unlimited AI writing capabilities for our diverse projects, and the enhanced limits on images and SEO content briefs have significantly improved our content quality and output.

How Many User Seats are Provided by Narrato?

Narrato includes 4 user seats on both paid plans, and more users can be added at $11-24/per user/month. This makes the platform suitable for businesses of any size. No matter how big or small your marketing team is, you can customize your plan according to your team size.

Also, you can add any number of Guest users with limited access for free. This is great for businesses and agencies that must share and collaborate with clients and external stakeholders.

In my experience, the ability to add guest users has been incredibly beneficial. It allows our clients to review and provide feedback directly on the platform without additional costs, fostering better collaboration and faster project completion.

How Many Templates Does Narrato Have?

Narrato has over 100+ pre-built AI templates for various use cases, including blog, social media, copy, descriptions, emails, summary, repurposing, ads, SEO, video, and more. Over and above these, you can create custom AI templates with your prompts, allowing you to generate any niche content much faster.

I remember when we needed a specific type of content that wasn’t covered by the existing templates. The ability to create custom AI templates on Narrato allowed us to tailor the content generation process precisely to our needs, enhancing our productivity and output quality.

What Languages Does Narrato Support?

Narrato supports over 20 major languages, including Spanish, Greek, German, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, French, Finnish, and others. You can set your preferred language as default for AI content generation on Narrato’s AI writer and AI Content Genie – the content autopilot on the platform.

This multilingual support has benefited our global campaigns, allowing us to effectively generate content in different languages and reach a broader audience.

Can Narrato Detect Plagiarism?

Yes, Narrato has a built-in plagiarism checker. You need to add credits to use the plagiarism checker. You get $4 credit free per month, which you can check for approximately 30,000 words + $1 for every additional user.

The built-in plagiarism checker ensures that our content maintains originality and integrity, which is crucial for our reputation as a reliable content agency.

Does Narrato Have a Brand Voice Feature?

Yes, Narrato allows you to save custom brand voices with the Business plan. The process is pretty simple. You can share some samples of your existing content with the AI tool, which analyzes and generates a custom brand voice based on this input.

This brand voice can be saved and applied to AI content generation. You can save different brand voices for various use cases or clients.

This feature has been instrumental in maintaining consistency across different types of content and client projects, ensuring that our brand voice remains distinct and recognizable.

Which Language Model Does Narrato Use?

Narrato uses the latest LLMs (OpenAI, Claude, Gemini). This is why Narrato’s AI content generation and data extraction are high-quality and consistent.

Does Narrato Support Multiple Content Formats?

Yes. Narrato supports various content formats, making it a versatile tool for different content needs. From blog posts and social media updates to email campaigns and product descriptions, Narrato’s AI templates cover nearly every content type you need.

During a recent project, we had to generate content across multiple formats, and Narrato’s extensive library of templates made this task significantly more manageable. The ability to create custom AI templates also allowed us to cater to niche content requirements, enhancing our overall productivity and output.

Is my Data Secure on Narrato?

Yes. Narrato places a high priority on data security. The platform employs advanced security measures, including encryption and secure access protocols, to protect big data.

As someone who manages sensitive client information, I was initially concerned about data security. However, Narrato’s robust security features and regular updates have convinced me that our data is well-protected. The platform’s compliance with industry-standard security practices ensures that your content and personal information remain safe.

Can I Integrate Narrato with Other Tools?

Yes, Narrato offers seamless integration with various tools to enhance your workflow. It integrates natively with platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, allowing you to schedule and publish content directly from Narrato.

Additionally, custom integrations can be built using Zapier or Narrato’s API. As a content manager, I’ve found these integrations incredibly beneficial. For example, integrating Narrato with our WordPress site streamlined our publishing action-selction process, reducing the time spent switching between platforms and improving our overall efficiency.

What Integrations Does Narrato Offer?

Narrato has native integrations with WordPress, Webflow, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for scheduling and publishing content. You can also build custom integrations with any app or platform through Zapier or Narrato’s API.

Narrato also offers a Google Docs Add-on and a Canva Narrato app, allowing you to use Narrato’s AI tools on these platforms.

These integrations have streamlined our workflow, allowing us to publish and manage content directly from Narrato, saving us time and reducing the need for multiple tools.

Who Can Benefit from Using Narrato?

Narrato is invaluable for many users, from individual content creators to large marketing teams and agencies. Its extensive feature set caters to content creation and management needs, making it ideal for content managers, marketers, social media managers, and SEO specialists.

In my role as a content manager, Narrato has streamlined our workflow, improved collaboration, and significantly enhanced our content quality. Whether managing a small blog or handling multiple client projects, Narrato’s versatility and powerful AI tools can help elevate your content strategy.

How Do I Contact the Narrato Support Team?

You can contact the Narrato support team at or through this support form on the website. The support team is very responsive, and you’ll surely get a reply within 24 hours. You can also request a demo, get help with onboarding, and get any query or concern addressed swiftly.

The support team has been accommodating in our onboarding process, ensuring we could effectively leverage all the features Narrato offers.

Other Notable Features

Let’s discuss some of Narrato’s noteworthy features in detail.

AI Content Assistant

Narrato’s AI content assistant is a treasure chest for marketers and content creators. With more than 100 pre-built AI templates and tools, it covers almost any use case in content creation, from generating topic ideas to repurposing content. The templates and tools are neatly organized, and the search bar makes it a breeze to find what I need.

And if I can’t find a pre-built template for a specific task, I can create my custom AI template, mate. This game-changer has allowed me to save the prompts I often use as reusable forms for quicker generation.

AI Content Genie

Narrato’s AI Content Genie is a revolutionary tool, and as an American, I reckon it’s a fair dinkum gem. This AI tool generates social media and blog content on autopilot, which is brilliant. I just had to save my website URL and target themes in the settings once, and the tool has been dishing out fresh content based on those inputs week after week.

And the best part? I can edit the AI-generated posts and schedule or publish them to any platform directly from Narrato. Talk about convenience, mate!

AI Bulk Content Generation

Another revolutionary feature of Narrato is AI bulk content generation, and let me tell you, as an American writer, this one’s a natural beauty. If you often need to create hundreds of content pieces for your business, this tool will be an absolute game-changer. Most of the pre-built AI templates and all custom AI templates on Narrato have bulk generation enabled.

All you need to do is upload a CSV file with inputs for each content piece, and the AI will generate all your content in a matter of minutes. You can download the output as a CSV file or add them as new content items in a project on Narrato.

Some everyday use cases of AI bulk content generation include generating hundreds or thousands of product descriptions, landing pages, ads, social media posts, emails, travel itineraries, course descriptions, property descriptions, articles, and more. As an American, I find this feature convenient for creating content for various businesses and industries.

In-line AI Assistant

Narrato shines with its in-line AI assistant, making content creation and editing a breeze. I’ve found it incredibly useful for quickly enhancing my drafts. When editing directly in the editor, I can select any text and choose actions like simplify, expand, or shorten, depending on what I need.

The Ask AI feature is fantastic, allowing me to create custom commands tailored to my requirements.

SEO Content Briefs

Creating SEO content briefs used to be a tedious task that consumed hours of my day. With Narrato’s SEO content brief generator, that’s no longer the case. The tool generates a comprehensive brief with keywords, questions, references, and structure suggestions by simply inputting my article topic.

It even scores my content’s SEO optimization based on the brief. The best part? These briefs are fully customizable, so I can add my style guides and additional notes for authors, ensuring everything is perfectly aligned with my vision.

Blog Article Generator from URLs and Docs

Generating a long blog article from a URL or document felt like a distant dream until I started using Narrato’s template.

By providing a topic and reference materials, the AI generates an outline for me to review and modify. Then, it produces a complete, SEO-optimized article, including image and video recommendations. This tool has transformed my blog writing process, reducing the time from tens of hours to just minutes.

AI Image Generator

The AI image generator on Narrato is another fantastic tool that I’ve come to rely on. It allows me to create images in various styles from simple text prompts without switching tabs. The output quality is impressive, and having a built-in CC images and GIFs library is a huge plus, making my content visually appealing with minimal effort.

AI Vision Content Generator

Narrato’s AI Vision content generator is a powerhouse with limitless potential. This tool can generate text from images, which is incredibly useful for creating social media posts, captions, descriptions, and alt texts.

I can get text ready for Instagram or Facebook posts by simply uploading an image. The AI content repurposing tool allows me to transform photos into various content formats like blog posts, press releases, and newsletters.

Publishing Automation

One of the standout features of Narrato is its publishing automation. Being able to schedule and publish content directly from the platform saves me significant time and hassle. Whether it’s WordPress, Webflow, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I can publish with just a few clicks. Integrations with other platforms via API or Zapier further enhance this convenience.

Content Project Management & Content Collaboration

Narrato is designed to be a complete solution for content marketers and businesses. Its project management features are tailored for content projects, allowing me to build custom workflows and automate processes. Narrato is a central repository for all my content, neatly organized under projects and folders.

The ability to control access through custom user roles and collaborate with team members via comments@mentions and messages has streamlined my workflow. The freelancer management module also helps me efficiently manage freelancer task assignments and payments, making it an indispensable tool for my content creation needs.

How do I Get Started with Narrato?

Getting started with Narrato is straightforward. First, sign up for an account on the Narrato website. Once you’ve signed up, you can begin exploring the platform’s features. The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to navigate and familiarize yourself with various tools and templates.

Narrato offers a comprehensive onboarding process for new users, including tutorials and a demo session, which I found particularly helpful when introducing the platform to my team. As an American content manager, I appreciated the ease with which we could integrate Narrato into our existing workflow, making the transition smooth and efficient.

Why Choose Narrato Over Other Content Management AI Tools?

  • Comprehensive Suite of Features: Narrato offers a wide range of AI tools and templates for content ideation, creation, editing, and publishing, making it a one-stop solution for all your content needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, simplifying content creation for beginners.
  • Customization and Flexibility: With over 100+ pre-built AI templates and the ability to create custom templates, Narrato allows personalized content generation to meet specific requirements.
  • Collaboration Tools: Narrato facilitates collaboration with features like custom user roles, workflow automation, and project management, ensuring efficient teamwork and communication.
  • Affordable Pricing: Narrato provides competitive pricing plans that cater to various business sizes and needs, with options for additional users and custom plans.
  • High-Quality Output: Narrato delivers high-quality, consistent content across multiple formats and languages utilizing the latest language model.
  • Integration Capabilities: Narrato integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Security and Support: Narrato prioritizes data security with advanced measures and offers responsive customer support to address any concerns promptly.

Choosing Narrato means opting for a versatile, reliable, comprehensive content management tool that enhances productivity and delivers exceptional results.

Is Narrato Right for Everyone?

Yes, here’s how different groups leverage this versatile platform:

  • Content Managers: Streamline content processes, ensuring high-quality delivery.
  • Marketing Professionals: Generate engaging marketing content tailored to target audiences.
  • Freelancers and Writers: Quickly produce a variety of content with AI templates.
  • Agencies: Manage multiple clients and large volumes of content with collaboration features and custom workflows.
  • Startups: Establish a solid online presence by generating content at scale.
  • Educational Institutions and Nonprofits: Effectively create and manage academic content and outreach materials.

Narrato’s flexibility and advanced AI capabilities make it valuable for anyone involved in content creation and management.

Check Out Narrato Comparisons

In these comparisons, I evaluate Narrato alongside other top AI tools to help you determine which one best fits your needs.

  • For a comparison of content management features, see Narrato vs, where Narrato excels in comprehensive tools and shines in quick content generation.
  • For a content management comparison, see Narrato vs Jasper AI Narrato excels in workflow optimization, while Jasper AI shines in generating high-quality content quickly.

Narrato Alternatives: If You Want to Consider

Let’s explore some alternatives to Narrato that offer a wider range of features and pricing options to meet various needs. Here are some noteworthy choices:

Jasper AI Copy AI
jasper-logo copy-ai-logo-aaai
Shortly AI ChatGPT
shortly-ai-logo chatgpt-logo


Yes, Narrato is a legitimate content collaboration platform.

The CEO of Narrato is Sophia Solanki..

Yes. You can customize the Narrato workspace to fit your team’s workflow.

No, currently, Narrato does not provide analytics and reporting features.

Narrato updates its platform regularly, ensuring users get new features and improvements.

Yes. You can collaborate with your team on Narrato.


Having worked as a content manager in the bustling American market for years, I’ve seen my fair share of AI tools come and go. Narrato stands out not just for its extensive features but for its user-centric design that truly understands the needs of content professionals.

Whether you’re a freelancer handling multiple clients, a marketing team striving for cohesive branding, or an agency managing large-scale projects, Narrato offers the versatility and efficiency you need.

In this Narrato review, you’ll see how its integration with our workflow and robust collaboration tools have significantly boosted our productivity. In a recent high-volume project, Narrato’s bulk content generation and AI Content Genie were lifesavers. The platform’s ability to handle various content formats and languages effortlessly has expanded our reach.

For more insights, check out my other AI reviews. If you’re seeking a comprehensive content management tool, Narrato is worth considering. It has become an essential part of our toolkit, and I believe it can do the same for you. For more insights, check out our detailed Narrato review and other AI reviews.


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