Pixop Review 2024: Is It the Best AI Video Tool?

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  • May 22, 2024

When I decided to try out Pixop, I knew I had to share my thoughts. In my Pixop review, I’ll talk about everything from how much it costs and the kind of support you get to how the language models work.

I’ve spent some time with this tool, so you can trust that I’ve covered all you need to know before you decide if it’s right for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking for something more advanced, this review has you covered. Stick with me, and this Pixop review will be the only one you’ll need to read.


Pixop Review – My Verdict

Pixop is excellently designed for automating workflows in production environments, fitting the needs of TV stations, film distributors, and independent creators.

Its pricing is competitive, offering scalable options for various video lengths. The API access and integration capabilities, particularly with Stripe, streamline the workflow significantly.

In my recommendation, Pixop’s suite of features like frame rate conversion, resolution up to UHD 8K, and specialized video solutions makes it fall in 9+ Best AI Video Upscaling Tools in USA.

Its 14-day free trial, comprehensive customer support, and robust refund policy further assure its value. Pixop is a solid investment for anyone serious about video production and archive monetization.
Refer to the table below for further analysis of Pixop’s key features:

Get Pixop Our Best Recommendation for AI Video Tool

My Quick Overview – Pixop Review

Let’s have a look at whether Pixop falls right for your needs based on the feature it claims to offer as one of the Best AI Tools for Video Enhancement in USA:

AI Video Generator Factors Details My Ratings
Best for Designed to fully automate workflows and make it simple and effective for production companies, TV stations, film distributors, and independent creators to monetize their digital archives and update them to fit today’s screens. (5/5)
Pricing 20min Video: $22.84

40min Video: $44.01

100min Video: $97.78

No of Videos N/A (0/5)
API Access Yes (4/5)
Frame Rate Conversion Yes (4/5)
Frames per Second Yes (4/5)
Templates N/A (0/5)
Solutions • Pixop Deep Restoration, Pixop Deep Restoration 2 , Pixop Super Resolution, Pixop Denoiser, Pixop Deinterlacer, Pixop Dejitterer, Pixop Frame Rate Conversion, Pixop Film Grain, Pixop Face Forward, Classic (4/5)
Duration upto 100min (4/5)
No of Languages N/A (0/5)
Storage upto 250GB (4/5)
Text – Video Generator N/A (0/5)
No of Users 1 – unlimited (4/5)
Integration Stripe – Payment Platform (3/5)
Data Security Yes 100% (3/5)
Resolution from SD all the way to UHD 8K (3/5)
Free Trial Pixop offers a 14-day trial period with limited features to explore the app; adding payment information within this time is necessary to continue. Otherwise, the account will be deleted. (4/5)
Customer Support help@pixop.com (4/5)
Refund Policy If you cancel within 15 days, they will refund your entire payment. (4/5)

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Pixop Review

Let’s commence my detailed Pixop review for American individuals by showing why it’s considered one of the best AI tool in USA by answering some of the questions you might have after seeing the above ratings:

What is Pixop?

Pixop is a one-click AI video remastering tool designed for broadcast media, offering a fast, easy, and affordable solution for improving the quality and resolution of video content.

It is particularly beneficial for YouTubers, filmmakers, video editors, and post-producers who may not have access to expensive equipment or extensive specialized training.

Get Pixop Our Best Recommendation for AI Video Tool

What is Pixop Best For?

Pixop is best for automating workflows for production companies, TV stations, film distributors, and creators to monetize and update digital archives effectively.

What is the Pricing of Pixop?

Pixop’s pricing is tiered: $22.84 for a 20-minute video, $44.01 for 40 minutes, and $97.78 for 100 minutes, offering scalable solutions for different needs.

Refer to my Pixop review below for detailed pricing plans provided by this tool.

How Many Templates are available in Pixop?

Pixop does not offer templates, as it focuses more on video enhancement and restoration solutions.

What Solutions does Pixop offer?

Pixop offers a variety of solutions like Deep Restoration, Super Resolution, Denoiser, Deinterlacer, and more, focused on improving video quality.

How to Use Pixop Voice-Over/Audio?

Information about voice-over or audio features in Pixop is not available, suggesting that it may not support these features directly.

What Duration is Supported by Pixop?

Pixop supports video durations of up to 100 minutes, catering to both short and long-form content.


What Amount of Storage is Supported by Pixop?

Pixop offers up to 250GB of storage, accommodating significant amounts of video data.

This feature is most useful for filmmakers handling big data.



What Languages are Supported by Pixop?

There is no specific information on multiple language support in Pixop, indicating it may primarily deal with video without linguistic content.

Does Pixop work as a Text Video Generator?

Pixop does not function as a text-to-video generator; its primary focus is on video enhancement and restoration.

What is the Number of Users in Pixop?

Pixop supports from 1 to an unlimited number of users, making it suitable for both individual creators and large teams.

What sort of Integration is used in Pixop?

Pixop integrates with Stripe for payment processing, which facilitates easy billing and subscription management.

Is there any Data Security Policy by Pixop for its Consumers?

Yes, Pixop ensures 100% data security for its consumers, maintaining high standards of privacy and protection for user datasets.

What Resolution is Supported by Pixop?

Pixop supports a wide range of resolutions from standard definition all the way up to UHD 8K, catering to various quality requirements.


Can I use Pixop for free?

Pixop offers a 14-day free trial with limited features, which requires adding payment information to continue use post-trial.

How to contact Customer Support of Pixop?

Customer support can be reached at help@pixop.com, providing assistance with any issues or inquiries.

What is the Refund Policy of Pixop?

Pixop’s refund policy allows for a full refund if the service is canceled within 15 days, offering a risk-free trial period for new users.

How do I cancel my Pixop subscription?

To cancel your Pixop subscription, you must first request the admin of any team you’re a part of to revoke your access.

Additionally, you can contact Pixop directly to have your access revoked and your account closed.

This ensures that all ties to the service are properly severed, securing your data and terminating the subscription effectively.

How to Use Pixop Video Converter?

To use the Pixop Video Converter, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Sign Up: Begin by creating an account on Pixop.
  2. Upload Your Footage: Upload the video files you wish to process.
  3. Name Your Project: Assign a name to your project for easy identification.
  4. Examine Your Footage: Review the uploaded footage to understand the starting point of your project.
  5. Purchase Processing Credits: Buy the necessary credits required to process your video, as processing in Pixop is credit-based.
  6. Test Filters and Settings: Experiment with different filters and settings to find the best options for your video.
  7. Process Your Video: Once satisfied with the settings, process your video.
  8. Compare: After processing, compare the new video with the original to see the enhancements made.


What is the Unique Selling Point of Pixop?

The unique selling point of Pixop lies in its robust security measures. Built on AWS infrastructure, Pixop guarantees that your data remains encrypted throughout every stage of the process, including while in transit within AWS systems.

This ensures that only you have access to your data, providing a high level of confidentiality and security.

Additionally, all payment transactions are processed securely through Stripe, further enhancing the safety and reliability of the platform for its users.

These security features make Pixop a trusted choice for individuals and organizations concerned with the protection of their digital content using advanced automated machine learning.


Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of Pixop


    1. Pixop is highly accessible, requiring only a web browser and an internet connection to start.
    2. It provides cost-effective video enhancement without the need for expensive equipment or training.
    3. The AI-driven tools offer quick and easy quality improvements for both small and large video archives.
    4. Secure database handling with encryption at every stage and secure payment processing through Stripe.
    5. Flexible integration options with a REST API for larger archives and enterprise use.


    1. Limited functionality for extremely high-end professional video production needs.
    2. No offline capabilities, as it relies entirely on internet access.
    3. It may not support all video formats, which can limit usability for some users.
    4. The reliance on processing credits for video enhancement could become costly for heavy users.
    5. Limited customer support options could pose challenges for resolving complex issues quickly.

How Much Does Pixop Cost?

Pixop appears to offer video artificial intelligence-powered tool generation services with different pricing options based on the duration of video processing required by the user.

Duration Services Included Subtotal Volume Discount First Month Discount Total (VAT Exclusive)
20 Min Deinterlacer, Denoiser, Deep Restoration, Super Resolution, Frame Rate Conversion, H.264 Encoding $174.86 20.8% 25% $103.80
50 Min Deinterlacer, Denoiser, Deep Restoration, Super Resolution, Frame Rate Conversion, H.264 Encoding $438.76 39.2% 25% $199.99
100 Min Deinterlacer, Denoiser, Deep Restoration, Super Resolution, Frame Rate Conversion, H.264 Encoding $877.62 45.5% 25% $358.82

Let’s discuss the three pricing options:

20-minute plan:

This plan includes a variety of services such as deinterlacing, denoising, deep restoration, super-resolution, frame rate conversion, and H.264 encoding.

The pricing for each service varies, with some services charged per frame (e.g., deinterlacing at $0.114 per 24 frames).

The total cost for a 20-minute session, before any discounts, is $174.86. A volume discount of 20.8% and a first-month discount of 25% are applied, bringing the total down to $103.80, excluding VAT.


50-minute plan:

The services offered are similar to the 20-minute plan, but with more frames processed, the volume discount increases to 39.2%.

The total cost before discounts is $438.76, and after applying the volume and first-month discounts, the final total is $199.99, excluding VAT.


100-minute plan:

This is the longest duration plan shown, with the largest volume of frames processed for each service.

The volume discount here is 45.5%. The total cost before discounts for the 100-minute plan is $877.62.

After applying the volume and first-month discounts, the final total comes to $358.82, excluding VAT.



Get Pixop Our Best Recommendation for AI Video Tool

Pixop Alternatives: If You Want to Consider

Now let’s explore alternatives to Pixop which can provide a broader range of features and pricing options to suit different needs. Here are some notable options:

Hour One HeyGen



Pixop was founded by Jon Frydensbjerg and Morten Kolle. Jon, a computer vision engineer, serves as CTO focusing on product development, while Morten, with his entrepreneurial background, leads as CEO.

Yes, Pixop is safe to use; it ensures data security with encryption at every stage and secure payment processing through Stripe.

Absolutely, Pixop is ideal for YouTubers in USA looking to enhance the quality and resolution of their videos easily and affordably.


Thank you for taking the time to read this comprehensive and detailed Pixop review. I’ve explored numerous aspects of the tool, from pricing and security to its suitability for various video production needs.

That’s it from my side for this detailed review, and I hope you’ve found answers to all the questions you were looking for. If you’re seeking a solution that enhances video quality efficiently and affordably, this review has provided all the information you need about Pixop.

For more detailed AI tools analysis, visit my AI reviews in USA at allaboutai.com.

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