QuillBot Review 2024: Is it a Good Tool for Authors?

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  • May 14, 2024

Leading AI tools are transforming how we create digital content. In this Quillbot review, I examine how this AI-powered writing tool significantly benefits writers and businesses by enhancing text transformation capabilities. It excels in improving the quality and impact of written material, making complex content creation straightforward and efficient.

Recognized as one of the best AI writing tools for 2024, it effortlessly turns basic drafts into polished, engaging content. Its sophisticated algorithms understand context and nuance, ensuring the final product is grammatically correct and rich in content and style.

Take the opportunity to boost your creative endeavors. Test out Quillbot today and see the difference it can make in the quality and productivity of your writing. Whether drafting a report, crafting a blog post, or generating business content, It is designed to enhance your output with cutting-edge AI technology.

Quillbot Review – My Verdict (3/5)

As someone continually exploring the best AI tools in 2024, I’ve tested Quillbot against current industry standards.

  • Quillbot’s pricing is affordable, starting at US$ 9.95 up to $249 monthly, offering a balance of cost and quality.
  • It supports over 30 languages and includes comprehensive paraphrasing tools, positioning it as a global leader in content creation.
  • Key features include a synonym slider for tailored paraphrasing intensity, ensuring precise tone and style adjustments.
  • Built on powerful AI technology, Quillbot is designed to produce engaging and contextually aware content, making it a top contender for various writing needs.
  • Quillbot lacks a plagiarism checker but incorporates grammar checks to uphold content quality and coherence.
  • Its robust integration with Microsoft Office and Google Chrome enhances its utility across writing platforms.
  • Quillbot commits to security and customer satisfaction, with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee available within 3 days and responsive customer support.

I recommend reviewing the detailed comparison table below for those curious about how Quillbot stacks up against other market offerings.

Quillbot Review 2024: One of My Top Picks for Best AI Tool

Choosing the right AI tool becomes crucial for writers aiming to boost their creative output. Quillbot is a premier option for those needing to revamp existing texts into humorous or satirical content.

for writers aiming to Quillbot-is-premium-option-to-boost-their-creative-output

This tool simplifies the transformation of standard writing into engaging parodies, making it especially appealing to writers looking to enhance their articles or social media posts.

Quillbot is accessible with plans ranging from a free tier to a premium subscription at US$ 9.95 monthly, making it affordable for various user levels. Its capabilities for parody writing are unmatched, offering an intuitive platform that supports creativity without sacrificing quality.

Here’s the detailed feature table for Quillbot review, tailored to provide a comprehensive overview:

Feature Details My Rating
Best for Rewriting existing texts into parody form 5/5
Pricing Free to US$ 9.95 per month 3/5
Word Count 125 words (free) to unlimited in premium 4/5
Languages Supported 30+ languages 5/5
Plagiarism Check Yes 4/5
Grammar Check Yes 5/5
Brand Voices Custom brand voice as per input 4/5
Language Model AI trains on datasets 4/5
Integration Microsoft® Office, Google Docs, Google Chrome 3/5
Data Security Yes 5/5
Free Trial Free plan with limited features 4/5
Customer Support Available via Email/Message on the website 3/5
Refund Policy 100% Money-Back Guarantee within 3 days 4/5

What is Quillbot? My Trusted Partner in Creative Writing

Quillbot has been a game-changer, especially when transforming mundane blog posts into engaging stories. Often, I turned standard product reviews into entertaining buyer’s guide narratives that significantly increase reader engagement. This AI-powered platform is adept at rewriting texts, enabling users like me to infuse humor and fresh perspectives into any content piece.


With its advanced algorithms, Quillbot allows me to experiment with style and tone adjustments effortlessly, making it indispensable for producing engaging and amusing content. Its capability to handle everything from brief quips to extensive articles makes it a vital tool in my creative toolkit.

Engaging content can boost reader retention by up to 70%; thanks to Quillbot,… creating compelling narratives for my audiences

Quillbot enhances and enriches the creative process, providing tools that expand the boundaries of traditional content creation.

Pros & Cons


    • Efficiently transforms texts, ideal for crafting parodies.
    • Offers multiple modes to tailor output’s originality and formality.
    • User-friendly interface ensures ease of use and quick learning.
    • Grammar and style checkers maintain content quality, even in humor.
    • Citation features add an element of humor with faux credibility.


    • Less effective for generating long-form content from scratch.
    • Creative transformations may adhere closely to the source, limiting originality.
    • Limited output variations could restrict humor styles.
    • We could benefit from more customization in parody-specific settings.
    • Focus on academic tools might not perfectly suit parody writing needs.

Quillbot Pricing Plans

Exploring the cost-effective options of AI writing tools, Quillbot stands out with its flexible and adaptable pricing model tailored to support the diverse financial capabilities of individual writers, educators, and larger organizational teams.

If you’re considering a paraphrasing tool, you might want to read a Quillbot review free of charge to see how it can enhance your writing process.


In this part of my Quillbot review, I’ll break down the various pricing tiers, helping you identify the right plan that matches your budget and your creative and professional needs.

Quillbot offers three pricing plans to cater to everyone, from casual users to professional writers and content creators, ensuring choices for every user.

Plan Price Best for Features Benefits Savings
Free Plan $0 (No cost) Casual users, students
  • Paraphrase up to 125 words
  • Paraphrase in 2 modes
  • Correct basic grammar errors
  • Generate text with 50 AI prompts/day
  • Generate essential summaries
It is ideal for basic writing tasks and occasional users, offering essential tools without a financial commitment.
Premium Plan Monthly: US$ 9.95

Semi-Annual: $6.66/month

Annual: $4.17/month

Professional writers, businesses
  • Unlimited paraphrasing in multiple modes
  • Advanced grammar suggestions
  • Generate text with unlimited prompts
  • Create custom summaries
  • Plagiarism prevention
It enhances writing quality and flexibility, which is perfect for professionals needing extensive tool access. Up to 58% savings on an annual plan
Enterprise Plan Custom Pricing Large teams and enterprises
  • All Premium features
  • Customizable to business needs
  • Priority support
  • Advanced collaboration tools
Tailored solutions for large-scale operations require a robust, enterprise-level AI writing tool. Custom savings based on plan

Whether you’re a freelance writer, a part of an academic team, or managing large content-driven projects, Quillbot provides the features necessary to streamline your writing process affordably and efficiently.

Get QuillbotOur Top Recommendation for AI writing tool

How to Get a Refund from QuillBot?

Quillbot offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee within 3 days of purchasing any premium plan.

To request a refund, contact their customer support via email with your purchase details. The process is straightforward, ensuring you can invest in their services without risk. This refund policy is particularly reassuring for me, as it reflects Quillbot’s confidence in their product and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Does QuillBot Give You a Free Trial?

Quillbot offers a free version rather than a traditional free trial period. This free version allows users to access basic features indefinitely, offering a practical way to improve the tool’s paraphrasing capabilities and interface before upgrading to a premium plan.

This approach enables users to understand how Quillbot can enhance their writing processes without initial investment.

How Much is QuillBot Premium?

QuillBot Premium is priced to offer advanced features that are worth the investment, especially for users who rely heavily on writing tools. The premium version includes full-sentence thesaurus options, a higher character limit for paraphrasing, multiple document processing, and more precise grammar checking.


The cost typically ranges based on subscription length, with monthly, quarterly, and annual options. For instance, the monthly plan may be around $14.95, but choosing a yearly subscription can significantly reduce the monthly cost, making it an economical choice for regular users.

Get QuillbotOur Top Recommendation for AI writing tool

Quillbot Review – Key Features

My clients across America continually seek tools that can enhance their creative and academic writing. In response, I’ve thoroughly analyzed its capabilities to provide them with the best solutions. Here are detailed insights into what it offers, captured through my Quillbot review:

What is QuillBot Good For?

Quillbot shines in paraphrasing and rewriting text, indispensable for authors and content creators aiming to rework existing materials into something new and engaging. This tool is particularly adept at helping with creative writing projects, such as parody or satirical content, where a fresh perspective on familiar topics is crucial.


It’s also a great asset in academic settings where articulating ideas in new ways can help clarify complex concepts. My personal use has demonstrated its effectiveness in avoiding plagiarism by reformulating ideas with originality, thereby maintaining the integrity of my work.

Does QuillBot Have a Word Limit?

Yes. For casual users, Quillbot’s free version imposes a 125-word limit per paraphrase attempt, which suits basic rewriting tasks. However, the Premium version removes this limitation, providing unlimited paraphrasing capability.

This is particularly beneficial for my extensive writing projects that require rephrasing large sections of text or multiple articles. The ability to handle such volume without constraints greatly enhances productivity and workflow, especially when deadlines are tight.

How Many User Seats are available in Quillbot?

Quillbot’s subscription model primarily targets individual users and does not explicitly offer multiple user seats or team accounts like other best AI writing tools. This setup suggests that each subscription is intended for single-user access, ideal for independent writers or researchers.

However, for teams or educational institutions requiring broader access, arranging multiple individual subscriptions or contacting Quillbot directly for a tailored solution might be necessary, ensuring all team members have the access they need for collaborative projects and research endeavors.

How Many Templates Does Quillbot Offer?

QuillBot offers a variety of templates designed to cater to different writing needs and styles, although the exact number of templates can vary as they periodically update their offerings. These templates are part of QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool, designed to help users quickly rephrase text according to specific styles or purposes, such as formal, informal, or creative writing.



Templates enhance the user experience by providing structured guidance in crafting messages, emails, or documents, particularly useful for writers seeking a specific tone or formality.

Can QuillBot Use Other Languages?

QuillBot supports 100+ languages, expanding its utility across a global audience. This multilingual capability enables users to paraphrase, check grammar, and ensure the originality of texts in various languages.

Here is a list of languages supported by QuillBot:

  • Spanish: Widely used in both academic and professional settings.
  • French: Useful for users in French-speaking regions and for educational purposes.
  • German: Catering to the needs of one of the largest language groups in Europe.
  • Chinese: Expands the tool’s usability in one of the world’s most spoken languages.

This feature makes QuillBot a valuable tool for users who engage with content in multiple languages, such as multinational professionals, students learning foreign languages, and businesses targeting international markets. It’s particularly beneficial in diverse linguistic environments where quick translation and paraphrasing are needed.

How Accurate is Quillbot Plagiarism Checker?

QuillBot’s plagiarism checker is designed to offer a reliable way to check for uniqueness in text. It compares the submitted text against a vast database of sources, including books, articles, and websites, to identify potential plagiarism.


The accuracy of QuillBot’s plagiarism checker can be pretty high. Still, like all automated systems, it may not catch every instance of plagiarism, especially if the text involves cleverly disguised paraphrasing or uses sources not included in its database. It’s a valuable tool for students and professionals looking to ensure their work is original and unintentionally plagiarism-free.

Is QuillBot Grammar Checker Legit?

QuillBot grammar checker is a legitimate tool many users use to improve the quality of their writing. It checks for common grammatical errors, including punctuation, verb tense, and sentence structure.

Here are the comparative grammar-checking abilities of Grammarly and QuillBot:



QuillBot scores 65 while Grammarly 56, a pretty tough competition.

The tool uses advanced algorithms to suggest corrections and improvements, making it a robust option for refining writing. Many users find Quillbolt grammar checkers particularly helpful for polishing essays, reports, and even casual communications, ensuring clarity and correctness in their written communications.

How Many Different Brand Voices Does Quillbot Offer?

QuillBot provides several options for adjusting the tone and style of writing, catering to different ‘brand voices.’ This feature is handy for content creators, marketers, and business professionals who must maintain a consistent voice across their communications.

Users can choose from various styles to match the desired brand persona, from formal and authoritative to friendly and casual. This flexibility allows for tailored communication that resonates with specific audiences, enhancing the effectiveness of written content.

Is QuillBot Secure?

QuillBot prioritizes the security of its users, especially when it comes to protecting financial information. Here are the key aspects that underline QuillBot’s commitment to security:

  • Partnerships with Certified Payment Processors: QuillBot collaborates with several payment processors that have obtained PCI (Payment Card Industry) and SOC (System and Organization Controls) certifications. These certifications are crucial as they confirm that the processors meet stringent requirements for securely handling cards and sensitive data.
  • Use of SSL/TLS Encryption: QuillBot’s payment processors utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to safeguard data during transmission. This technology encrypts data and ensures that the sender and receiver’s identity is verified, preventing unauthorized access.

These security measures demonstrate QuillBot’s serious approach toward ensuring that financial transactions and user data are protected with high data security standards. Such practices build trust and reliability, making QuillBot a secure choice for users who require robust protection for sensitive information.

What Integrations does Quillbot Support?

Quillbot integrates with several popular platforms essential to my daily writing tasks. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, including Word and Outlook, and browser extensions for Google Chrome.

This integration facilitates effortless paraphrasing and grammar checks in the documents and emails I compose, significantly enhancing my writing efficiency. For those using writing tools online, Quillbot’s integration with Google Docs allows users like me to rewrite directly and improve content within our collaborative documents.



How Can I Contact the QuillBot Team?

To contact the Quillbot team for any inquiries or support, you can reach out via their dedicated support email on their website. They also offer a contact form to submit your questions and receive a prompt response.

Quillbot maintains a help desk for immediate assistance where users can find quick answers to common questions or issues. These options ensure I can always promptly obtain my help, maintaining my workflow without interruptions.

How to Cancel a Quillbot Subscription?

Cancelling your Quillbot subscription is a simple and direct process. Log in to your account on the Quillbot website, navigate to the subscription settings, and select ‘Cancel Subscription.’ You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation to ensure it’s not accidental.

This process is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to manage your subscription flexibly according to your changing needs without going through any complicated procedures.

What Are The Unique Selling Features Offered by QuillBot?

I find Quillbot an indispensable tool in my toolkit, thanks to its unique features that are specifically tailored to enhance content creation and streamline the writing process for diverse literary needs in America.

Here’s why I consider QuillBot a game-changer:

  • Paraphrasing Tool: This is a standout feature for me. QuillBot paraphrasing tool transforms my writing, offering modes like Standard, Fluency, Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand. These options allow me to adjust the tone and complexity of my output according to the specific needs of my audience, which is essential for maintaining engagement in my diverse writing projects.
  • Summarizer: Time is precious, and QuillBot’s summarizer helps me save it. This feature swiftly condenses long articles or reports, providing the core information I need to understand or reference without spending hours reading.
  • Grammar Checker: I rely on QuillBot’s grammar checker to polish my work professionally. It’s thorough and insightful, helping me refine sentence structure and ensure clarity, which is crucial for my reputation as a professional writer.
  • Citation Generator: QuillBot’s citation generator is a lifesaver for academic writing. It supports APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, eliminating the hassle of manual citation formatting and letting me focus more on the quality of my research and less on the technicalities of style guides.
  • Integration Capability: The ability to integrate QuillBot with tools I use daily, like Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs, significantly boosts my productivity. It embeds advanced writing assistance directly into my workflow, making it seamless and intuitive to elevate the quality of my work right where I create it.

How does QuillBot Work?

QuillBot utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to enhance writing across several dimensions. For those looking to ensure the originality of their work, the Quillbot AI detector is an essential tool that can identify AI-generated text.

 Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it operates:

  1. Input: The process begins when you input your text into QuillBot’s interface. This could be anything from a single sentence to a more enormous paragraph or full document, depending on what you need assistance with.
  2. Selection of Mode: Next, you select the desired mode based on your specific needs. Each mode—Standard, Fluency, Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand—alters the text differently. For example, the Creative mode generates more innovative expressions, while the Formal mode adjusts your text to conform to formal writing standards.
  3. Processing: QuillBot’s AI analyzes your text once you’ve chosen your mode. It uses machine learning models trained on large datasets encompassing various elements of language such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. These models understand the rules of language and the nuances that make text sound natural and clear.
  4. Paraphrasing/Editing: After analysis, the AI rewrites or edits the text according to the selected mode. QuillBot applies transformations to the original text during this step to enhance clarity, style, and engagement without changing the intended meaning.
  5. Output: The final step is the output, where QuillBot presents the revised text. You can review this output to see how the suggestions vary from the original and choose the version that best meets your requirements.
  6. Further Customization: If the initial output isn’t quite perfect, QuillBot allows for further tweaking. You can modify the text directly in the interface, and QuillBot can reprocess the adjustments to fine-tune the results.

Why is QuillBot Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with QuillBot not working, the most common remedy is quite simple: try refreshing the webpage you’re on. Most glitches are resolved with this quick step. If refreshing doesn’t help, the next step is contacting QuillBot support.

There could be a temporary bug or an issue with specific website compatibility that needs addressing. QuillBot’s support team is typically very responsive and can provide guidance or a solution to swiftly get you back on track.

How to Fix QuillBot Not Working Issue?

If you encounter issues with QuillBot not working, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get QuillBot up and running again:

  1. Refresh Your Browser: The first and simplest step is to refresh your browser page. Occasionally, temporary glitches affecting the functionality of web-based tools can be resolved by a simple refresh.
  2. Check Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable and strong. A weak or intermittent connection can cause QuillBot and other online tools to malfunction.
  3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Over time, your browser accumulates cache and cookies, which can sometimes interfere with the performance of web applications. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can resolve these issues. Here’s how to do it:
  4. Go to your browser settings.
  5. Find the “Privacy” or “History” section and select the option to clear browsing data.
  6. Ensure you select to remove cached images, files, and cookies.
  7. Disable Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions can conflict with QuillBot. Try disabling extensions, especially those that block scripts or manage cookies, to see if this resolves the issue. You can typically do this from the extensions or add-ons menu in your browser settings.
  8. Try a Different Browser or Device: Sometimes, the issue could be related to the browser. Try accessing QuillBot from a different browser or device to determine if the problem persists across platforms.
  9. Check QuillBot’s Server Status: Occasionally, the issue might be on QuillBot’s end, particularly if their servers are down. Check QuillBot’s official social media channels or support pages to see if there are any announcements regarding server issues.
  10. Contact QuillBot Support: If all else fails, contacting QuillBot’s customer support can provide further assistance. Provide them with details such as your browser version, the exact problem you’re experiencing, and any error messages you might have received.

Is Quillbot Right for Everyone?

  • Copywriters: Quillbot is an invaluable tool for copywriting, helping to craft persuasive content that captures the audience’s attention. Explore more about the best AI tools for copywriting.
  • Novelists: The platform aids novel writers in enhancing narrative flow and character development, bringing creativity to life. Learn about the best AI tools for novel writing.
  • Creative Professionals: Quillbot is perfect for creative content creation, assisting with articulating innovative ideas effectively. Discover the best AI tools for creative content.
  • Professional Communicators: For those who manage email communications, Quillbot ensures messages are clear and professional. Check out the best AI tools for email writing.
  • Academic Writers: It supports academic writing by refining argument structure and ensuring scholarly tone. Find out more about the best AI tools for academic writing.
  • Film Critics: Quillbot assists film critics in crafting detailed reviews that capture the essence of cinematography and narrative insights. Explore the best AI tools for film critiques.
  • Marketing Professionals: An excellent resource for creating compelling ad copy, Quillbot helps marketers engage and convert their target audience. Discover the best AI tools for creating ad copy.

Quillbot Alternatives:

While Quillbot is a great tool, several alternatives are available, each excelling in specific areas. Let’s explore a few options!

Wordtune Jasper
wordtune-logo-aaai Jasper-Logo
Copysmith Frase IO
copysmith-logo Frase-logo



To delete your QuillBot account, follow these steps:

Log in to your account on the QuillBot website.
Navigate to the account settings section.
Select the option to delete your account and follow the instructions. Make sure to back up any important data before deletion, as this action is irreversible.

QuillBot accounts are designed for individual use. If you need multiple users for your team in Australia, QuillBot offers team plans that allow multiple logins. This is perfect for collaborative environments where multiple users need access to the tool.

Quillbot is accessible in a free version that provides essential features without cost. This free version includes paraphrasing up to 125 words at a time and basic grammar checks, which is suitable for casual writing needs. To access Quillbot for free, sign up on their website. The free version is a robust introduction to Quillbot’s capabilities, making it an excellent trial option for those evaluating its effectiveness before possibly upgrading to the premium version.

QuillBot is highly effective for rewriting and refining text, making it a valuable tool for students, writers, and professionals looking to enhance their documents. Its sophisticated algorithms provide excellent paraphrasing capabilities, ensuring the text remains concise.

Yes, professionals across various industries use QuillBot to improve their writing efficiency and quality. It’s trendy among academic researchers, content creators, and marketing professionals who require polished content quickly.

QuillBot was created by a team of developers and entrepreneurs who aimed to develop a tool to simplify and improve the writing process. The founders are passionate about AI to enhance productivity in writing and editing.


Thank you for dedicating your time to read through my comprehensive review of QuillBot. This article reflects my detailed exploration and personal perspective on what QuillBot offers.

I hope my QuillBot review has revealed its impressive features for you. Whether you were drawn to its pricing options, extensive functionality, or the potential it has to improve your writing and productivity, I trust you’ve gained insights that will help inform your choice.

For further detailed analyses of AI tools and their impact on your business strategies, academic research, or marketing efforts, please visit my series of AI reviews at allaboutai.com. There, I continue to offer my reviews and insights to deepen your understanding and enhance your use of these pivotal technologies.


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