Squibler io Review 2024: Is It Worth the Hype?

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  • April 4, 2024

Today, I’m taking a closer look at Squibler io to find out how it performs compared to other tools available in the market. From the start of this Squiber io review, I noticed its design focuses on simplicity, making it welcoming for writers of all skill levels.

Squibler io excels in assisting writers to generate ideas, organize thoughts, and refine their drafts. It’s not just another tool; for anyone eager to enhance their writing process, it plays a significant role.



Squibler io Review – My Verdict (3/5)

As someone who regularly evaluates AI writing tools, I’ve put Squibler.io through its paces against a robust set of criteria in this Squibler io review. It’s a standout tool for writers focused on story crafting, book authoring, and even screenplay work, with its pricing model accommodating budgets from free to US$ 20 a month.

Although limited to 6000 words per month, it suits the needs of many writers. A lack of clarity from the provider on the number of seats, language offerings, brand voice, language models, integrations, and refund specifics does leave users with questions.

However, the platform excels with its selection of templates and reliable data security through Google Cloud, ensuring work is saved and revision-managed with care.

The free trial is generous despite unspecified duration, and customer support responds quickly, especially for professional users.

⮞ The plagiarism check is a useful feature, although the tool’s omission of a grammar checker is a gap that is for sure concerning.

For those seeking a detailed breakdown of these features, I’ve prepared a table that reflects industry standards and my personal ratings of Squibler.io’s capabilities.

My Evaluation Against Industry Standards for Squibler io

Let’s look at the multiple factors in this Squibler io review to determine if it stands out among the other best AI writing tools in the market.

Feature Details My Ratings 
Best for Best for story writing, book writing, fiction writing, screenplay formatting, novel writing (5/5)
Pricing $0 – US$ 20 per month  (3/5)
Word Count 6000 words/month (3/5)
Number of Seats Not Applicable (0/5)
Templates offers various templates, count not mentioned (2/5)
Languages Supported Not specified  (0/5)
Plagiarism Check Yes  (3/5)
Grammar Check No (0/5)
Brand Voice Not specified  (0/5)
Language Model Not specified  (0/5)
Integration Not specified  (0/5)
Data Security Utilizes Google Cloud for automatic saving, revision history, and version control (3/5)
Free Trial offers a free plan with limited features, trial days not mentioned (4/5)
Customer Support Technical support is available within 5-7 days for free users and within 24 hours for Pro users.
5-7 days for free users to within 24 hours for Pro users
Refund Policy Not specified  (0/5)
Refund Coverage Days Not specified  (0/5)

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Squibler io Review

Continuing this Squibler io review, below I have answered some of the questions you might have related to the above-rated features of Squibler io.

What is the best way to use Squibler io?

The best use of Squibler io is for crafting stories, novels, fiction, screenplays scriptwriting, and similar book writing projects. Its structure supports the intricacies of narrative and character development.

Its structure and tools are ideal for managing complex writing projects and fostering a productive environment for content generation.

How much does Squibler io cost?

Squibler io has a flexible pricing structure, ranging from free to US$ 20 monthly. It suits a spectrum of writers, from hobbyists to professionals.

The tool’s pricing scheme is designed to be inclusive, allowing writers with no budget to access basic features while those who can afford a monthly fee gain enhanced capabilities. This flexibility ensures that a wider audience can utilize the tool for their writing needs.

For further details, please read more in Squibler io Pricing section

What is the word count limit provided by Squibler io?

Squibler io provides a monthly word count limit of 6000 words, which accommodates consistent daily writing and smaller projects.

This supports daily writing habits and help writers stay within a disciplined framework, encouraging consistent writing practice, which is essential for content generation.

How many number of seats are provided by Squibler io?

The number of seats available is not provided by Squibler io, which suggests it may be primarily designed for individual users.

Although specific seat allocation isn’t provided, this suggests individual writers can use the platform to focus on their projects without distraction, promoting a concentrated writing effort.

How many templates does Squibler io have?

Squibler io offers a variety of templates for different writing formats, though the exact count isn’t provided.

The availability of various templates in Squibler io helps writers structure their work according to different genres and formats. This can speed up the setup process and inspire a professional layout for their content.

What languages does Squibler io support?

The tool provider doesn’t specify language support for Squibler io, which could be a limitation for those requiring multilingual support.

The lack of specified language support could limit non-English speakers, but for English content generation, this may not be a concern.

Can I use Squibler io to identify grammatical errors?

No, Squibler io does not provide a grammar check feature. Users will need an additional tool for grammar correction. Therefore, users will need to use other resources to refine their content, ensuring it is free from grammatical errors crucial for readability and professionalism.

Does Squibler io check plagiarism?

Yes, Squibler io includes a plagiarism-checking feature to help ensure the originality of your writing.

Squibler io’s plagiarism check feature ensures that content is original, which is paramount in maintaining integrity and avoiding duplication in writing.

Does Squibler io have a brand voice feature?

A brand voice feature is not specified by Squibler io, indicating that this is not currently offered.

The absence of a specified brand voice feature means that writers will need to manually adjust their content to align with a specific brand’s tone, a skill that can add a unique flavor to their content.

Which language model does Squibler io use?

The language model for Squibler io is not provided by the tool provider. However, not specifying a language model implies that users may need to rely on their language proficiency or external tools for linguistic nuances essential for effective content generation.

Does Squibler io have an API?

Squibler io does not specify the availability of an API, suggesting there may not be support for custom integrations.

Squibler io provides integrations with which models?

The integration capabilities of Squibler io are not specified by the provider. This  suggests that users may not be able to seamlessly connect Squibler io with other software, which could be a factor in managing a broader digital writing workflow.

Does Squibler io collect my personal data?

While Squibler io uses Google Cloud for data security, there are no specifics on the collection of personal data. Utilizing Google Cloud provides users with peace of mind that their content is securely backed up. Automatic saving, revision history, and version control are critical for safeguarding work and facilitating content revision.

Is there a free version of Squibler io?

Yes, Squibler io offers a free plan with limited features, suitable for those wanting to try the tool before committing financially.

The free trial version of Squibler io allows potential users to explore and evaluate the tool’s capabilities for content generation without initial investment, reducing the barrier to entry.

How can I contact the Squibler io customer support team?

You can contact the team at 5-7 days for free users to within 24 hours for Pro users. The response time is of 5-7 days for free users and within 24 hours for pro users.

Having accessible customer support means that users can resolve issues swiftly, maintaining a smooth content creation process, especially crucial for professional users with time-sensitive projects.

Can I get a refund on Squibler io?

The refund policy for Squibler io is not specified by the tool provider. Without a clear refund policy, users are advised to fully utilize the free trial to assess Squibler io’s fit for their content generation needs before committing financially.

What are some of the other notable features of Squibler io?

Below, I have mentioned some of the unique features provided by Squibler io:



Smart Writer AI – 6000+ AI Words/Month

Squibler.io’s Smart Writer AI offers users the ability to generate over 6,000 words per month using its advanced AI technology.

This feature is particularly beneficial for writers who need to produce high volumes of content regularly, providing them with a powerful tool to create quality written material efficiently.This helps to enhance writers’ storytelling skills.

AI Visualize – 5+ Image Generation/Month

With AI Visualize, users can generate more than five images per month, utilizing AI to create visuals that complement their written content.

This feature is especially useful for authors and content creators looking to add unique, AI-generated imagery to their work, enhancing the reader’s engagement and the overall aesthetic of the content.

Editors – 15+ Files, 1+ Project

Squibler.io allows for the management and editing of over 15 files within a single project.

This capacity makes it an ideal platform for large-scale writing projects, enabling users to maintain organization and cohesion across multiple documents and drafts.

Version History – 30 Days

The platform offers a 30-day version history, allowing writers to access previous versions of their work within this timeframe.

This feature is invaluable for those who wish to revisit earlier drafts or recover from unintended changes, ensuring that no idea is ever truly lost.

8 Elements

The Squibler.io free plan includes 8 elements for organizing content, offering essential structuring tools without the advanced feature of grouping elements together.This feature is particularly helpful for students in their academic writing.

Sharing Permissions – Edit Only

Squibler.io provides sharing permissions with an ‘edit only’ option, giving users control over how their work is shared and edited by collaborators.

This ensures that while collaborative editing is facilitated, the original author retains ultimate control over who can make changes to the document.

Unlimited AI Writing Features

Beyond the monthly allocation of AI-generated words and images, Squibler.io offers unlimited access to various AI writing features.

These tools are designed to assist with different aspects of the writing process, from generating ideas to improving grammar and style, thereby empowering users to unleash their full creative potential without restrictions.

One Physical Copy

Unique to Squibler.io, users are entitled to one physical copy of their work. This feature is particularly appealing to authors who wish to hold a tangible version of their creation, whether for personal keepsake, review, or distribution purposes.

Formatting for Print and eBook Distribution

Squibler.io simplifies the transition from manuscript to published work with formatting services for both print and eBook distribution.

This ensures that users can easily prepare their work for a variety of publishing formats, meeting the necessary specifications for professional presentation and compatibility.

Online Training

To help users maximize the benefits of its features, Squibler.io offers live online training sessions.

These sessions are designed to educate users on how to effectively use the platform, from basic functionalities to advanced features, ensuring that all users, regardless of their technical proficiency, can fully leverage Squibler.io in their writing endeavors.

Pros and Cons of Squibler-io:


    1. It’s excellent for various forms of creative writing, including novels and screenplays.
    2. Flexible pricing allows users to choose a plan that suits their budget.
    3. The inclusion of a plagiarism checker helps ensure the originality of the content.
    4. Data security is robust, with Google Cloud ensuring safe storage and version control.
    5. The free plan option allows users to test features before committing financially.


    1. Limited word count could restrict users with extensive writing needs.
    2. Lack of specified language support might alienate non-English writers.
    3. Absence of grammar checking requires users to find additional editing tools.
    4. Unclear integrations and language model details may limit functionality for advanced users.
    5. No specified refund policy or information on seat allocations could be potential issues for some users.

Pricing Plans:

Continuing this Squibler io review, it is crucial to look at the pricing plans offered by this tool is detail. Let’s have a look:

Squibler Limited: The Free Plan

Squibler Limited offers a robust free plan for those looking to get a taste of what Squibler.io offers. It’s an attractive starting point with a generous allotment of features that include:


  • Smart Writer AI: Users have access to 6000 AI words per month, providing a substantial amount of content creation powered by AI.
  • AI Visualize: The plan allows for the generation of up to 5 images per month, enabling writers to add visuals to their content.
  • Editors: The platform supports up to 15 files in 1 project, catering to users who are working on a singular, focused writing endeavor.
  • Version History: With a 30-day version history, writers can track changes and revert to earlier drafts if needed.
  • Elements: Users can utilize 8 elements without grouping, aiding in structuring and organizing content.
  • Sharing Permissions: The ‘Edit only’ sharing permission ensures that while collaboration is possible, the original content creator maintains control over the final output.

This free tier is designed for writers who are either new to AI-assisted writing tools or those with moderate content creation and planning needs.

Squibler Pro: The Premium Plan

Squibler Pro is the premium tier of Squibler.io, offering an extensive suite of features for the serious writer. At a discounted price of $16, down from the original US$ 20 , the Squibler Pro plan includes:

  • Unlimited AI Writing Features: There are no caps on the AI writing capabilities, allowing for limitless creation.
  • Unlimited Text-to-Image Generation: Unlike the Limited plan, Pro users can generate as many images as they need, providing vast creative freedom.
  • One Physical Copy: As a gift, users receive one physical copy of their work, which is ideal for proofing or as a keepsake.
  • Formatting for Print and eBook Distribution: This feature ensures that writers can easily format their work for various distribution channels, expanding their publishing options.
  • Live Online Training: To help users make the most out of Squibler’s features, live online training is provided, equipping them with the knowledge to fully utilize the platform.

Evaluating the User Interface and Experience of Squibler.io

In this section of our Squibler io review, we turn our focus to the platform’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), critical aspects that significantly affect the overall satisfaction and productivity of users.

Squibler.io’s User Interface and Experience: A Closer Look

  • Intuitive Navigation: Users find Squibler.io’s dashboard and toolbars easy to navigate, allowing for quick access to various features and functions.
  • Clean Layout: The clean and uncluttered layout minimizes distractions, enabling users to focus on their writing tasks.
  • Responsive Design: The software responds well across different devices and screen sizes, a boon for writers who switch between desktop and tablet.
  • Helpful Tutorials: Integrated tutorials and tooltips guide new users through the platform, enhancing the learning curve.
  • Customization Options: Squibler.io offers customization of the writing space, allowing users to tailor the environment to their comfort.
  • Fast Loading Times: Users report quick loading times for the application, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.
  • AI Feature Accessibility: AI tools are seamlessly integrated into the interface, making them easily accessible without interrupting the writing flow.
  • Effective Project Organization: The UI supports excellent project organization, enabling writers to keep their work structured and accessible.
  • Reliable Auto-Save: The auto-save feature works effectively in the background, ensuring that users’ work is not lost unexpectedly.
  • Constructive Feedback Integration: AI-generated writing suggestions and feedback are well-integrated into the UI, appearing in a non-intrusive manner.

Squibler.io Alternatives: Weighing Your Options

While Squibler.io is a formidable tool in the writing software arena, it’s crucial to explore alternatives that could suit varying user requirements or preferences.

Scrivener Hemingway Editor
Scrivener-logo hemingway-editor-logo
Jasper AI Copy AI
Jasper-Logo copy-ai-logo


Yes, Squibler offers a free plan with essential features that can be used without any cost.

Squibler is excellent for writing a book, providing comprehensive tools to assist with organizing chapters, character development, and plot structuring.

To cancel Squibler, you would need to email their support team at 5-7 days for free users to within 24 hours for Pro users with your cancellation request.

While writing this comprehensive Squibler io Review, I have understood that it is worth it for writers who value AI integration, organizational tools, and a comprehensive suite of writing features to streamline their process.


As I conclude, my final message is that Squibler.io is not just a tool but a partner in the creative process, making it a worthwhile consideration for anyone serious about writing.

One thing is for sure, its features are aimed at helping users create content more quickly without losing out on quality. When writing this AI tool review, I was particularly impressed by its user-friendly interface and the productivity it enables.

One thing is for sure: Squibler.io offers a supportive and innovative approach to writing books and short stories and managing freelance projects.

That’s it from my side for this Squibler io review, and I hope it helps you find the answers that you were looking for before considering investing in this tool.

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