VideoProc Review 2024: Is It the Best AI Video Tool?

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  • June 21, 2024

Are you looking for a straightforward video editing tool that won’t break the bank or leave you tangled in complexities?

Today, I’m sharing my personal experiences with VideoProc. From its various pricing plans to the level of customer support and real-time tool performance, I’ll cover it all.

Whether you’re a seasoned editor or just starting out, you’ll find this information crucial. If you’re looking to boost your video content game with one of the best AI video tools, stay right here for the ultimate VideoProc Review.


VideoProc Review – My Verdict

As an expert in using AI video generators, I find VideoProc to be an excellent choice for anyone seeking efficient video editing.

It’s particularly well-suited for quickly producing YouTube videos thanks to its user-friendly interface and impressive features like a wide range of AI avatars and high frame rate options of upto 240fps. The pricing models are flexible, however, the lack of templates might be a downside for users looking for ready-made video layouts.

In my evaluation, VideoProc’s strengths include its comprehensive AI-generative solutions that handle everything from enhancing videos/images to editingand downloading.

The softwaresupports up to 4K resolution, ensuring high-quality output suitable for professional projects, and includes essential features like a screen recorder, media library, and voice-over/audio capabilities.

The tool ensures 100% data security. Additionally, VideoProc is very approachable for first-timers, with a free version available for testing before purchase and a 30-day money-back guarantee, complemented by reliable customer support accessible via email.

This is the only VideoProc Review you’ll need to read before making your decision about the best AI tool in the.

My Quick Overview – VideoProc Review

Let’s look at the multiple factors in the VideoProc Review for to determine if it stands out among the other best AI video tools in the market.

AI Video Tool Features VideoProc Details My Rating (out of 5)
Best For Easy, simple, quality video editing; suitable for quick YouTube video editing with amazing templates and effects. 5
Pricing From $25.95 – $57.95 4
Templates N/A 0
AI Avatars 85+ AI avatars 4
FPS 60fps, 100fps, 120fps, 240fps 5
API Access N/A 0
Screen Recorder Yes 5
Media Library Yes 5
Video Embeds N/A 0
Solutions AI-generative solution to enhance videos/images; convert, compress, edit, download, and record videos 5
Duration Up to 15 minutes 3
Voice-Over/Audio Yes 4
Languages Supported N/A 0
Bulk Video Downloads N/A 0
Storage N/A 0
Voice Cloning N/A 0
Number of Users 1 to 5 PCs as per your plan 4
One-Click Translation N/A 0
Integration N/A 0
Data Security Yes, 100% 5
Resolution Up to 4K 5
Free Trial Free version is always available 4
Customer Support 4
Refund Policy 30 days money back guarantee 5

What is VideoProc?

VideoProcConverter is a comprehensive video enhancer and converter software equipped with AI tools. It specializes in video and image enhancement, smoothing, and stabilization.

With VideoProc, users can remaster videos and photos, and perform tasks such as converting, editing, compressing, downloading, and recording.

The software also features GPU acceleration, enhancing its efficiency for processing video/audio, and DVDs, and offers capabilities for downloading and recording.

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – VideoProc Review

What is VideoProc Best For?

VideoProc is best for easy, simple, quality video editing, especially for quick YouTube video editing with impressive effects. It’s designed to enhance user experiences with user-friendly features suitable for both beginners and experienced editors and also making it ideal for global reach and multilingual content creation.

What is the Pricing of VideoProc?

VideoProc offers three pricing tiers: Premium 365 at $25.95/year for 3 PCs, a Lifetime License for $45.95 for 1 PC,and a Family License for $57.95 that covers 3-5 PCs. These options provide flexibility for different user needs and long-term use.

How Many Templates are Available in VideoProc?

There are no templates available in VideoProc. The software focuses on providing powerful editing tools and effects rather than pre-made templates.

What Solutions does VideoProc Offer?

VideoProc offers an AI-generative solution to enhance, convert, compress videos, edit, download, and record videos and images. This comprehensive set of tools leverages GPU acceleration to ensure efficient processing. This makes it ideal for digital marketers looking to produce high-quality videos efficiently, whether for YouTube, social media, or other digital platforms.


How to Use VideoProc Voice-Over/Audio?

To use the voice-over/audiofeature in VideoProc, simply import your video into the software, navigate to the ‘Audio’ section, and you can add or edit audio tracks including voice-overs. This tool is intuitive for adding audio enhancements to any project.

How-to-Use VideoProc-Voice-Over-Audio

What Duration is Supported by VideoProc?

VideoProc supports video editing for durations up to 15 minutes, making it suitable for creating short to medium-length videos for platforms like YouTube and social media.

What Amount of Storage is Supported by VideoProc?

Storage capabilities are not specifiedfor VideoProc, as it largely depends on the storage available on the user’s PC rather than cloud or server storage provided by the software.

What Languages are Supported by VideoProc?

No specific languages are supported in VideoProc; it is designed to be a straightforward video editing tool without language-specific features.

Does VideoProc Work as a Text To Video Generator?

VideoProc does not function as a text-to-video generator. Its primary function is video enhancement and editing, not generating videos from text. It is particularly powerful for users who want to produce scalable and affordable video content efficiently.


What are the Number of Users in VideoProc?

VideoProc’s licensing covers 1 to 5 PCsdepending on the plan you choose, accommodating individual users or small teams.

What Sort of Integration is Used in VideoProc?

There is no integration capability mentioned for VideoProc, as it stands as a standalone video processing application.

Is There Any Data Security Policy by VideoProc?

Yes, VideoProc ensures 100% data security,safeguarding all editing and processing within the application to protect user data.

What Resolution is Supported by VideoProc?

VideoProc supports video resolutions up to 4K, allowing for high-quality video production suitable for professional and personal use.


Can I Use VideoProc for Free for American Users?

Yes, a free version of VideoProc is always available which offers basic video editing features, perfect for users wanting to try the software before purchasing.

How to Contact Customer Support of VideoProc for American Users?

Customer support for VideoProc can be reached via email at They provide assistance for technical issues,ge queries, and more.

What is the Refund Policy of VideoProc for Americans?

VideoProc offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to request a refund if they are not satisfied with the software within the first month of purchase.

How Do I Cancel My VideoProc Subscription while living in the?

To cancel your VideoProc subscription, you can log into your 2Checkout account and cancel the subscription before the renewal date or at any time to stop the auto-renewal process.

How to Use VideoProc?

Using VideoProc is straightforward with comprehensive tutorials available on their website. These tutorials cover everything from installation and registration to activating and configuring settings.

For users looking to get the most out of VideoProc, the site includes guides on:

  • Introduction & Installation: How to get started with VideoProc, including software installation.
  • Free Version vs Full Version:Differences between the free and full versions, helping users decide which is right for them.
  • Register and Activate:Steps to register and activate your copy of VideoProc to access all its features.
  • Settings:Customizing settings to optimize your video editing experience.
  • Learn Specifications: Understanding the technical specifications of VideoProc to utilize its capabilities fully.
  • How to Use GPU Acceleration: Leveraging GPU acceleration to enhance video processing speed and efficiency.
  • Update GPU Driver for All Features & for AI:Ensuring your GPU drivers are up-to-date to maximize performance, especially for AI-driven tasks.

By following these guides, users can maximize their use of VideoProc, ensuring a smooth and efficient video editing process.


How to Edit Video in VideoProc?

Editing videos in VideoProc is a quick and intuitive process.

To trim a video, for example, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open VideoProc and click on the ‘Video’ button.
  • Select the source video you wish to edit from your Windows 10 system.
  • Click on the ‘Toolbox’ at the bottom of the interface and select ‘Trim’ to open the Trim panel.
  • Drag the green knobs on the timeline to select the part of the video you want to keep.
  • Click ‘Done’ to confirm your selection.


How is VideoProc Rated as a Program?

VideoProc is highly rated across several authoritative tech review sites. It is consistently praised for its comprehensive functionality and high performance, particularly in handling 4K videos.

  • Review:They describe VideoProc Converter as an “all-in-one video editing choice,” highlighting its robustness and universality. It is appreciated for helping users edit, transcode, and adjust large 4K videos and audios quickly and effortlessly.
  • PCWorld Review: PCWorld emphasizes VideoProc’s ability to use GPU-accelerated processing effectively. They note that it ensures smooth video editing and transcoding without compromising quality, making it ideal for polishing video footage into high-quality output.
  • Techradar Review: Techradar focuses on VideoProc’s efficiency in processing 4K videos. They commend its capability to convert videos, audio files, and DVDs into over 400 output formats without losing quality, thanks to its full GPU acceleration.
  • Comparitech Review: Comparitech ranks VideoProc as the top video converter for Windows, pointing out the excellent output video quality and fast conversion speeds enabled by GPU hardware acceleration.

How to Use Videoproc Converter?

Using VideoProc Converter is straightforward and user-friendly, with detailed tutorials available on their YouTube channel for visual learners.

Here’s a simple guide to converting video files, such as from MKV to MP4 format:

  • Open VideoProc Converter AI:Start by launching VideoProc Converter AI and click on the “Video Converter” icon in the main interface.
  • Load Your Files: Drag your MKV file directly into the software, or use the “+Video” or “+Folder” buttons to load your MKV files into VideoProc.
  • Choose the Output Format:Select “MP4” from the list of available formats as your output format. This choice ensures that your video remains compatible with a wide range of devices and media players.
  • Convert and Save: Click the “Run” button to start the conversion process. VideoProc Converter will process the MKV file and save it as an MP4, maintaining the original quality.

How to Use VideoProc Vlogger?

Using VideoProc Vlogger is designed to be straightforward and efficient, enabling you to start your video editing projects with ease.

Here’s how you can navigate and utilize this versatile tool:

Step 1: Open the Project Setting Panel

  • Launch VideoProc Vlogger. This action automatically opens the Project Setting panel.
  • If you’re already on the editing page, you can create a new project by clicking the VideoProc Menu in the top left corner and selecting ‘Create New Project’, or simply press Ctrl + N.

Step 2: Set Up the Project

  • On the right side of the Project panel, start configuring your project:
    • Project Name: Enter the name for your project.
    • Location: Click the ellipsis button to choose an output file folder. VideoProc Vlogger will show both the available storage space on the chosen disk and the space required by your project.
    • Resolution: Select your desired resolution from the available options.
    • Frame Rate (FPS): Choose your desired frame rate from the options provided (30, 60, 120 FPS).

Step 3: Confirm the Settings

  • Click the ‘+New Project’ button to confirm your settings and create the project.

Opening an Existing Project

  • Access an existing project via three methods:
    • From the main interface, click VideoProc Menu > Open Project, then double-click your project in the Windows Explorer panel that pops up.
    • Press Ctrl + O.
    • Navigate to your saved project on the computer, right-click it, and select Open with > VideoProc Vlogger.

Saving a Project

  • Save your current project progress by pressing Ctrl + Sor navigating to VideoProc Menu > Save Project.
  • To save the project under a new name or in a different location, press Ctrl + Shift + Sor go to VideoProc Menu > Save Project As. Specify the new project name, choose the storage folder, and then click Save.

Archiving a Project

  • To archive your project for transfer to another person or computer, press Ctrl + Eor choose Archive Project from the VideoProc Menu.

Closing a Project

  • To close a project, press Shift + Cor go to VideoProc Menu and select Close Project. VideoProc Vlogger will prompt you to save any changes. Choose Save to keep your edits, Don’t Save to close without saving, or Cancel to keep the project open.

Getting Started

  • Download VideoProc Vlogger for free and begin your editing journey by creating your first project with these guided steps.

Pros and Cons – VideoProc Review


    • Supports up to 4K video resolution.
    • Full GPU acceleration for fast processing.
    • User-friendly editing tools for trimming, merging, and adding effects.
    • Converts files to over 400 formats.
    • Free version available for basic feature testing.


    • No built-in video templates.
    • Editing limited to 15-minute videos.
    • No cloud storage options.
    • Lacks advanced features like voice cloning and one-click translation.
    • Customer support only available via email.

How Much Does VideoProc Cost in the?

Continuing my VideoProc Review for the, I have constructed a table in which there are three distinct pricing plans for this AI video tool.

The “Premium 365” plan offers a one-year subscription for three PCs at a reduced price of $25.95, with a focus on affordability and essential features, costing approximately $2.16 per month. The “Before/Today” plan is marketed as a lifetime license for a single PC at $45.95, providing continuous access to all software functionalities and updates.

Lastly, the “Family License” is also a lifetime plan but expands its reach to 3-5 PCs for $57.95, making it an ideal choice for families or small offices requiring broader installation coverage

Plan Name Subscription Type Price Original Price PCs Payment Type Features
Premium 365 1 Year Subscription $25.95 $38.90 3 Annual – All-in-one: convert, process, enhance

– $2.16 per month

– 1-year access to full features and updates

– Instant delivery of Full Version license code

– 30-day money-back guarantee

Before/Today Lifetime $45.95 $70.90 1 One-time – All-in-one: convert, process, enhance

– Lifetime access to full features and updates

– Instant delivery of Full Version license code

– 30-day money-back guarantee

Family License Lifetime $57.95 $119.90 3-5 One-time – Provides everything from Lifetime License

– Install on up to 5 PCs

– Lifetime access to full features and updates

Instant delivery of Full Version license code

– 30-day money-back guarantee

Each plan includes a special discount via the coupon “VIPSAVE” and promises instant delivery of the license code along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, catering to different user needs and ensuring value for money.



Yes, VideoProc offers a free version that allows you to evaluate all its features without any cost. There’s no need to sign up, no credit card required, and no file size limitations per task.

Absolutely, VideoProc Converter is a highly reliable tool that I recommend for anyone looking to easily create high-quality videos. It’s capable of downloading and converting videos from various sources, including YouTube and DVDs.

Yes, VideoProc is ideal for YouTube creators. It offers four recording modes, enabling you to capture full or partial screen, record via face cam, or record both YouTube videos and webcam simultaneously.

VideoProc Vlogger is a completely free YouTube video editor that serves users of all levels with its streamlined workflow, straightforward interface, complete presets, and custom controls over every edit you applied. Basic features include cut, merge, crop, music, transition, filter, and text


In this VideoProc Review, I have explored the software’s versatile editing capabilities, pricing, and a user-friendly interface suitable for both novices and professionals.

We discussed its powerful GPU acceleration, support for up to 4K resolution, and reliable customer support.

Whether you’re trimming videos, converting formats, or capturing YouTube content, VideoProc offers a comprehensive toolset to enhance your video production process.

For more of such as AI tools analysis, visit our AI reviews at

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