+9 Best AI Tools for Video Editing for 2024

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  • May 17, 2024

The rise of artificial intelligence in video editing has been nothing short of transformative. AI tools are now pivotal in reshaping how content is created, allowing for more precise edits and creative storytelling. As the technology continues to evolve, the best AI Tools for video editing are becoming essential for anyone looking to enhance their video production capabilities.

These advancements are evident in the best AI video tools for 2024, which are equipped with features that streamline the editing process while boosting creativity and efficiency. From automatic error correction to real-time effects rendering, AI is setting new standards in video editing.

With these tools at their disposal, video editors can unlock new possibilities in how they craft their narratives. The future of video editing with AI promises not only enhanced efficiency but also an era of unprecedented creative freedom, making it an exciting time for digital content creators worldwide.

Best AI Tools for Video Editing for 2024: Quick Comparison

Explore the 10 best AI tools for video editing for 2024, each offering unique features that enhance the editing process. This quick comparison outlines essential information to help you select the best tool for your creative needs.

Tool Name Tool Logo My Rating Best for Pricing Templates Solutions Duration Languages Supported Storage Text-To-Video Generator No of Users Integration Data Security Resolution Free Trial Customer Support Refund Policy
Adobe Premiere Pro adobe-Premier-pro-logo 4.5/5 Professional video editing Subscription-based N/A Comprehensive editing suite Unlimited with subscription Multilingual Cloud No Single user Extensive Adobe integration High Up to 4K Available 24/7 with plan 14-day refund policy
Runway runwayml-logo 4.4/5 AI-assisted creative design Tiered model
($15 to $95)
N/A Video, image AI editing Based on credit usage Not specified Varies No Multiple Not specified Not specified Up to 4K Available Standard Based on unused credits and plan
Filmora Wondershare wondeshare-filmora-logo 4.4/5 Creative video projects $29.99-$79.99/month Extensive Video editing, marketing Unlimited Multilingual Depends Yes Single user Limited external integrations Standard Up to 4K 14 days Comprehensive 30-day money back guarantee
Wisecut wisecut-logo 4.1/5 Auto-editing with AI $15 – $57 N/A Video editing, AI-powered tools Based on plan (minutes per month) Multilingual Varies No Not specified YouTube, social media Not specified Up to 1080p or 4K Available Standard Conditions apply, specific to plan
TimeBolt timebolt-logo 3.9/5 Reducing editing time for videos $17 to $97 N/A Video editing, silence removal Based on subscription Not specified Not specified No Single user Not specified Not specified Up to 1080p Available Standard No refunds for used services
Vidyo.ai vidyo-ai-logo 3.8/5 Automated subtitling and video editing $35 to $150 N/A Video editing, AI-powered automation Based on subscription Multilingual Varies No Single user Social media platforms Standard Up to 1080p Available Standard Contact their support
DeepBrain AI deepbrain-ai-logo 3.9/5 Precision in AI avatar portrayal $29/month to custom 65+ Education, business, customer service Unlimited Over 80 languages Cloud Yes Multiple Custom integrations available High High-definition Available 24/7, dedicated manager No refunds after payment
Descript Descript-ai-logo 4.3/5 All-in-one video and podcast production Tiered subscription ($30 to Custom Pro) N/A Audio/video editing, transcription Based on plan Multilingual Varies Text-based editing tool Varies Extensive with other apps High Up to 4K Available Chat and email 48 hours from billing date
InVideo invideo-ai-logo 3.7/5 Simplifying video editing for beginners Free: $0/month, Plus: $25/month, Max: $60/month 5000+ pre-made templates Marketing, social media content Unlimited 70+ languages Cloud Yes 1 user Basic social media integrations Standard High-definition Available 24/7 support, live chat, email No refunds offered
Opus Clip opus-clip-logo 4.0/5 One-click viral short creation Free to $19/ month Not specified AI-powered video clipping Processing time varies by plan Not specified Not specified AI-driven video editing Varies Social media platforms Not specified Up to 4K Available on some plans Email, live chat Cancellations at end of billing cycle

Best AI Tools for Video Editing for 2024: In-Depth Analysis

After testing over 20 tools and investing more than 25 hours in evaluating them, I have narrowed down the list to the top 10 AI video editing tools for 2024. This detailed analysis explores how these tools simplify the editing process and enhance the quality of your content, ensuring your videos not only captivate but also engage audiences at a professional level.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro – Best for Video and Audio Synchronization

As a professional with extensive experience in video editing tools, I’ve found that Adobe Premiere Pro is especially Best for video and audio synchronization. The March 2024 update (24.3) brought several notable enhancements that streamline the editing process for both novices and professionals.


Feature Details
My Rating 4.5 out of 5
Best for Professional video editing, films, TV shows, and online videos
Pricing Single app: $22.99/mo for individuals, $37.99/mo per license for teams
Solutions Motion graphics, audio mixing, multi-cam sequence, AI-powered enhancements
Duration Subscription-based, with options for yearly or perpetual licenses
Languages Supported English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi
Storage Depends on the user’s system
Text to Video Generator Not specified
Number of Users Licenses available for individual users or teams
Integration Extensive integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and third-party effects
Data Security Protects user data with robust privacy protocols
Resolution Supports editing in up to 8K resolution
Free Trial A 7-day free trial is available
Customer Support Comprehensive support via Adobe’s help center and community forums
Refund Policy 14-day money-back guarantee on subscription plans

Adobe Premiere Pro has the GPU-accelerated Speech Text feature. It is now over 15% faster and supports accuracy across 18 languages, which is invaluable for creating subtitles or captions.

Additionally, the software introduced improved marker behavior and powerful new filtering options that enhance project organization and navigation.

For teams, the label Color Presets ensures consistency in the editing process, and the revamped text styling for captions and graphics with a new style browser improves efficiency across projects.

Premiere Pro costs US$ 22.99/mo for individuals and US$ 34.99/mo per license for teams. These pricing plans make Premiere Pro accessible to a wide range of users, from individual freelancers to large production teams.

Lastly, the revamped text styling for captions and graphics introduces a new style browser and thumbnails, enabling editors to apply and repurpose styles more efficiently across various projects. This update not only saves time but also helps maintain a cohesive look and feel across all content.

Pricing Plan for Adobe Premiere Pro

Pricing Plan Price Description
Monthly Plan US$34.49/mo Cancel anytime, no fee.

Refund and Customer Support Policy

  • Adobe offers a 14-day full refund for subscription cancellations made within this window.
  • No refunds are provided for cancellations made after 14 days.
  • Adobe provides 24/7 customer support through a dedicated support page.
  • The support team handles troubleshooting, billing issues, and detailed product assistance, ensuring a high level of customer care and responsiveness.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro


    • Advanced editing capabilities, including comprehensive tools for professional video editing.
    • Supports a wide range of languages, enhancing accessibility with speech-to-text.
    • Customizable workspaces and proxy workflows boost efficiency.
    • Extensive format support facilitates working with various video formats.
    • Powerful Lumetri Color tools for advanced color grading.


    • The steep learning curve can be challenging for beginners.
    • Requires a robust hardware setup due to high system requirements.
    • More expensive than some competitors due to its subscription model.
    • No permanent license is available; only subscription-based.
    • Some users report occasional bugs and stability issues.

2. Runway – Best for AI-Assisted Storyboarding

Runway, Best for AI-assisted storyboarding, offers a groundbreaking experience in the AI-enhanced creative tool landscape. As an experienced video tool reviewer, I found its suite of innovative features sets it apart from other platforms.


Feature Detail
My Rating 4.4/5
Best for AI-assisted creative design
Pricing Tiered model ($15 to $95)
Templates Not specified
Solutions Video, image AI editing
Duration Based on credit usage
Languages Supported Not specified
Storage Varies by plan
Text-To-Video Generator Not a primary feature
No of Users Single to multiple, based on the plan
Integration Not specified
Data Security Not specified
Resolution Up to 4K with higher plans
Free Trial Available, with credit limitations
Customer Support Standard support
Refund Policy Based on unused credits and plan

Runway has impressed me with its powerful suite of features designed to transform creative ideas into captivating digital realities. Their latest suite of tools, particularly fascinating to me, includes capabilities such as text-to-video, Image-to-video, and video-to-video conversions, which leverage advanced AI models to understand and generate dynamic visual content.

One of the most intriguing tools I experimented with is the motion Brush, a tool that allows for the creation of complex animations and effects simply by painting motions directly onto video frames. This kind of tool democratizes sophisticated video effects that were traditionally accessible only to professionals with high-end software.

Runway also offers text-to-image and image-to-image generation, which are perfect for creators who want to expand their visual storytelling capabilities. These tools use generative AI to craft detailed images from textual descriptions or to transform existing images into new artistic variations, which is incredibly useful for content creators looking to produce unique visuals.

For those involved in more detailed creative projects, infinite Image and inpainting tools open up limitless possibilities. Infinite Image allows for the creation of endless digital landscapes, while Inpainting helps in seamlessly editing out unwanted parts of an image or filling in missing details, which is especially handy for post-production edits.

Each of these tools is grounded in runway’s cutting-edge research, which focuses on building multimodal AI systems. This research is what powers the tools to be highly effective and intuitive, making complex creative tasks simpler and more accessible to a wider audience.

Runway offers a flexible pricing structure tailored to different user needs, starting with a Free Forever Basic Plan that provides essential features and a moderate amount of credits. For those needing more extensive capabilities, plans range from $15 to $95 per user per month, with options for unlimited video generations in the higher tiers.

Customer support at Runway is accessible and geared towards ensuring a satisfactory user experience. Support can be reached via email or through their help portal, and they offer a generous 30-day refund policy for all plans, provided the service remains largely unused.

Pricing Plan for Runway

Pricing Plan Price Credits per Month Features
Basic Plan Free Forever 125
  • 125 credits (equivalent to 25s Gen-2, 8s Gen-1, or 25 image generations)
  • Video editor exports in 720p
  • 5GB asset storage
  • 3 video projects
Standard Plan $15/user/month 625
  • Upscale resolution and remove watermarks on Gen-1 and Gen-2
  • Video editor exports in 4K & Green Screen alpha matte
  • 100GB assets
  • Unlimited video editor projects
Pro Plan $35/user/month 2250
  • Includes all Standard Plan features plus PNG & ProRes video editor compositions
Unlimited Plan $95/user/month Unlimited
  • Includes all Pro Plan features plus additional unlimited generations in Explore Mode
Enterprise Plan Custom pricing Custom
  • Custom pricing and features for large teams and organizations
  • Contact Runway for details

Refund and Customer Support Policy

  • 30-Day Refund Window: You can request a full refund of your subscription within 30 days of purchase or renewal for any tier.
  • Unused Plans: Refunds are granted only if the plan is unused or nearly unused. Once the refund is processed, the plan is terminated.
  • Contact Support: Customers can contact support by replying to billing emails or through the support portal linked above.
  • Billing Receipts: Responses to billing receipts are automatically routed to an agent for handling.

Pros and Cons of Runway


    • Offers a range of creative AI-driven features.
    • Capable of text to video, video to video transformations.
    • Supports up to 4K video exports.
    • Includes custom AI training for specific styles or objects.
    • Designed for ease of use across all skill levels.


    • Usage limits based on credits can be restrictive.
    • The basic plan has significant restrictions and limited credits.
    • The free tier cannot upscale or remove watermarks.
    • Credits do not carry over month-to-month.
    • Some features may require a learning curve.

3. Filmora Wondershare – Best for Professional-Quality Video Outputs

Wondershare Filmora, best for professional-quality video outputs, stands out as a powerful video editing software that brilliantly transforms videos into works of art. Its user-friendly interface, paired with robust editing capabilities, makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users looking to elevate their video editing skills.


Feature Details
My Rating 4.5 out of 5
Best for Easy, versatile video editing for creators at all levels
Pricing Subscription: $49.99/yr, Cross-Platform: $69.99/yr, Perpetual: $79.99
Solutions Video editing, audio visualizer, auto denoise, export options, and more
Duration Unlimited Filmora AI Credits for enhanced editing capabilities
Languages Supported Multilingual, supports major global languages
Storage Not specified; depends on installation and usage settings
Text to Video Generator Not explicitly mentioned
Number of Users Single user for individual plans, more for family/business plans
Integration Seamless integration with other Adobe products and third-party tools
Data Security High-standard security protocols in place
Resolution Supports editing in up to 4K resolution
Free Trial 7 days free trial available
Customer Support 24/6 live chat and call support available
Refund Policy The 30-day money-back guarantee provided

Filmora’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies the video editing process, making it highly accessible for newcomers. Such straightforward navigation ensures that users can focus more on creativity and less on figuring out software mechanics.

Filmora’s comprehensive editing suite includes precise tools like a razor, keyframing, and masking, enabling users to exercise creative control over their projects. These tools are enhanced by AI-driven audio improvements like Audio Visualizer and Auto Ducking, which significantly elevate the project’s audio quality.

The platform offers an extensive collection of over 1200 royalty-free music tracks, greatly benefiting creators who need high-quality music without the complexity of license management. Additionally, Filmora’s color grading and correction tools are both powerful and user-friendly, allowing for quick and professional visual enhancements.

AI Smart Cutout in Filmora is a particularly impressive feature, enabling users to effortlessly edit out people, backgrounds, or imperfections, enhancing the quality of the final video. The AI Audio Stretch feature is also notable for its ability to adjust audio duration to perfectly align with video segments.

For advanced users, Filmora provides features like motion tracking, speed ramping, and the ability to create multi-screen projects, adding a dynamic layer to any video. The Chroma Key functionality further expands creative possibilities, allowing for the integration of various backgrounds and special effects.

Filmora’s adaptable approach is evident through its five different editing layouts, which cater to various workflow preferences, enhancing the overall video editing experience. With pricing options ranging from $29.99 to $79.99 per month, Filmora remains accessible to a wide range of users, offering plans that suit various editing needs.

Pricing Plan for Wondershare Filmora

Pricing Plan Price Billing Cycle Features
Cross-Platform Quarterly $29.99 Per quarter
  • Automatic renewal
  • No watermark exports
  • Unlimited Filmora AI credits
  • 1GB cloud storage
Cross-Platform Annual $49.99 Per year
  • The same benefits as the quarterly plan
  • Annual billing for additional savings
Perpetual $79.99 One-time payment
  • Continuous access to Filmora 13 updates
  • 2000 Filmora AI credits
  • 1GB of cloud storage

Refund and Customer Support Policy

  • Wondershare ensures a refund within 30 days for most products, with a 7-day limit for data recovery items.
  • Customers can initiate a refund by locating their order via order number or email, selecting the desired item, and submitting a refund form.
  • Accessible by order number or email, Wondershare’s support team is prepared to handle inquiries and issues efficiently, ensuring a satisfactory user experience.

Pros and Cons of Wondershare Filmora


    • Ideal for beginners.
    • Includes overlays, filters, and titles.
    • Enhances editing with Audio Stretch and Smart Cutout.
    • Features over 1200 royalty-free tracks.
    • Supports motion tracking and chroma key.


    • Fewer advanced options for professional editors.
    • May be less attractive to some users.
    • Struggles with larger files.
    • Present in the free version.
    • Additional charges for some features and assets.

4. Wisecut – Best for Storyboard-Based Video Editing Systems

Wisecut, best for storyboard-based video editing systems, transforms video editing for social media by utilizing AI to automate the process and enhance content engagement.


Feature Detail
My Rating 4.1/5
Best for Auto-editing with AI
Pricing $15 – $57
Templates Not specified
Solutions Video editing, AI-powered tools
Duration Based on plan (minutes per month)
Languages Supported Multilingual auto-translation
Storage Varies by plan
Text to Video Generator Not a primary feature
No of Users Not specified
Integration YouTube, social media platforms
Data Security Not specified
Resolution Up to 1080p or 4K
Free Trial Available
Customer Support Standard support
Refund Policy Conditions apply, specific to the plan

Wisecut AI highlight detection identifies and extracts the most captivating moments, serving as an intuitive editing partner that understands audience appeal. This innovative approach positions Wisecut as a key player in AI-powered video editing for creators.

One of the most innovative features of Wisecut is its storyboard-based editing system. The platform automatically generates a transcribed storyboard from your video’s speech, allowing you to edit by rearranging text and scenes. This method eliminates the need for complex timelines or keyframe adjustments, making video editing accessible even to those with no prior editing skills.

Additionally, Wisecut enhances videos with smart background music. The software automatically selects and adjusts music to fit the video’s flow, performing audio ducking to ensure the music never overshadows spoken content. This smart integration makes each video feel professionally produced without manual audio editing.

Auto captions and translations are another standout feature, crucial in today’s digital world where many watch videos without sound. Wisecut not only adds captions automatically but also offers translations, broadening the potential audience for the content globally.

The tool’s capability to effortlessly remove silences with its auto zoom-in technology ensures that the final video maintains a dynamic and engaging pace. This not only saves editing time but also improves the overall viewing experience by eliminating awkward pauses.

Users can create and customize videos using dozens of pre-made templates, tailored for various content types and marketing needs, facilitating rapid video production without sacrificing quality.

Wisecut offers plans catered to a range of needs, with a forever-free plan capped at 720p resolution and 30 minutes of AI video processing monthly.

For higher quality and more resources, their Starter Plan at $15 per month and the Professional Plan at $57 per month provide up to 1080p resolution and additional hours of AI processing, with the latter including premium customer support.

Monthly Pricing Plan for Wisecut

Pricing Plan Price Features
Free Plan $0
  • 30 minutes of AI video processing per month
  • 720p max resolution
  • 2GB storage
  • Videos are watermarked
Starter Plan $15/month
  • 4 hours of AI video processing per month
  • 1080p max resolution
  • 70GB storage
  • No watermark on the videos
Professional Plan $57/month
  • 10 hours of AI video processing per month
  • 4k max resolution
  • 150GB storage
  • No watermark
  • Priority customer support

Refund Policy

  • 14-Day Refund: Available if requested within the first 14 days of subscription and services have not been used.
  • Cancellation: Subscriptions can be canceled through the application, but refunds are not provided after 14 days or if services have been used.
  • Renewal Cancellation: This must be done at least 2 business days before the renewal date to prevent automatic renewal.
  • Access: Support can be accessed via chat in the application or by emailing support@wisecut.video.
  • Assistance with Cancellation: The Customer Support team assists with subscription cancellations and inquiries about the services.
  • No Refunds Post-Renewal: After the renewal of a subscription, users are not eligible for a refund, but can cancel for the next period.

Pros and Cons of Wisecut


    • Automatically trims silences, speeding up the editing workflow.
    • Generates storyboards from speech for easy editing.
    • Adds and adjusts music intelligently.
    • Enhances accessibility and reach with automatic subtitles and translations.
    • Offers 4k video output for professional-looking content.


    • The free plan offers minimal features and storage.
    • The monthly limit may restrict frequent users.
    • Videos include Wisecut branding unless you’re on a paid plan.
    • Higher-resolution videos may quickly consume available storage.
    • There is no information available on the number of templates offered.

5. TimeBolt – Best for AI-Driven Editing Time Reduction

TimeBolt, known as the best for AI-driven editing time reduction, has truly revolutionized my approach to video production. This platform harnesses AI technology to dramatically streamline the video editing process, particularly by automating the removal of silences and awkward pauses.


Feature Detail
My Rating 3.9/5
Best for Reducing editing time for videos
Pricing $17 to $97
Templates Not applicable
Solutions Video editing, silence removal
Duration Based on subscription
Languages Supported Not specified
Storage Not specified
Text to Video Generator Not a primary feature
No of Users Typically single user per license
Integration Not specified
Data Security Not specified
Resolution Up to 1080p with premium plans
Free Trial Available
Customer Support Standard support
Refund Policy No refunds for used services

TimeBolt stands out with its automatic jump-cut feature, which not only reduces editing time but also ensures the final video feels engaging and paced correctly. This feature is particularly beneficial for content creators focused on keeping their audience’s attention without manual editing hassles.

A standout aspect of TimeBolt is its ability to handle multi-track audio editing. This is essential for videos where background music or multiple speakers are involved, allowing for fine-tuned audio management that enhances the overall quality and clarity of the final product.

Integration with major video editing software such as premiere pro and final cut pro means that TimeBolt can fit seamlessly into any professional workflow. This compatibility ensures that users can incorporate TimeBolt’s features without disrupting their established video production processes.

In terms of pricing, TimeBolt is very accessible. It offers a free plan that provides basic features with limitations on usage, and for more advanced features including unlimited usage and access to premium functions, the paid plans start at $17 per month. There is also an annual option priced at $97 per year, making it a cost-effective solution for regular users.

Monthly Pricing Plan for TimeBolt

TimeBolt offers straightforward pricing options designed to accommodate both casual and heavy users:

Pricing Plan Price Features
Basic Plan Free
  • Video only
  • No saving
  • Watermarked outputs
  • No XML export capability
Paid Plan Monthly: $17/mo
Annual: $97/yr (significant discount)
  •  Supports video and audio files
  • Allows any duration of file
  • Includes XML and plugin export options
  • Suitable for up to two machines

Refund Policy

  • 14-Day Full Refund: Eligible within 14 days of purchase for users who have not substantially utilized the service.
  • Partial Refunds: May be considered under certain conditions beyond the initial 14-day period, depending on usage.
  • No Refunds After Significant Use: Refunds are not available for users who have extensively used the service.
  • Support Channels: Available through email at support@timebolt.com and a dedicated support section on the website.
  • Response Time: TimeBolt aims to respond promptly to customer inquiries and issues to ensure user satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of TimeBolt


    • Automatically removes silences, significantly speeding up the editing process.
    • Enhances video dynamics by intelligently cutting unnecessary sections.
    • Offers detailed control over audio tracks, crucial for complex video projects.
    • Seamlessly works with major video editing platforms like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.
    • Free version available; affordable paid plans enhance functionality without breaking the bank.


    • The free version comes with significant limitations in functionality.
    • Does not offer a range of video templates, which can be a drawback for users seeking quick content solutions.
    • As a desktop application, it requires installation, which might not suit all users.
    • Some users may find the interface and features challenging to navigate initially.
    • Does not include cloud storage options, which limits the accessibility of files across different devices.

6. Vidyo.ai – Best for Optimizing Video Content for Instagram and TikTok

Vidyo.ai, best for optimizing video content for Instagram and TikTok, redefines video editing, transforming long-form content into social media-ready clips with ease.

vidyo.ai-best -for-optimizing-video-content-for-Instagram-and-tiktok

Feature Detail
My Rating 3.8/5
Best for Automated subtitling and video editing
Pricing $35 to $150
Templates Not specified
Solutions Video editing, AI-powered automation
Duration Based on subscription
Languages Supported Multilingual support
Storage Varies by plan
Text to Video Generator Not a primary feature
No of Users Typically single user per license
Integration Social media platforms
Data Security Standard
Resolution Up to 1080p
Free Trial Available
Customer Support Standard support
Refund Policy contact their support

Vidyo.ai AI Video Editing capability is adept at pinpointing pivotal moments that captivate audiences, seamlessly turning extensive footage into viral shorts and reels tailored for quick consumption on today’s most popular platforms.

What sets Vidyo.ai apart is its AI subtitles feature, which generates accurate captions for videos, ensuring they are accessible to a broader audience and comply with the silent autoplay settings on most social media feeds. Their intelliclip technology further impresses, using AI to create enhanced clips with what seems like an intuitive grasp of the content’s most impactful segments.

The cutmagic feature particularly caught my attention; it identifies and marks scene changes automatically, drastically reducing editing times for multi-camera and complex video projects. This feature alone can turn hours of footage into a succinct, audience-ready video in minutes.

Vidyo.ai also offers a range of video templates suitable for various social platforms, including LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Meta. Although the exact number of templates is not mentioned, their diversity enables creators to maintain a consistent brand voice across all digital channels.

In terms of pricing, Vidyo.ai provides a free plan with basic features and a modest monthly video upload limit. For more extensive needs, the essential Plan starts at $35 per month, offering a substantial increase in upload minutes and better video quality.

For those seeking even more functionality, the growth plan is priced at $50 per month and includes additional features like social media analytics and full video transcripts, with the custom plan ranging from $75 to $150 per month, adjusting to the user’s specific requirements. This tiered pricing ensures that Vidyo.ai is accessible to content creators at all levels, from casual to professional.

Monthly Pricing Plan for Vidyo.ai

Vidyo.ai offers a variety of plans to suit different user needs:

Pricing Plan Price Features
Free Plan $0/month
  • 75 minutes of video processing per month
  • 720p video quality
  • Short videos and chapters
Essential Plan $35/month
  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • 300 minutes of video processing per month
  • 1080p video quality
Growth Plan $50/month
  • Everything in the Essential Plan
  • 600 minutes of video processing per month
  • Custom Brand Kit and templates
Custom Plan $75-150/month
  • Everything in the Growth Plan
  • 900-1800 mins of video processing per month

Refund Policy and Customer Support Policy

  • No Explicit Refund Terms: Vidyo.ai does not specify a clear refund policy within its terms of service. It’s advised to contact their support for details on refunds.
  • Support Access: Vidyo.ai offers customer support through various channels, ensuring users can reach out for assistance effectively.
  • Proactive Assistance: The platform provides help with issues ranging from account problems to technical support.

Pros and Cons of Vidyo.ai


    • Streamlines content repurposing with advanced AI editing features.
    • Enhances accessibility and engagement with automatic subtitle generation.
    • AI-generated clips that capture key moments for effective content highlighting.
    • Automatically detects scene changes, simplifying the editing of complex videos.
    • Offers video templates for various platforms including LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.


    • The free plan includes basic features with a time limit on content processing.
    • Free users are limited to 720p video output.
    • Requires manual video uploads after editing, as direct publishing to platforms isn’t mentioned.
    • Custom branding features are not available in the lower-tier plans.
    • Social media analytics and content assistance are not included in all plans.

7. DeepBrain AI – Best for Precision in AI Avatar Portrayal

DeepBrain AI, best for precision in AI avatar portrayal, offers a transformative experience in AI-driven video production.


Feature Details
My Rating 3.9/5
Best for Generate Videos from Text. Realistic AI avatars, natural text-to-speech, and powerful AI video creation capabilities all in one platform
Pricing Personal: $29/month, Team: $89/month, Enterprise: Custom (contact sales)
Templates 65+ templates
Solutions Education, business, customer service
Duration Personal: Unlimited, Team: Unlimited, Enterprise: Unlimited
Languages Supported Over 80 languages
Storage Cloud-based
Text to Video Generator Yes
No of Users Multiple in-team and enterprise plans
Integration Custom integrations available
Data Security High compliance standards
Resolution High-definition
Free Trial Available
Customer Support 24/7 support, dedicated manager in the enterprise
Refund Policy No refunds after payment; service-specific conditions apply

DeepBrain AI masterfully blends cutting-edge technology with intuitive interfaces, making it accessible to both professionals and beginners eager to produce high-quality videos.

This seamless integration ensures that users across all skill levels can take full advantage of its advanced features. DeepBrain AI’s one of the most impressive features I’ve encountered is the AI avatars. This tool provides a varied assortment of AI avatars that can be customized to suit specific roles or embody a brand with precision.

With over 100 lifelike voices available in more than 80 languages, I can create videos that are not only engaging but also resonate on a global scale. The ability to generate studio-quality voiceovers from text is a game-changer, simplifying the process of adding narration to videos.

I also greatly value the custom Avatar feature, which allows for the creation of unique avatars tailored to specific requirements. Whether for adding a personalized touch to tutorial videos or ensuring brand consistency across content, this feature offers considerable flexibility.

The video templates provided by DeepBrain AI have streamlined my video creation process. These templates are adaptable to various scenarios and can be easily customized, allowing me to produce content more swiftly without sacrificing quality.

The conversational avatar technology introduces exciting new possibilities for interactive video content. These avatars can engage in lifelike dialogues, making them ideal for customer service videos, interactive learning modules, and more.

Using DeepBrain AI has revolutionized my approach to video content creation, enhancing speed, efficiency, and creativity. This platform is undoubtedly a formidable tool for anyone aiming to leverage AI to boost their video production capabilities.

DeepBrain AI offers a tiered pricing strategy starting at $29 per month for the Personal Plan, with options scaling up to custom pricing for Enterprise solutions tailored to large-scale needs.

Customer support is readily accessible through email and live chat, providing prompt and effective service to address any issues, including a streamlined refund process within the first 14 days. This commitment ensures users receive timely assistance and support to maximize their use of the platform.

Pricing Plan for DeepBrain AI

Pricing Plan Price Features
Personal Plan $29/month
  • 1 seat
  • 5 credits/month
  • 60+ AI Avatars
  • 5 AI prompts/month
  • Voice Upload, Audio Download, No Watermark
Team Plan $89/month
  • 3 seats
  • 30 credits/month
  • 80+ AI Avatars
  • Unlimited AI Prompter, gestures, and multi-avatars
  • Generative AI for images and videos, 1-click translation, custom fonts, logos, auto-captions, shutter stocks
Enterprise Plan Custom Pricing
  • Unlimited seats and minutes
  • Custom Studio AI Avatars
  • Full API Access
  • 24/7 Priority Support
Get DeepBrain AIOur Top Recommendation for Video tool

Refund and Customer Support Policy

  • 14-Day Full Refund: Available for plans canceled within 14 days with less than 10 minutes of video content produced.
  • Partial Refunds: May be issued at DeepBrain AI’s discretion for requests made after 14 days if less than 10 minutes of video have been generated.
  • No Refunds: Applicable for users who have produced more than 10 minutes of content or are on an Enterprise Plan beyond the initial 14 days.
  • Support Access: Available through email and live chat.
  • Rapid Response: Committed to issuing refunds promptly once approved.

Pros and Cons of DeepBrain AI


    • Enhances video personalization with over 60 avatars.
    • Supports a global audience with over 80 languages.
    • Streamlines and accelerates video creation.
    • Offers tailored avatars to meet specific brand needs.
    • Facilitates interactive video applications.


    • Premium features require a paid subscription.
    • Presents a steep learning curve.
    • Constraints video creation possibilities.
    • Requires a stable connection for functionality.
    • Higher tiers are necessary for full capabilities.

8. Descript – Best for All-in-One Video and Podcast Production

Exploring Descript has revealed a versatile platform that excels in best for all-in-one video and podcast production. Its comprehensive suite of tools streamlines the creative process, akin to editing a text document.


Feature Detail
My Rating 4.3/5
Best for All-in-one video and podcast production
Pricing Tiered subscription ($30 to Custom Pro)
Templates Not applicable
Solutions Audio/video editing, transcription
Duration Based on the plan (Free to Enterprise)
Languages Supported Multilingual transcription
Storage Varies by plan
Text to Video Generator Text-based editing tool
No of Users Varies by plan
Integration Extensive with other apps
Data Security High
Resolution Up to 4K with paid plans
Free Trial Available
Customer Support Chat and email support
Refund Policy 48 hours from the billing date with conditions

Descript, writing, recording, transcribing, editing, collaborating, and sharing multimedia content are seamlessly integrated into a single, powerful interface. This cohesive approach makes Descript a go-to solution for creators looking for an efficient and robust production workflow.

Descript’s one feature that completely changes the game is the ability to edit video by editing text. Descript transcribes your video and allows you to cut, copy, paste, and delete content just like you would in a word processor. This text-based approach to editing is not only intuitive but it’s also incredibly time-efficient.

Another aspect where Descript shines is its AI voice cloning technology. It gives you the power to create a realistic voice clone and generate text-to-speech in seconds, making narration and voice-over work a breeze. Coupled with studio-quality sound enhancements like noise removal in just a click, the audio quality of your videos is instantly elevated.

Descript also offers a green screen effect, which is a one-click wonder that removes your video background and places your subject anywhere. This tool is especially handy for creators who want to add visual diversity to their content without the need for complex setups.

In the professional realm, Descript serves as an essential part of the team’s communication toolkit, making video recording, editing, and collaboration as straightforward as using docs and slides. It’s no surprise that teams at renowned companies have adopted Descript, considering the rave reviews and numerous awards it has garnered.

Descript’s free plan provides a taste of its capabilities with no credit card required, offering basic features and 1 hour of video processing per month. For those needing more power, paid plans start at $12 per month, scaling up with advanced features and processing hours to suit a range of content creation demands.

Monthly Pricing Plan for Descript

Descript offers a variety of plans tailored to different user needs:

Pricing Plan Price Features
Free Plan $0/month
  • 1 hour of transcription per month
  • 720p video exports
  • “um” & “uh” filler word removal
Creator Plan $15/month
  • 10 hr of transcription per editor per month
  • 4K video exports
  • Advanced voice cloning features
Pro Plan $30/month
  • 30 hr of transcription per editor per month
  • 4K video exports
  • 18 filler words and repeated word removal
Enterprise Plan Custom Pricing
  • Contact Descript for dedicated support, security features, and invoicing options

Customer Support and Refund Policy

  • Refunds within 48 Hours: Descript processes refunds if the request is made within 48 hours of the invoice date and services have not been used significantly.
  • Request Procedure: To seek a refund, you must submit a request to Descript’s Support Team and include the email address associated with your Descript account.

Pros and Cons of Descript


    • Allows editing videos as easily as editing a text document.
    • Offers advanced voice editing and cloning features.
    • Multitrack editing: Supports complex podcasting and video projects with multiple audio tracks.
    • Provides up to 4K video export quality in higher plans.
    • Automatically removes filler words like “um” and “uh” for cleaner audio.


    • Free and lower-tier plans have limited monthly transcription hours.
    • Cloud storage is capped according to the plan, with only 5GB available for free users.
    • Free users have restrictions on watermark-free exports and video quality.
    • Some advanced features may have a steep learning curve for new users.
    • More transcription hours require additional fees.

9. InVideo – Best for Simplifying Video Editing for Beginners

InVideo, Best for simplifying video editing for beginners, has revolutionized my approach to video production for social media and content marketing. This platform empowers users to easily convert ideas into high-quality videos with minimal effort, utilizing AI to significantly streamline the video creation process.


Feature Details
My Rating 3.7/5
Best for Social Media Videos and Ads Making
Pricing Free: $0/month, Plus: $25/month, Max: $60/month
Templates 5000+ pre-made templates
Solutions Marketing, social media content
Duration Unlimited
Languages Supported 70+ languages
Storage Cloud-based
Text to Video Generator Yes
No of Users 1 user per license in paid plans
Integration Basic social media integrations
Data Security Standard compliance
Resolution High-definition
Free Trial Available
Customer Support 24/7 support, live chat, email
Refund Policy No refunds offered

InVideo’s main strength is its text-to-video technology. Simply by entering a topic, the InVideo AI springs into action, generating scripts, crafting scenes, and even integrating voiceovers. This capability enables me to quickly produce content, a crucial advantage given the rapid pace of social media trends.

The extensive selection of video templates available on InVideo has dramatically reduced my production time. These templates are not merely static; they are fully customizable, allowing me to align each video with specific branding and aesthetic requirements without extensive video editing expertise.

Social sharing and social media integration features are seamlessly integrated into InVideo, facilitating easy distribution of videos across various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. I can directly publish my videos, ensuring they efficiently reach my intended audience.

InVideo also supports HD resolution, which ensures that the videos captivate not only with their content but also with their visual quality. The video stabilization feature is especially beneficial for producing professional-looking content without the need for high-end equipment.

Regarding audio capabilities, InVideo includes comprehensive Audio Tools, featuring a voice-over option that adds a professional touch to the videos. I can either upload custom audio files or select from an existing library, enhancing the overall impact of the videos.

InVideo offers an impressive selection of over 5000+ pre-made templates, catering to a wide range of styles and content types. The platform’s pricing is equally accommodating, with plans starting at $0 per month for basic use and extending up to $60 per month for the Max Plan, which offers extensive features and unlimited exports.

Read my InVideo review.

 Monthly Pricing Plan for InVideo

Pricing Plan Price Features
Free Plan $0/month
  • 10 minutes per week of AI video generation
  • 5M+ standard media assets
  • 10 GB storage
  • 4 exports per week with InVideo branding
Plus Plan $25/month
  • 50 minutes per month of AI video generation
  • 80 monthly iStock media assets
  • 100 GB storage
  • Unlimited exports
  • 2 voice clones
  • Up to 1 user
Max Plan $60/month
  • 200 minutes per month of AI video generation
  • 320 monthly iStock media assets
  • 400 GB storage
  • Unlimited exports
  • 5 voice clones
  • Up to 1 user
Get InvideoOur Best Recommendation for Video tool

Refund and Customer Support Policy

  • No Refunds Offered: InVideo does not provide refunds for any payments, including unused services.
  • Subscription Management: Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, with cancellations effective at the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Support Accessibility: InVideo offers support services through customer support email and on-platform chat to assist with any service-related issues or inquiries.

Pros and Cons of InVideo


    • Utilizes AI to quickly transform text into videos.
    • Provides a wide range of customizable templates.
    • Ensures professional-looking videos with HD resolution.
    • Simplifies publishing across multiple platforms.
    • Comprehensive audio tools: Offers options for voice-overs and custom audio uploads.


    • Free plan videos include the InVideo logo.
    • Restrictions on AI generation time and exports in the free plan.
    • Only offers 10 GB of storage for free users.
    • Advanced features are restricted to paid plans.
    • Limits collaboration potential in higher-tier plans.

10. Opus Clip – Best for One-Click Transformation into Viral Shorts

Opus Clip has proven itself as best for one-click transformation into viral shorts. It is an essential tool for content creators looking to capitalize on the short-form video trend.


Feature Detail
My Rating 4.0/5
Best for One-click viral short creation
Pricing Free to $19/ month
Templates Not specified
Solutions AI-powered video clipping
Duration Processing time varies by plan
Languages Supported Not specified
Storage Not specified
Text to Video Generator AI-driven video editing
No of Users Varies by plan
Integration Social media platforms
Data Security Not specified
Resolution Up to 4K on higher plans
Free Trial Available on some plans
Customer Support Email, live chat support
Refund Policy Cancellations at the end of the billing cycle

Opus Clip with its one-click feature transforms extensive footage into viral-worthy shorts becomes an effortless process, aligning perfectly with the swift pace of social media consumption.

The AI curation feature is remarkable, parsing through a video to highlight key moments that can become cohesive viral shorts. Opus Clip’s AI virality Score assigns a potential virality rating to each clip, guiding me on which segments might have the best chance of capturing the audience’s attention.

Another standout is the AI co-pilot, allowing me to target specific timeframes or keywords for clips, ensuring that the final product aligns with my vision. The addition of contextually relevant B-rolls through the AI B-roll feature enriches storytelling and adds visual variety to the clips.

Dynamic layouts switch the video perspective between various screen shares and speaker formats, courtesy of the AI dynamic layout. This, along with Active Speaker Detection, guarantees the focal subject remains central in the frame, which is particularly useful in interviews or conversational videos.

Opus Clip offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different user needs. The Free Plan includes 60 processing minutes monthly and 720p video quality, while the Creator Plan offers 10 hours at $15 per month with 4K resolution exports.

For heavier usage, the Pro Plan provides 30 hours for $30 per month, and there’s a customizable Enterprise Plan for larger organizations needing additional features like API access and dedicated support.

Monthly Pricing Plan for Opus Clip

Opus Clip provides flexible pricing options:

Pricing Plan Price Features
Free Plan $0/month
  • 60 minutes of processing per month
  • Rendered clips up to 1080p
  • Auto reframing and captions with emoji
Starter Plan $9/month
  • 150 minutes of processing per month
  • 4K video quality
  • AI clipping with Virality Score
  • Auto post to social platforms
Pro Plan $19/month
  • 300 minutes of processing per month
  • 4K video quality
  • Export to Adobe Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve
  • Social media scheduler and up to 5 brand templates

Customer Support and Refund Policy

  • Full Refunds: Issued if a cancellation request is made within a certain time frame after the billing date and if the account has hardly been used.
  • No Refunds: Beyond the specified timeframe, if significant use of the account is detected, or for charges already processed.
  • Contact Information: Users can reach out via email at contact@opus.pro or call +1 650-281-6039.
  • Address for Correspondence: 303 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065 for any mail communication.
  • Responsiveness: The support team aims to address issues and concerns effectively and promptly.

Pros and Cons of Opus Clip


    • Quickly turns long videos into engaging shorts.
    • Ensures high-quality video output for all clips.
    • Directly publishes clips to platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
    • Automatically edit out unnecessary pauses and filler words.
    • Offers AI-generated intros, smart effects, and virality score predictions.


    • The free plan has a 60-minute monthly cap which might be restrictive.
    • Watermarks on Free Plan: Videos have watermarks unless you subscribe to a paid plan.
    • The free plan offers no editing tools.
    • Free plan clips can only be downloaded within three days.
    • Free users face restrictions on resolution and watermark-free exports.

Methodology: How Did I Choose the Best AI Tools for Video Editing for 2024?

Selecting the best AI tools for video editing for 2024 involves considering a myriad of factors that can impact the quality, efficiency, and ease of your video editing process. Here are key considerations to guide your choice:


Best for

The Best AI Video Editing Tools are ideal for professionals and hobbyists seeking to streamline their video production workflow while enhancing creativity and output quality.


Pricing for AI video editing tools ranges widely, from free versions for beginners to premium versions for professionals, typically costing between $10 to $300 per month, with some offering custom pricing for enterprise solutions.


These tools offer a vast range of templates, typically from 50 to over 200, designed to suit various video production needs, from vlogs to commercial advertisements.


AI video editing tools provide comprehensive solutions for editing, animation, effects, and color correction, making them suitable for both quick projects and in-depth film production.


Subscription plans often vary, with some tools offering monthly or annual subscriptions, while others provide perpetual licenses tailored to different editing needs.

Languages Supported

Most AI video editing tools support multiple languages, with some accommodating over 100 languages, making them ideal for international projects and diverse teams.


Storage options range from minimal cloud storage in free plans to extensive storage capacities in premium plans, essential for handling large video files.

Text-To-Video Generator

Many tools feature advanced text-to-video generators that convert written content into dynamic videos, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

Number of Users

Plans typically cater to individual editors, small teams, or large enterprises, with user options ranging from a single user to unlimited user access in corporate packages.


Integration capabilities include compatibility with other creative software, cloud services, and content management systems, facilitating a seamless production workflow.

Data Security

Data security is a priority, with most tools offering robust encryption and compliance with international standards such as GDPR to protect user data.


AI video editing tools support various resolutions, from standard HD up to 4K and even 8K, ensuring high-quality outputs for all types of projects.

Free Trial

Free trials are commonly available, allowing users to evaluate features for a limited time, typically ranging from 7 to 30 days, before committing to a purchase.

Customer Support

Customer support varies, with most services offering 24/7 support via email, phone, and sometimes live chat, ensuring users receive timely assistance.

Refund Policy

Refund policies differ, with some tools offering no refunds due to the digital nature of the services, while others may offer a money-back guarantee within the first few weeks of purchase.

How AI Video Tools Enhance Video Editing?

To enhance the resolution and quality of your edited videos, consider exploring specific techniques that can elevate your results. Learn more about effective strategies with our guide on video upscaling hacks, which can complement your video editing tools beautifully.

AI video tools are transforming the way we edit videos by automating complex tasks and enhancing creative decision-making. Explore how these innovations are reshaping the industry with the best AI tools. Here are the benefits of AI Video editing tools:


  1. Efficiency: AI drastically reduces the time required for editing by automating repetitive tasks such as trimming and cutting, allowing editors to focus on creative aspects.
  2. Consistency: AI ensures uniformity across multiple video projects, maintaining consistent quality and style without manual intervention.
  3. Enhanced Creativity: AI suggests creative transitions, effects, and compositions, pushing the boundaries of conventional video editing.
  4. Error Reduction: With AI, the chances of human error are minimized. It can detect and correct flaws that might go unnoticed by a human editor.
  5. Accessibility: AI tools democratize video editing, making advanced techniques and professional-quality editing accessible to novices without extensive training.
  6. Adaptability: AI can learn from edits over time, adapting to the user’s style and preferences to provide tailored editing suggestions.
  7. Speed: AI accelerates the rendering process, converting high-quality videos faster than traditional methods, which is crucial for tight deadlines.
  8. Advanced Analytics: AI analyzes viewer engagement and feedback, offering insights that help editors optimize content for better performance.

What is the Future of Video Editing with AI?

The integration of artificial intelligence in video editing is set to redefine the industry, promising unprecedented efficiency and innovation. As technology advances, AI tools are becoming integral in shaping the future of video production.


  1. Automation of Routine Tasks: AI will automate routine editing tasks such as color correction and audio adjustments, enabling editors to focus on more complex creative decisions.
  2. Real-Time Editing: AI will enable real-time editing capabilities, allowing for adjustments on the fly during live broadcasts or video streaming, enhancing the viewer experience.
  3. Enhanced Personalization: AI will offer advanced personalization options by analyzing viewer preferences and behaviors, allowing creators to tailor content dynamically to individual viewers.
  4. Improved Efficiency: AI’s ability to learn and adapt will continually increase editing efficiency, reducing the time spent on revisions and speeding up the production cycle.
  5. Content Optimization: AI will assist in optimizing content for different platforms by automatically formatting videos to meet specific channel requirements, ensuring optimal viewer engagement.
  6. Advanced Visual Effects: AI will facilitate the creation of complex visual effects that are both cost-effective and time-efficient, allowing smaller studios to produce cinema-quality effects.
  7. Error Reduction: AI will drastically reduce errors in video editing by providing precision that human editors might miss, thus ensuring higher-quality outputs.
  8. Interactive Editing: Future AI tools will likely offer more interactive editing features, enabling editors to make adjustments through voice commands or gestures, streamlining the editing process even further.


Yes, there are free AI video editors available, such as DaVinci Resolve’s Cut Page, which offers some AI-driven features without cost.

AI can assist in film editing by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing workflows, and even making creative decisions based on preset criteria.

Many AI video editing tools provide support for users, though the level of service can vary based on the company and the specific tool.

AI is unlikely to completely replace human video editors, but it will continue to transform the industry by automating certain tasks and enhancing the capabilities of human editors.

Opus Clip and Runway are highly regarded for their extensive features and robust AI integration.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are among the most popular video editing apps used by YouTubers due to their comprehensive features and compatibility with various platforms.


The rapid integration of AI into video editing tools is revolutionizing the industry, dramatically improving efficiency and enhancing creative potential. As we look ahead, the best AI tools for video editing for 2024 are poised to become indispensable assets for both novice and professional video editors.

These tools not only simplify complex editing tasks but also open new avenues for innovative storytelling. By leveraging AI, editors can achieve higher-quality results in a fraction of the time.

As video content continues to dominate digital landscapes, exploring the capabilities of AI video tools can significantly enhance your video editing skills. Embrace these advancements to transform your videos into compelling, professional-level content.

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