9+ Best AI Video Upscaling Tools for 2024

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  • July 11, 2024

Struggling with low-resolution videos that fail to capture the details you need? If so, you’re in the right place. I’m about to guide you through the top 10 best AI video upscaling tools for 2024 that can transform your videos from fuzzy to fantastic.

AI video upscaling tools are specifically designed to enhance video quality by boosting resolution and refining clarity without losing detail.

These best AI Video tools for 2024 are essential for media professionals, content creators, or anyone aiming to enhance their video-watching experience. They’re particularly valuable for upgrading older footage or improving the clarity of newer videos.

I’ll review a variety of multimedia tools tailored to suit different needs and preferences. Let’s find out which AI video upscaling tool could be the best AI tool for 2024 for you!

What is the Best AI Video Upscaling Tool for 2024? (Quick Overview)

Here, I have created links for each tool so you can quickly read about the one that excites you the most:

1. Pixop – Best for cloud-based video enhancement solutions.

Learn more about this tool: Pixop Detailed Analysis.

2. VideoProc Converter AI – Best for comprehensive video processing tools.

Learn more about this tool: VideoProc Converter AI Detailed Analysis.

3. Topaz Labs Video AI – Best for detail enhancement and noise reduction.

Learn more about this tool: Topaz Labs Video AI Detailed Analysis.

4.AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI – Best for using deep learning for video quality improvement.

Learn more about this tool: AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI Detailed Analysis.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro – Best for professional-grade editing features.

Learn more about this tool: Adobe Premiere Pro Detailed Analysis.

6. Nero AI Video Upscaler – Best for seamless integration with other Nero suite products.

Learn more about this tool: Nero AI Video Upscaler Detailed Analysis.

7.DVDFab Video Enhancer AI – Best for AI-driven enhancement that preserves original textures.

Learn more about this tool: DVDFab Video Enhancer AI Detailed Analysis.

8. Movavi Video Editor – Best for Innovative editing tool for seamless video creation, enhancing creativity effortlessly.

Learn more about this tool: Movavi Video Editor Analysis.

9.HitPaw Video Enhancer – Best for user-friendly interfaces suitable for beginners.

Learn more about this tool: HitPaw Video Enhancer Detailed Analysis.

10.PikaVue by GDFLab – Best for real-time video upscaling capabilities.

Learn more about this tool: pikaVue by GDFLab Detailed Analysis.

Best AI Video Upscaling Tool for 2024: Quick Comparison

Let’s quickly have a look at the features of the 10 best AI Video Upscaling Tool:

Tool Name My Ratings Best for No. of Videos Pricing Solutions Duration Languages Supported Number of Users Integration Data Security Resolution Free Trial Customer Support Refund Policy
Pixop 4.5/5 Best for production companies 20 min $22 to $98 Pixop Deep Restoration, Pixop Deep Restoration 2 Up to 100 minutes N/A 1 to unlimited Stripe Yes, 100% SD to UHD 8K 14 days help@pixop.com 14 days
VideoProc Converter AI 4/5 Easy, simple, quality video editing; YouTube videos with templates and effects Unlimited $25.95 to $57.95 Screen recording and much more Up to 15 minutes N/A 1 to 5 PCs as per plan N/A Yes, 100% Up to 4K Free version available support@videoproc.com 30 days money-back guarantee
Topaz Labs Video AI 3.5/5 Best for detail enhancement and noise reduction Unlimited $299 Particularly beneficial for professionals and enthusiasts looking to upscale videos to higher resolutions, deinterlace footage, and apply motion interpolation for smoother playback N/A Only in English Single user license for use on any two computers N/A N/A 4K, 8K, up to 16K Forever free, just watermark support@topazlabs.com 30-day refund guarantee
AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI 4/5 Best for colorizing black-and-white videos N/A $39.95 – $299 Upscaling, AI Video Enhancer N/A Supports multiple languages N/A N/A Yes, 100% SD to 1080p, HD to 4K Yes support@avclabs.com 30 days
Adobe Premiere Pro 4/5 High-quality special effects 99 $22 to $37 Edit videos, animate titles N/A Multiple 2 N/A Protects personal data used in our products and services 4K to 16K Forever No Email Found 30 days
Nero AI Video Upscaler 3.5/5 improving old and blurred videos over 200,000 videos. $23.99 to $169 uses AI to enhance videos up to four times their original quality N/A 23 Languages N/A N/A yes Including 720p, 1080p, 4K 7 days support.nero.com Not allowed
DVDFab Video Enhancer AI 3.5/5 Enlarge Video Resolution up to 4K Unlimited $299 one-time payment Can double the original resolution N/A N/A 1 N/A N/A 720P/1080P and up to 4K 30 days Resolved within 48 hours 7 days
Movavi Video Editor 3/5 High-quality clips N/A $59 to $79 chroma-keying, slow-motion, color adjustment, and more. N/A 14 N/A N/A 100% N/A 7 days partners@movavi.com 30 days
HitPaw Video Enhancer 3.5/5 Best for unblurring videos N/A $9 to $180 Reduce video noise 2 minutes 20 seconds 35 N/A All social medias Yes 480P/1080P Yes, with watermark support@hitpaw.com 30 days
pikaVue by GDFLab 4/5 maximize the resolution of videos and images N/A Free and enterprises Specifically focusing on video and image improvement. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 864*480 Yes operation@gdflab.com N/A

Best AI Video Upscaling Tool: In-Depth Analysis

Let’s continue the search for the Best AI Video Upscaling Tool. I’ll provide a detailed analysis of the top 10 Artificial intelligence based video upscaling tools.

I’ll discuss their features, pros and cons, and pricing and give details on their customer support and refund policies.

This will help you choose the best tool to enhance your videos effectively.

1. Pixop – Best For Large Scale Production


Pixop is a video enhancement platform tailored for production companies seeking to restore and enhance video content.

It specializes in upscaling videos from standard definition (SD) to Ultra High Definition (UHD) 8K, catering to needs ranging from small projects to large-scale productions.

AI Video Generator Factors Details
Best for Designed to fully automate workflows and make it simple and effective for production companies, TV stations, film distributors, and independent creators to monetize their digital archives and update them to fit today’s screens.
Pricing 20min Video: $22.84
40min Video: $44.01
upto 100min
100min Video: $97.78
No of Videos N/A
API Access Yes
Frame Rate Conversion Yes
Frames per Second Yes
Templates N/A
Solutions • Pixop Deep Restoration
• Pixop Deep Restoration 2
• Pixop Super Resolution
• Pixop Denoiser
• Pixop Deinterlacer
• Pixop Dejitterer
• Pixop Frame Rate Conversion
• Pixop Film Grain
• Pixop Face Forward
• Classic
Duration upto 100min
No of Languages N/A
Storage upto 250GB
Text – Video Generator N/A
No of Users 1 – unlimited
Integration Stripe – Payment Platform
Data Security Yes 100%
Resolution from SD all the way to UHD 8K
Free Trial Pixop offers a 14-day trial period with limited features to explore the app; adding payment information within this time is necessary to continue. Otherwise, the account will be deleted.
Customer Support help@pixop.com
Refund Policy If you cancel within 15 days, they will refund your entire payment.

Pixop offers innovative solutions like Pixop Deep Restoration and Pixop Deep Restoration 2, designed to improve video quality dramatically.

It supports video durations of up to 100 minutes and storage capacities up to 250 GB. The platform is optimized for a wide range of user scales, from single users to unlimited access options, making it versatile for different organizational sizes.

Pixop ensures high-security measures, guaranteeing 100% protection of uploaded and processed data. Integration with Stripe enhances its functionality, providing a seamless payment experience.

Although specific language support is not mentioned, the platform offers a 14-day free trial to experience its capabilities firsthand.


    • Capable of upscaling videos to UHD 8K resolution.
    • Offers up to 250 GB of storage, accommodating larger video files.
    • Flexible user access, from individuals to an unlimited number of users.
    • High-security standards ensure complete data protection.
    • 14-day free trial to test the service before committing financially.


    • Limited to video restoration and enhancement, with no additional video editing features.
    • Does not support template creation or use.
    • Language support details are not provided.
    • Email is the only customer support channel listed.
    • Pricing may escalate quickly based on video duration needs.


  • 20-minute Video: $22.84 per month
  • 40-minute Video: $44.01 per month
  • 100-minute Video: $97.78 per month
Get PixopOur Best Recommendation for AI Video Tools

Customer and Refund Policy:

  • Customer Support: Available via email at help@pixop.com.
  • Refund Policy: 14-day money-back guarantee, providing users with a risk-free opportunity to evaluate the service.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Media Professionals: Enhances archival footage to UHD 8K, ensuring high-quality broadcast standards.
  • YouTubers: Improves the visual appeal of older videos, making them more engaging for modern audiences.
  • Filmmakers: Offers tools like Pixop Deep Restoration to restore old film reels, preserving historical footage.

User Interface:

The interface is user-friendly, with intuitive controls for importing and exporting videos.


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Import your video by clicking the ‘Upload’ button.
  2. Select the desired enhancement features like Deep Restoration or Super Resolution.
  3. Adjust the settings as per your requirement.
  4. Click ‘Process’ and wait for the enhancement to complete.
  5. Download the enhanced video.

2. VideoProc Converter AI – Best AI VideoTool For Resizing


VideoProc Converter AI is designed to significantly enhance video quality. It excels in upscaling SD and low-resolution videos to 4K and can even upscale images to 8K. This tool is ideal for users looking to improve the visual quality of their videos for professional or personal use.

Feature Details
My Rating 3.6 out of 5
Best for Video editing, converting, resizing, and enhancing up to 4K resolution
Pricing Premium 365: $25.95/yr for 3 PCs, Lifetime: $45.95, Family: $57.95
Solutions Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, Stabilization, Deinterlacing
Duration No specific limit mentioned
Languages Supported Multi-language support
Storage Depending on the user’s system
Text to Video Generator Not specified
Number of Users 1 PC for Lifetime, up to 3-5 PCs for Family License
Integration Comprehensive video file format support
Data Security Adheres to standard data protection protocols
Resolution Supports up to 4K, can upscale lower resolutions
Free Trial Flexible evaluation of features without cost, no credit card required
Customer Support Email support is available, and extensive FAQs and tutorials online
Refund Policy 30-day money-back guarantee for all product purchases

VideoProc Converter AI uses advanced techniques like Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, Stabilization, and Deinterlacing to transform videos.

These features allow it to enhance video stability, smoothness, and clarity, making it a comprehensive choice for upscaling needs.

With support for up to 4K resolution, this software provides significant improvements to video quality, catering especially to those involved in video editing, conversion, resizing, and enhancement.

The tool supports a wide range of video file formats, ensuring compatibility with various types of media. It’s equipped with multi-language support and adheres to Big data protection protocols, ensuring that user data remains secure while processing videos.


    • Upscales videos up to 4K and images up to 8K.
    • Offers advanced features like Stabilization and Deinterlacing.
    • Flexible licensing options suitable for individual or family use.
    • No specific limit on the duration of video processing.
    • Provides extensive support resources including email support, FAQs, and tutorials.


    • May require a relatively high-powered PC for optimal performance.
    • Does not specify support for a text-to-video generator.
    • Limited to one PC under the Lifetime plan.
    • Pricing may be higher compared to basic video editing tools.
    • A rating of 3.6 out of 5 suggests there is room for improvement in user satisfaction.

Pricing Plans:

  • Premium 365: 1 Year Subscription for 3 PCs – $25.95
  • Lifetime License: Lifetime access for 1 PC – $45.95
  • Family License: Lifetime access for 3-5 PCs – $57.95

Customer and Refund Policy:

VideoProc Converter AI is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free opportunity to test its capabilities.

Customer support is readily available through email, with a wealth of online resources to assist users in maximizing the software’s potential.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • YouTubers: Offers easy-to-use templates and effects to enhance video content quickly, catering to fast-paced content creation needs.
  • Educators: Allows upscaling of lecture recordings to 4K, improving clarity for remote learning.
  • Social Media Influencers: Enhances video quality for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, attracting more followers with high-quality visuals.

User Interface

The dashboard is clean and easy to navigate.


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Open VideoProc Converter AI and upload your video.
  2. Choose ‘Super Resolution’ from the enhancement options.
  3. Fine-tune the enhancement settings as needed.
  4. Click ‘Run’ to start the upscaling process.
  5. Save the upscaled video to your desired location.

3. Topaz Labs Video AI – Best for Stabilizing Footage.


Topaz Labs Video AI is an advanced tool specifically tailored for enhancing video quality. It shines in upscaling and stabilizing footage, making it a top choice for professionals looking to refine their video outputs to up to 16K resolution.

Feature Details
My Rating 4.5/5
Best for Enhancing video quality, especially useful for upscaling and stabilizing footage.
Pricing One-time purchase: $299 (includes one year of unlimited upgrades). Upgrade price: $149 per year.
Templates Not applicable (focuses on video enhancement rather than templates).
Solutions Upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, shake stabilization, noise reduction.
Duration Unlimited usage with a one-time purchase includes one year of updates.
Languages Supported English only.
Storage Dependent on the user’s local storage; not cloud-based.
Text to Video Generator No.
Number of Users License valid for use on two computers by a single user.
Integration Standalone application with plugin options for Adobe products.
Data Security Standard data security applicable to locally installed software.
Resolution Supports up to 16K resolution for video enhancement.
Free Trial No traditional free trial; software can be tested with a watermark.
Customer Support Access to dedicated Topaz Support Ambassadors, responsive support via chat and email.
Refund Policy 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.

Topaz Labs Video AI offers a robust set of features, including upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, shake stabilization, and noise reduction.

These capabilities are designed to enhance video clarity and stability, providing a significant improvement in video quality.

The software supports exceptionally high resolutions and is ideal for users requiring top-tier video enhancement without relying on cloud storage.

The application can be used as a standalone tool or integrated with Adobe products via plugins, offering flexibility in workflow integration.

It’s specifically engineered for users who need a powerful solution for video enhancement, backed by responsive customer support to assist with any technical needs.


    • Capable of enhancing videos up to 16K resolution.
    • Offers comprehensive video stabilization and noise reduction.
    • One-time purchase includes a full year of unlimited upgrades.
    • The license allows use on two computers by a single user.
    • Dedicated customer support from Topaz Support Ambassadors.


    • Limited to English only, which may not be suitable for non-English speaking users.
    • A high initial purchase price may deter some potential users.
    • No traditional free trial is available; only a watermarked demo.
    • Dependent on the user’s local storage, which might limit accessibility.
    • An annual upgrade fee is required to maintain access to the latest features.

Pricing Plans:

  • One-time purchase: $299, including one year of unlimited upgrades.
  • Upgrade price: $149 per year, extends your upgrade license for one year for Video AI.

Customer and Refund Policy:

Topaz Labs Video AI is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering peace of mind for users testing the software’s capabilities.

The tool’s customer support is notably responsive, featuring dedicated Support Ambassadors available via chat and email to help users navigate any challenges.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Filmmakers: Provides high-resolution upscaling and stabilization for cinematic projects.
  • Video Editors: Enhances footage quality and reduces noise, saving time in post-production.
  • Media Professionals: Ensures that footage meets high broadcast standards, useful for news and documentary production.

User Interface

The interface is sophisticated yet user-friendly, tailored for professional use.


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Import your video into Topaz Labs Video AI.
  2. Select the stabilization and upscaling options needed.
  3. Adjust the intensity and settings as required.
  4. Process the video and wait for completion.
  5. Export the enhanced video to your desired format.

4. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI


AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance video quality through upscaling and advanced AI techniques. It is ideal for professionals and hobbyists looking to refine facial details, improve frame interpolation, and upscale videos from standard definition to stunning 8K resolution.

Feature Details
My Rating 4.2/5
Best for Upscaling videos, face refinement, and AI-powered video enhancement
Pricing Monthly: $39.95, Yearly: $119.95, Perpetual: $299.90
Solutions AI video enhancer, face refinement, frame interpolation, and more
Duration No specific limits mentioned
Languages Supported Multi-language support
Storage Not specified
Text to Video Generator Not available
Number of Users Not specific
Integration Supports API access for enhanced functionality
Data Security Commitment to privacy with secure data handling practices
Resolution Supports upscaling from SD to 1080p, HD to 4K, up to 8K
Free Trial Offers a trial version where you can convert 3 video files with a watermark
Customer Support Email support available at support@avclabs.com
Refund Policy 5-day money-back guarantee for monthly/yearly plans, 30-day for perpetual

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI boasts a comprehensive suite of features tailored for a variety of video enhancement needs.

At its core, the software excels in upscaling videos from standard definition (SD) to 1080p, high definition (HD) to 4K, and even up to 8K, ensuring that users can enjoy high-quality visuals regardless of the original video’s resolution.

This makes it an indispensable tool for video editors and content creators aiming to upgrade their footage for modern displays.

Additionally, the tool offers specialized AI-driven solutions like face refinement, which sharpens and enhances facial features in videos, making it perfect for portraits and people-focused content.

Frame interpolation is another key feature, which helps in smoothing out motion and enhancing the fluidity of videos, ideal for action scenes or fast-paced content.


  • High-quality upscaling capabilities from SD to 8K.
  • AI-powered features for face refinement and frame interpolation.
  • Multi-language support enhances usability across different regions.
  • Secure data handling practices to protect user privacy.
  • API access for extended functionality in other applications.


  • No text-to-video generator available.
  • Limited customer support options—primarily email.
  • Pricing might be considered high for some users.
  • Lack of specific details on storage capacities.
  • Number of users per license is not specified, which could be limiting for larger teams.

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $39.95, suitable for short-term projects or those new to video upscaling.
  • Yearly Plan: Available for $119.95, which is cost-effective for regular users.
  • Perpetual License: At $299.90, it offers the best value for long-term use without the need for ongoing subscriptions

Customer and Refund Policy

The company is considerate of its customers’ satisfaction, providing a 5-day money-back guarantee for its monthly and yearly plans, and a more generous 30-day money-back guarantee for the perpetual license.

Benefits for Different User Types:

  • Content Creators: Ideal for refining facial features and improving video quality.
  • Video Editors: Offers powerful upscaling capabilities, making old footage look new.
  • Educators: Enhances the quality of educational videos, making them more engaging.

User Interface

The interface is intuitive and supports multiple languages, making it accessible globally.


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Open AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI and upload your video.
  2. Choose the face refinement and upscaling options.
  3. Adjust the settings to suit your needs.
  4. Start the enhancement process.
  5. Download the enhanced video.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro – Best for Professional Video Editing


Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading video editing software that allows users to elevate their video and film projects with high-quality special effects, animated graphics, and advanced color and filter features.

It’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, enabling seamless integration with other Adobe applications like Photoshop for a comprehensive creative workflow.

Feature Details
My Rating 4.4/5
Best for Professional video editing, films, TV shows, and online videos
Pricing Single app: $22.99/mo for individuals, $37.99/mo per license for teams
Solutions Motion graphics, audio mixing, multi-cam sequence, AI-powered enhancements
Duration Subscription-based, with options for yearly or perpetual licenses
Languages Supported English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi
Storage Depends on the user’s system
Text to Video Generator Not specified
Number of Users Licenses available for individual users or teams
Integration Extensive integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and third-party effects
Data Security Protects user data with robust privacy protocols
Resolution Supports editing in up to 8K resolution
Free Trial A 7-day free trial is available
Customer Support Comprehensive support via Adobe’s help center and community forums
Refund Policy 14-day money-back guarantee on subscription plans

Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for professional video editing and is best suited for films, TV shows, and sophisticated online videos. The software supports video editing in resolutions up to 8K and provides a wide array of editing tools, including motion graphics, audio mixing, and multi-cam sequences.

AI-powered enhancements further refine the editing process, ensuring high-quality outputs. It offers a robust suite of features for animating titles, adding effects, mixing sound, and more, with extensive integration capabilities with Adobe Creative Cloud and third-party effects.

Although it lacks a text-to-video generator, its advanced color correction, and filter applications make it a powerhouse for video editors.

The software supports multiple languages and offers licenses for individual users or teams, although specific storage details depend on the user’s system.


    • Extensive feature set tailored for professional video editing.
    • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud enhances workflow efficiency.
    • Supports up to 8K video resolution for high-quality outputs.
    • Available in a wide range of languages to cater to a global user base.
    • Offers a 7-day free trial to test its extensive capabilities.


    • Higher cost per license, especially for team usage.
    • Lacks a text-to-video generator which may limit some creative workflows.
    • No direct email support was found, potentially complicating customer service.
    • Requires a robust system for optimal performance due to high resource demand.
    • Limited to two users per license which may not be suitable for larger teams.


  • For Individuals: $22.99 per month
  • For Teams: $37.99 per month

Customer and Refund Policy:

  • Customer Support: Access to Adobe’s comprehensive help centre and community forums for troubleshooting and guidance.
  • Refund Policy: Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on subscription plans, allowing users to evaluate the software with minimal risk.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Filmmakers: Provides advanced tools for creating cinematic quality films.
  • YouTubers: Offers templates and effects to make engaging content.
  • Media Professionals: Supports high-resolution editing, ensuring broadcast standards.

User Interface:

The interface integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud, offering a cohesive workflow for creative professionals.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Import your video into Adobe Premiere Pro.
  2. Use the timeline to arrange clips and add effects.
  3. Apply motion graphics and audio mixing as needed.
  4. Fine-tune the edits and export the video in the desired format.
  5. Save and share your project.

6. Nero AI Video Upscaler – Best To Enhance Old And Blurry Videos


Nero AI Video Upscaler is a robust tool designed to enhance old and blurry videos using advanced AI technologies. It excels in transforming low-resolution videos into high-definition outputs, providing users with clear and upgraded visuals.

Feature Description
Best for to enhance old and blurry videos
Pricing $23.99 to $169.99
Number of Videos Up to 200,000
Solution Uses AI to enhance videos up to four times their original quality
Templates 1000
Duration N/A
Text to Video Generator Yes
Number of Users N/A
Resolution 720P/1080P and up to 4K
Storage N/A
Customer Support support.nero.com
Security Measures Yes
Integration and API N/A
Free Trial 7 days
Language Supported 23
Refund Policy Not allowed

Nero AI Video Upscaler specializes in significantly enhancing video quality, offering resolution upgrades up to 4K. It can upscale videos by up to four times their original quality using sophisticated AI algorithms.

The tool supports a vast range of video enhancements, accommodating up to 200,000 videos. Furthermore, it provides over 1,000 templates that users can employ to enrich their video projects.

For creators looking to convert simple text into compelling video content, Nero includes a text-to-video generator.

The service supports 23 languages, making it accessible to a global audience. Despite its advanced capabilities, specifics about user count, storage options, and API integration remain undisclosed.


    • Enhances videos up to 4K resolution.
    • Supports a high volume of videos (up to 200,000).
    • Includes over 1,000 templates for various uses.
    • Features a text-to-video generator.
    • Offers a 7-day free trial.


    • The refund policy does not allow for refunds.
    • Lacks clear information on storage options.
    • No details were provided on the number of users.
    • API integration details are not available.
    • Limited security measures are detailed.

Pricing Plans:

  • Weekly: Access to over 200,000 videos
  • Monthly: $23.99
  • Yearly: $169.99

Customer Support and Refund Policy:

Nero AI Video Upscaler supports its users through a dedicated support portal available at support.nero.com, ensuring that users can reach out for assistance whenever needed.

However, one notable downside is the absence of a refund policy. The service does not allow for refunds, which might deter potential users who prefer to have a safety net in case the service does not meet their expectations.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Archivists: Restores old footage to near-original quality.
  • Content Creators: Enhances older content, making it suitable for modern viewers.
  • Home Users: Improves family videos and memories, making them clearer.

User Interface:

The interface is straightforward, focusing on ease of use for quick enhancements.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open Nero AI Video Upscaler and upload your video.
  2. Select the level of enhancement you desire.
  3. Adjust any specific settings to tailor the enhancement process.
  4. Click ‘Enhance’ and wait for the process to complete.
  5. Save the enhanced video.

7. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI – Best For Doubling The Original Resolution


DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is a specialized tool designed to significantly improve video quality by enlarging video resolution up to 4K. This software is ideal for users looking to upscale their videos efficiently with a one-time purchase.

Feature Description
Best for Enlarge Video Resolution up to 4K
Pricing $299 one time payment
Number of Videos Unlimited
Solution Can double the original resolution
Templates N/A
Duration N/A
Text to Video Generator N/A
Number of Users 1
Resolution 720P/1080P and up to 4K
Storage N/A
Customer Support Resolved within 48 hours
Security Measures N/A
Integration and API N/A
Free Trial 30 days
Language Supported N/A
Refund Policy 7 days

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI excels in upscaling video resolutions from 720p/1080p to 4K, effectively doubling the original resolution to deliver sharper and clearer images. This capability makes it highly suitable for users seeking to enhance older or lower-quality videos.

The software allows for unlimited video processing, accommodating users with extensive video enhancement needs. While it does not offer templates, text-to-video generation, or storage options, it provides a robust solution focused solely on resolution enhancement.

Customer issues are typically resolved within 48 hours, ensuring timely support. The platform does not specify language support, integration capabilities, or detailed security measures.


    • Ability to upscale video resolution to 4K, enhancing visual quality significantly.
    • Unlimited video processing, suitable for extensive video enhancement tasks.
    • Offers a 30-day free trial, allowing users to thoroughly test the software before committing.


    • Limited to a single user license, which may not suit larger teams or organizations.
    • Lacks additional features like templates, text-to-video capabilities, and API and data integration.
    • Customer support and security measures are not detailed, which may concern some users.


  • Starting Price: $299.99 as a one-time payment. This pricing model is advantageous for users who prefer a one-off investment rather than recurring subscriptions.
  • The cost provides full access to all the software’s features without the need for additional payments, making it a cost-effective solution over time for personal or professional use.

Customer and Refund Policy:

  • Customer Support: Promises resolutions within 48 hours for any issues, providing efficient customer service.
  • Refund Policy: A 7-day money-back guarantee is offered, giving users a short period to decide if the software meets their needs.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Filmmakers: Enhances old footage to meet modern quality standards.
  • Media Professionals: Ensures videos meet broadcast requirements.
  • Hobbyists: Improves personal video collections for better viewing.

User Interface

The interface is user-friendly and suitable for both professionals and amateurs.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Launch DVDFab Video Enhancer AI and import your video.
  2. Select the enhancement features you need.
  3. Adjust the settings for resolution and quality.
  4. Start the enhancement process.
  5. Download the final enhanced video.

8. Movavi Video Editor


Movavi Video Editor is an advanced video editing software tailored for users seeking to create high-quality video clips. It features a variety of editing tools and effects, including chroma-keying and slow-motion, to cater to both novice and experienced editors.

Feature Description
Best for High-quality video clips
Pricing $59 to $79
Number of Videos N/A
Solution Chroma-keying, slow-motion, color adjustment, and more
Templates 1000
Duration N/A
Text to Video Generator N/A
Number of Users N/A
Resolution 720P/1080P and up to 4K
Storage N/A
Customer Support partners@movavi.com
Security Measures Yes
Integration and API N/A
Free Trial 7 days
Language Supported 14
Refund Policy Not allowed

Movavi Video Editor excels in offering a comprehensive suite of editing tools. It supports resolutions up to 4K, making it suitable for high-definition video projects.

Users have access to 1,000 templates, which facilitate the creation of polished videos without the need for extensive technical skills.

Key features include chroma-keying for green-screen effects, slow-motion capabilities, and advanced color adjustment options. Although the software does not include a text-to-video generator, its extensive editing features compensate for this.

The software is available in 14 languages, broadening its accessibility to a global user base. Details on the number of users, storage options, and API integration are not provided.


  • Supports editing in resolutions up to 4K.
  • Includes 1,000 templates for various editing needs.
  • Offers advanced features like chroma-keying and slow-motion.
  • Available in 14 different languages.
  • Provides a 7-day free trial.


  • No text-to-video generator.
  • The refund policy does not allow for refunds.
  • Lacks clarity on storage and user limits.
  • No API integration is available.
  • Limited details on security measures.

Pricing Plans:

Let’s have a look at the pricing plans:

  • Video Editor: $19
  • Video Editor Plus: $69.95
  • Video Suite Plus: $94.95

Customer Support and Refund Policy:

Movavi Video Editor ensures customer support through their dedicated email (partners@movavi.com), where users can inquire about features, troubleshoot issues, or seek guidance on usage.

Similar to Nero AI Video Upscaler, Movavi does not offer a refund policy, which can be a significant consideration for users who prefer to have the option to reconsider their investment.

The lack of a refund option highlights the importance of evaluating the software’s features and capabilities thoroughly through the available 7-day free trial before committing to a purchase.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Content Creators: Offers various editing tools to enhance video creativity.
  • Educators: Creates engaging educational videos.
  • Social Media Influencers: Produces high-quality content for platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

User Interface

The interface is intuitive, making it easy for beginners and professionals to use.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Import your video into Movavi Video Editor.
  2. Use the editing tools to add effects and adjust colors.
  3. Apply chroma-keying for background changes.
  4. Preview and finalize your edits.
  5. Export the video in your desired format.

9. HitPaw Video Enhancer – Best For Multiple Platforms


HitPaw Video Enhancer is designed to optimize video clarity, particularly for social media platforms. It offers a versatile range of features, including video enhancement, editing, and recording, making it suitable for individual users aiming to elevate their video content.

Feature Details
My Rating 4.5/5
Best for Video clarity enhancement for social media
Pricing Free trial; $9.99/week; $29.99/month; $179.99/year
Templates Various editing templates are available
Solutions Video enhancer, editor, screen recorder, and more
Duration Videos up to 2 min 20 sec
Languages Supported 16+ languages
Storage Dependent on local storage
Text to Video Generator Yes
Number of Users Individual use, no user limit specified
Integration Supports various platforms
Data Security Secure encryption and safe processing
Resolution Up to 4K and 8K
Free Trial Available with watermark
Customer Support Online form submission is available
Refund Policy 30-day money-back guarantee

HitPaw Video Enhancer supports upscaling videos to 4K and 8K resolutions, ensuring high-quality output for various media formats.

The tool provides numerous editing templates, which are particularly beneficial for users looking to quickly enhance and publish videos on social media.

It includes a text-to-video generator and supports videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length, catering to the quick, engaging video style popular on social platforms.

The software supports over 16 languages, making it accessible to a global audience. It integrates well with various platforms, leveraging secure encryption and safe processing to protect user data.

The storage capacity depends on local storage, which suggests flexibility according to user system capabilities.


    • Supports high-resolution output up to 8K for crystal-clear video quality.
    • Offers a comprehensive set of tools including a video enhancer, editor, and screen recorder.
    • Available in over 16 languages, enhancing its usability worldwide.
    • Flexible pricing plans with a free trial are available to test its features.
    • Robust datasets security measures ensure safe video processing.


    • The maximum video duration is relatively short, limiting its use for longer projects.
    • Dependent on local storage, which might be restrictive for users with limited disk space.
    • Weekly pricing options may accumulate to be expensive over longer periods.
    • The text-to-video feature might not meet the needs of users looking for advanced video editing tools.
    • Customer support is only available through an online form, which might delay response times.


  • Free: $0.00, basic access with limited features.
  • Weekly: $9.99, full access suitable for short-term projects.
  • Monthly: $29.99, ideal for ongoing projects.
  • Yearly: $179.99, offers the best value for long-term use.

Customer and Refund Policy:

  • Customer Support: Accessible through an online form, providing assistance as needed.
  • Refund Policy: Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users a substantial period to evaluate the software’s efficacy.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Beginners: Easy-to-use interface for quick video enhancements.
  • Social Media Influencers: Enhances videos for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
  • Home Users: Improves personal videos for better viewing.

User Interface:

The interface is simple and user-friendly, suitable for users of all experience levels.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open HitPaw Video Enhancer and upload your video.
  2. Choose the enhancement settings needed.
  3. Adjust any additional settings for quality and resolution.
  4. Click ‘Enhance’ to start the process.
  5. Save the enhanced video.

10. PikaVue by GDFLab


Pikavue is designed to maximize the resolution of both videos and images, providing a straightforward solution for enhancing media quality. It’s particularly useful for users looking to improve the clarity and detail of their visual content.

Feature Description
Best for Maximize the resolution of videos and images
Pricing Free; Enterprise pricing custom
Number of Videos N/A
Solution Specifically focusing on video and image improvement
Templates N/A
Duration N/A
Text to Video Generator N/A
Number of Users N/A
Resolution 864×480
Storage N/A
Customer Support operation@gdflab.com
Security Measures Yes
Integration and API N/A
Free Trial Yes
Language Supported N/A
Refund Policy Not allowed

Pikavue specializes in the enhancement of video and image resolution, focusing primarily on media improvement without the distraction of extensive additional features.

This tool uniquely supports a specific resolution upgrade to 864×480, which can significantly enhance media clarity for specific use cases. While it does not offer templates or a text-to-video generator, its core capability lies in its straightforward approach to resolution enhancement.

Details about the number of users, storage capacity, and language support are not provided, emphasizing its niche focus on resolution improvement. Pikavue is also noted for having security measures in place, although specifics are not detailed.


    • Specializes in improving video and image resolution.
    • Simple and focused tool without unnecessary features.
    • Security measures are in place.
    • Offers a free trial version.
    • Free version is available for basic use.


    • Limited resolution support up to only 864×480.
    • No refund policy.
    • Lack of templates and creative tools.
    • No API integration or user-specific customization.
    • Details on language support, number of users, and storage are unclear.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free version available.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing based on specific needs and usage.

Customer Support and Refund Policy:

Pikavue offers customer support through their email at operation@gdflab.com, which assists users with any operational issues or inquiries they might have. Despite its focused functionality, Pikavue does not allow for refunds.

This policy suggests that users should thoroughly test the free version to ensure it meets their needs before considering an enterprise-level commitment. The absence of a refund option emphasizes the importance of utilizing the free trial to fully evaluate the software’s capabilities.

Benefits for Different User Types

  • Real-Time Editors: Ideal for live streaming and real-time video enhancements.
  • Content Creators: Enhances video quality for immediate use.
  • Media Professionals: Improves the clarity of live broadcasts.

User Interface:

The interface is designed for simplicity, focusing on quick and efficient video enhancements.


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Upload your video to Pikavue.
  2. Select the desired upscaling options.
  3. Adjust any specific settings to enhance quality.
  4. Click ‘Upscale’ to start the real-time enhancement.
  5. Download the improved video.

Methodology: How I Chose the Best AI Video Upscaling Tool

To determine the best AI video upscaling tool, I considered a comprehensive set of factors to ensure the selected tools meet various professional and personal needs effectively. These factors include:

  • Best for: I looked for tools specifically designed for filmmakers, video editors, and content creators who require advanced capabilities in enhancing video clarity and quality.
  • Pricing: Consideration of pricing involved evaluating a range from free versions suitable for basic needs to premium versions costing several hundred dollars per month, along with assessing the value provided by tiered pricing models.
  • Templates: While not all tools use templates, those offering preset filters or schemes help users achieve desired visual styles quickly and efficiently.
  • Solutions: The tools needed to provide a range of solutions, including automation, data integration, sophisticated color grading, and enhancements that emulate cinematic styles or comply with broadcast standards.
  • Duration: I assessed the subscription models available, preferring tools offering flexible terms such as monthly, annual, or lifetime access.
  • Languages Supported: Although the primary function is image processing, tools with multi-language interfaces were preferred to accommodate users worldwide.
  • Storage: Options for cloud storage were important for accessing and collaborating on projects across various devices and locations.
  • Number of Users: Tools needed to cater to different needs, from individual licenses to enterprise solutions, allowing multiple user access and collaboration.
  • Integration: A key factor was the ability to integrate data seamlessly with popular video editing software applications to streamline user workflows.
  • Data Security: Ensuring user database and projects are protected through encryption and secure storage solutions was crucial, especially for proprietary or sensitive content using ethical AI.
  • Resolution: Tools capable of handling a wide range of resolutions, from standard definition up to 4K and 8K, were essential to maintain quality in high-resolution projects.
  • Free Trial: The availability of a free trial period to test tool capabilities without initial financial commitment was a significant consideration.
  • Customer Support: Effective support options, including email, live chat, FAQs, and community forums, were evaluated to ensure comprehensive user assistance.
  • Refund Policy: I looked for tools offering a satisfactory money-back guarantee period, providing assurance and satisfaction to first-time users.

These criteria were meticulously checked to select the most effective and user-friendly AI video upscaling tools suitable for a diverse range of video projects.

After exploring the top AI tools for enhancing video quality, you might be interested in practical tips to get the most out of these technologies. Discover some valuable video upscaling hacks that can further improve your video projects, ensuring top-notch results with minimal effort.

Benefits of Using AI Video Upscaling Tool for USA Users

When looking for the Best AI Video Upscaling Tool, it is also important to understand the benefits they provide for us content creators.

  • Improves video quality: AI tools can make your videos look clearer and more detailed.
  • Saves time: These tools work quickly, so you can upscale videos without spending a lot of effort and time.
  • Easy to use: Most of these tools are simple to operate, even if you’re not very technical.
  • Works with old videos: You can make old videos that are not very clear look better and more modern.
  • Increases resolution: AI upscaling tools can change low-resolution videos to higher resolutions like 4K or 8K.
  • Better viewing on large screens: Upscaled videos look better on bigger screens, which is great for presentations or watching at home.
  • Cost-effective: Instead of reshooting footage, you can improve what you already have, which saves money.
  • Flexible usage: These tools can handle different types of videos, whether it’s for personal use or professional projects.
  • Enhances colors and details: AI can also improve the color and fine details in your videos, making them more vibrant and appealing.
  • Supports various formats: Most tools support a range of video formats, making them versatile for different tasks.

The Future of AI Video Upscaling Tool

The future of AI video upscaling tools looks promising as technology continues to evolve rapidly. These tools are expected to become more sophisticated, with enhanced algorithms that provide even higher quality outputs with minimal loss of detail.

We’re likely to see improvements in speed and efficiency, enabling real-time upscaling that can be used in live broadcasts or streaming services.

Additionally, as 4K and 8K displays become more common, the demand for high-resolution content will drive further innovation in this field. This could lead to more widespread adoption across various industries, including cinema, gaming, and virtual reality, where high-resolution visuals are paramount.

Why is Video Upscaling Important?

Video upscaling is important because it makes old or low-quality videos look better and sharper. This is useful for media professionals who need to restore old footage, content creators who want their videos to look more professional, and anyone who wants to enjoy clear videos on big screens. Upscaling tools solve problems like blurry details and pixelation, making videos look clearer and more detailed without needing to redo them.

User Testimonials and Case Studies

User Testimonial: “Pixop made our old video archives look like new, greatly improving our production quality. The clarity and detail are amazing.” — John D., Media Producer.

Case Study: Problem: Sarah, a YouTube content creator, had many old videos with low quality, which made her channel look less appealing.

Solution: Using VideoProc Converter AI, Sarah improved her old videos to 4K resolution, making them clearer and more visually appealing.

Outcome: Sarah saw a 30% increase in viewer engagement and more subscribers because her videos now met the high-quality expectations of her audience.

User Testimonial: “Topaz Labs Video AI has been a game-changer for our video editing projects. The upscaling and noise reduction features are excellent, allowing us to produce content with clear and detailed visuals.” — Emily R., Video Editor

Case Study: Problem: A film restoration company needed to improve the quality of old movie reels for streaming.

Solution: They used DVDFab Video Enhancer AI to enhance the video resolution up to 4K while keeping the original look of the films.

Outcome: The restored films were praised for their quality, leading to more viewers and new partnerships with other streaming platforms.

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Here are some of the best guides for AI Video Tools in USA:

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    Explore the best AI tools designed for effortlessly and accurately enhancing videos, ensuring personalized and impactful visual content in USA. 

FAQs – Best AI Video Upscaling Tool

Yes, there are free AI video editors like HitFilm Express and DaVinci Resolve, which offer basic AI features at no cost.

The best AI model for video upscaling is often considered to be the Topaz Video Enhance AI, known for its ability to intelligently upscale videos up to 8K.

Yes, many AI video editing tools offer global support, providing assistance through email, chat, or web support in multiple languages.

Yes, VLC can compress video files. It supports various codecs and settings that allow users to adjust the quality and resolution of the output file.

TAI is unlikely to completely replace video editing but will enhance and streamline the process, making it more efficient and accessible.

DaVinci Resolve is highly regarded worldwide for its powerful AI features and professional-grade editing capabilities.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing apps among YouTubers, known for its extensive features and compatibility with various plugins and integrations.


Best AI video upscaling tools for 2024 like Topaz Video Enhance AI and Adobe Premiere Pro are revolutionizing video quality enhancement, making it possible to convert standard definition to as high as 8K resolution.

These tools cater to diverse needs, from professional filmmaking to personal projects, offering features like real-time upscaling, integration with editing software applications, and global user support.

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