Best AI Writing Tools For Writing Horror Stories – 2024

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  • March 7, 2024

In the world of storytelling, creators are revolutionizing how they bring their chilling narratives to life with the help of AI. The best AI writing tools for writing horror stories are assisting writers with generating spine-tingling plots, crafting compelling characters, and weaving intricate storylines that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

By delving into this article, you’ll gain insight into unique offerings of the best AI writing tools, analyzed through four critical aspects: key features, pros and cons, pricing, and customer support and refund policy. As an expert in the field, I’ll guide you through a comprehensive examination, ensuring you find the perfect AI companion to elevate your horror storytelling.

Best AI Writing Tools For Writing Horror Stories for 2024 – Quick Overview

1. Writesonic: Writesonic introduces advanced features like AI article writing and a Sonic Editor for enhancing the writing process. It’s suitable for horror story writers looking for a comprehensive content creation suite.

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2. A versatile AI writing tool that excels in generating creative content across a wide range of formats. Ideal for crafting unique horror stories with features like unlimited brand voices and support for 95+ languages.

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3. Scalenut: Scalenut combines AI writing with SEO optimization to produce articles that not only engage readers but also rank well on search engines. Perfect for horror writers looking to increase their online visibility.

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4. Shortly AI: Focused on breaking through writer’s block, ShortlyAI offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface for crafting stories. It’s especially good for horror writers seeking inspiration and efficiency.

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5. Jasper AI: Jasper AI is known for its broad range of templates and collaborative features, making it a great tool for teams working on horror stories. It supports multiple languages and offers creative flexibility.

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6. Sudowrite: Sudowrite is designed to enhance creative writing with AI-powered suggestions for rewriting, expanding, or brainstorming text. It’s particularly effective for horror writers seeking innovative ways to deepen their narratives and enrich their language.

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7. Scrivener: Scrivener stands out for its organizational capabilities, offering a robust platform for drafting, revising, and compiling complex horror narratives. It’s ideal for writers who value structure in their creative process.

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8. Content Shake AI: Content Shake AI focuses on content ideation and SEO optimization, offering features like blog article generation and competitive insights. It’s an excellent choice for horror writers aiming to craft SEO-friendly stories that also resonate deeply with readers.

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9. ChatGPT: ChatGPT specializes in generating intriguing plots and developing deep characters, making it a valuable tool for horror storywriters in need of inspiration and assistance with narrative structure.

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10. ContentBot.AI: ContentBot.AI offers a wide array of features including AI writing, paraphrasing tools, and plagiarism checking, tailored for content creators focused on originality and creativity in horror storytelling.

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Best AI Writing Tools For Writing Horror Stories for 2024 – In-Depth Analysis

1. Writesonic

Writesonic emerges as a trailblazer among the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories, integrating cutting-edge AI to empower writers with the means to craft, refine, and share their haunting tales more effectively than ever before.


Key Features of Writesonic

Let’s discuss its key features:

Chatsonic: Chat GPT-like Chatbot

Chatsonic brings a conversational AI to the table, aiding horror writers in brainstorming, overcoming writer’s block, and refining plot ideas through interactive dialogue, making story development a dynamic process.

AI Article Writer 4.0

The AI Article Writer 4.0 is designed to generate compelling horror narratives with minimal input, providing a foundation that writers can build upon, flesh out, and refine into intricately woven tales.

Sonic Editor (Like Notion AI but Better)

Sonic Editor offers a powerful and intuitive editing platform that rivals Notion AI, giving horror writers the flexibility to draft, organize, and perfect their stories in a user-friendly environment.

PhotoSonic (AI Image Generator)

With PhotoSonic, writers can bring their horror stories to life through AI-generated images, adding a visual dimension to their narratives and enhancing reader immersion.

Complete Article Rewriter

The Complete Article Rewriter tool allows for the revitalization of existing horror stories, enabling writers to refresh and repurpose content with new twists and perspectives.

Browser Extension

Writesonic’s browser extension facilitates on-the-go editing and content generation, ensuring that inspiration can be captured and developed at any moment, anywhere.

100+ AI Templates

Over 100+ AI templates provide structured guidance across a variety of horror story formats, from short scares to longer, more complex narratives, aiding in the creative process.

1-Click WordPress Export

The 1-click WordPress export feature streamlines the publishing process for horror writers, making it effortless to share their terrifying tales with a broader audience online.

Zapier Integration

Zapier integration allows Writesonic to connect with thousands of apps, automating workflows and enabling efficient management of the horror writing process from conception to publication.

24 Languages

Support for 24 languages broadens the reach of horror stories, enabling writers to engage and terrify a global audience with their macabre creations.

Up to 800000 Words Per Month

With a generous limit of up to 800000 words per month, Writesonic stands ready to support even the most prolific horror writers, ensuring their narratives never have to be cut short.


    • Chatbot assists in story development and refinement.
    • Generates foundational narratives for expansion.
    • Intuitive editing platform for drafting and organizing.
    • Visualize stories with AI-generated images.
    • Easily rewrite and refresh existing content.


    • AI-generated content may require significant editing.
    • Image generator quality may vary by complexity.
    • Browser extension might offer limited features.
    • Template reliance could limit narrative originality.
    • Zapier integration complexity for non-tech-savvy users

Pricing and Free Trial

Now let’s discuss the pricing plans offered by this tool:

  • Free Plan: This plan is completely free to use.
  • Small Team Plan: Priced at US$ 19/month (when billed monthly) and US$ 15/month (when billed annually).
  • Freelancer Plan: Priced at $20/month (when billed monthly) and $16/month (when billed monthly).
  • Enterprise Plan: Writesonic’s Enterprise plan costs more than $500. You must contact their sales team to customize this plan.

WriteSonic does not offer a free trial. Instead, the company offers a free plan with some limitations.

Refund Policy and Customer Support:

WriteSonic issues refunds within 7 days of the original purchase of the plan.

However, the customer’s word usage is less than 25,000 Premium quality or equivalent words for any of WriteSonic’s paid plans.

Writesonic’s customer support is available 24/7 Via Live Chat.

2. stands as a formidable ally in the arsenal of best AI writing tools for writing horror stories, providing an unmatched blend of versatility and creativity enhancement. This tool is designed to help horror writers craft spine-chilling narratives with ease, offering a range of features tailored to bring the darkest imaginations to life.


Key Features of

Let’s discuss its key features:

Up to 20 Seats Available

This feature allows for extensive collaboration, making ideal for horror writing teams or writers’ groups looking to work together on projects, fostering a communal creative process.

2000+ Words

With the capacity to generate over 2000 words in a single go, writers can delve deep into their horror stories, ensuring a seamless flow of terror and suspense without interruption.

Unlimited Brand Voices for Different Creative Projects’s ability to adapt to unlimited brand voices makes it a powerful tool for horror writers seeking to craft stories with distinct tones, atmospheres, and characters, enhancing the uniqueness of each narrative.

Support for 95+ Languages

The tool’s extensive language support opens the door to horror storytelling across the globe, enabling writers to terrify readers in 95+ languages and expand their audience internationally.

Over 90 Prompt Templates to Enhance Creative Writing

With more than 90 prompt templates, fuels the imagination, providing a springboard for horror stories that can startle and engage readers, from eerie beginnings to terrifying conclusions.

Up to 75K Workflow Credits/Mo

This generous allocation of workflow credits ensures that horror writers have ample resources to experiment with different story arcs, characters, and settings, pushing the boundaries of the horror genre.

Save Custom Prompts

The ability to save custom prompts is a boon for horror writers who develop unique ideas that they wish to revisit, allowing for a personalized toolbox of horror story starters.


    • Enables large-scale collaboration with up to 20 seats.
    • Generates extensive content in one go ( 2000+ words).
    • Adapts to various narrative voices for diverse horror stories.
    • Broad language support enhances international reach.
    • Rich template library sparks creative horror story ideas.


    • May be overwhelming for solo writers who need fewer seats.
    • The vast output could require significant editing for quality.
    • Unlimited voices might dilute a consistent story tone.
    • Not all languages may have equal AI writing quality.
    • Template reliance could hinder originality in story development.

Pricing and Free Trial

Here are the official pricing plans offered by this tool:

Free Plan:
  • Intended for individuals just starting with AI-powered solutions.
  • Offers 1 seat, 2000 words in chat, and 200 bonus credits.
  • Labeled as “Free Forever” with no credit card required.
Pro Plan:
  • Aimed at entrepreneurs or small teams looking to maximize output.
  • Includes 5 seats, unlimited words in chat, and 500 workflow credits per month.
  • Priced at US$ 49 per month, billed annually at $432.
Team Plan:
  • Designed for growing teams integrating AI into their daily routines.
  • Comes with 20 seats, unlimited words in chat, and 3,000 workflow credits per month.
  • Priced at $186 per month, billed annually at $2,232.
  • This plan is highlighted as the “Most Popular.”
Enterprise Plan:

This plan doesn’t display a price but prompts you to contact the accounts team for more information.

Each plan has a button to proceed with the selected option: “Get started for free” for the Free plan, “Get started” for the Pro and Team plans, and “Contact Accounts Team” for the Enterprise plan.

The presentation suggests a tiered model where the benefits and support increase with the more advanced (and costly) plans.

Refund Policy and Customer Support

  • offers 5-day refunds for their subscriptions.
  • They do offer 24/7 via E-mail.

3. Scalenut

Scalenut emerges as a powerhouse among the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories, especially for those looking to blend the art of storytelling with the science of SEO optimization. This tool is a game-changer for horror writers aiming to captivate both readers and search engines alike.


Key Features of Scalenut

Let’s discuss its key features:

Create Up to 75 SEO-Optimized Articles Per Month

This feature empowers writers to produce a high volume of horror stories, each optimized for search engines, ensuring that your tales of terror find their audience.

100000+ AI Words

With the capacity to generate over 100000 AI words, Scalenut offers horror writers the freedom to explore extensive narratives, deep characters, and complex storylines without the fear of running out of words.


Scalenut’s auto-optimization ensures that every horror story you craft not only engages your audience but also ranks well on search engines, increasing visibility and readership.

Brand Tone

This feature allows writers to maintain a consistent brand tone across their horror stories, ensuring that each narrative carries the unique essence of their dark world.

Cruise Mode

Cruise mode simplifies the process of creating detailed, engaging horror stories by guiding writers through a streamlined workflow, making storytelling as effortless as it is enthralling.

Content Optimizer

The content optimizer tool is crucial for refining horror stories, ensuring that they not only scare but also captivate and retain reader interest through SEO-optimized content.

Keyword Planner

Integrating SEO into horror storytelling, the keyword planner helps writers identify and include relevant keywords, making their stories more discoverable to fans of the genre.

40+ AI Templates

With over 40 AI templates, Scalenut aids horror writers in crafting stories from various sub-genres, ensuring diversity and innovation in their terrifying tales.

75+ Audit and Optimized Articles

This feature guarantees that all your horror stories are not just written but also reviewed and optimized to meet the highest standards of SEO and reader engagement.


    • Vast number of SEO-optimized articles enhances online visibility.
    • Generous word allowance for expansive storytelling.
    • Ensures stories are both reader and search engine-friendly.
    • Consistent brand tone across all horror narratives.
    • Simplifies complex writing tasks with cruise mode.


    • SEO focus might overshadow creative aspects.
    • Over-reliance on templates could stifle originality.
    • Keyword optimization may disrupt narrative flow.
    • High volume output may compromise quality.
    • Optimizing for SEO requires a learning curve.

How Much Does Scalenut Cost?

Here’s the breakdown of the pricing plan of Scalenut;

Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is described as perfect for individual creators and consultants. It is priced at $19 per month, offered as a 50% off limited-time deal from the regular US$ 39 per month. This plan is billed annually, allowing users to save $234 per year. It includes features such as:

  • 100000 AI Words
  • Ability to create SEO articles (6 articles/month)
  • Get traffic insights
  • Weekly Trends Digest
  • Access to 40+ AI templates
  • SERP Analysis
  • NLP Key Terms
  • SEO Editor
  • Document Sharing
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • The plan also comes with a 7 days free trial.
Growth Plan

Ideal for budding startups and growing businesses, the Growth Plan is offered at $39 per month, also at a 50% discount off the regular $79 per month price. This plan is billed annually, saving users $474 per year. It includes everything in the Essential Plan plus:

  • Unlimited AI Words
  • Enhanced capabilities to create SEO articles (30 articles/month)
  • Audit & optimize articles (30 articles/month)
  • Build keyword clusters (30 clusters/month)
  • Analyze Domain (200 pages/single domain)
  • Fix-it (Auto-optimization)
  • Unlimited Tone of Voice
  • 1-click WordPress Publish
  • Integrations
  • This plan, too, offers a 7 days free trial.
Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is tailored for large teams, businesses, and agencies. Priced at $75 per month with a 50% off limited time offer from the standard $149 per month. When billed annually, this plan offers a saving of $894 per year. The Pro Plan includes everything in the Growth Plan plus:

  • Enhanced capabilities for creating SEO articles ( 75 articles/month)
  • Enhanced auditing & optimizing articles ( 75 articles/month)
  • Enhanced keyword clusters building (75 clusters/month)
  • Extended analyze domain feature (500 pages/5 domains)
  • Advanced keyword planner
  • 1 additional user seat
  • Dedicated CS Manager
  • This plan also comes with a 7 days free trial.
Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is ideal for large organizations with specific needs, and the pricing is custom-tailored. The plan offers:

  • Everything in Pro Plus
  • Custom user seats
  • Unlimited Domain Analysis
  • Advanced AI Models
  • Custom AI pipeline for SEO content
  • Custom AI templates
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • PO & Invoicing
  • Tailored onboarding

For this plan, potential clients are invited to “Talk To Us” to discuss their needs and get a custom quote.

Refund Policy at Scalenut

Scalenut maintains a policy where regardless of the situation or reason presented, Scalenut adheres strictly to this policy, ensuring that all transactions are final and no refunds will be provided.

Customer Support at Scalenut

Scalenut provides various options for customers to get in touch with their support team, ensuring an effective and responsive support experience.

For any queries, including information about plans, billing questions, feature requests, or general assistance, customers can reach out to Scalenut 24/7 via Live Chat or Email.

4. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI positions itself as an essential tool in the toolkit of the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories. Its focus on overcoming writer’s block and enhancing creativity makes it a favorite for horror writers looking to craft unnerving, gripping narratives with ease and speed.


Key Features of Shortly AI

Let’s discuss its key features:

Powerful Commands to Help You Write Faster

This feature is a boon for horror writers, offering commands that streamline the writing process, enabling you to bring your chilling visions to life with unprecedented speed.

Improve Your Writing and Make Writer’s Block a Thing of the Past

Shortly AI is designed to not only assist in writing but also in improving your craft, ensuring that writer’s block becomes an obsolete concern in your horror storytelling endeavors.

Continuous Updates

The commitment to continuous updates means Shortly AI is always at the cutting edge, providing horror writers with the latest tools and enhancements to enrich their storytelling experience.

Language Model

The advanced language model underpinning Shortly AI is capable of understanding and generating horror narratives that resonate with readers, ensuring a deeply immersive reading experience.


    • Speeds up the writing process with powerful commands.
    • Helps overcome writer’s block, ensuring steady story progress.
    • Regular updates keep the tool innovative and writer-friendly.
    • Advanced language model produces compelling horror narratives.


    • Limited to text generation, without specific SEO optimization.
    • May require guidance for best use of powerful commands.
    • Continuous updates require adaptation to new features.
    • Reliance on AI for creativity might limit personal style exploration.

Shortly AI Pricing and Plans: What’s Best for You?

Shortly AI offers various plans to cater to different user needs, from monthly subscriptions to annual plans, with pricing tiers reflecting the volume of content generation required. Users should assess their content needs to choose the most cost-effective plan.

Free trial:
  • Visit the Shortly AI website.
  • Look for the “Try it now” button. Once found, enter your email in the designated field to proceed.
  • After clicking “Try it now,” you’ll be prompted to enter your details and select a password. This step is crucial for setting up your Shortly AI free trial account.
  • Completing the signup process will grant you immediate access to the Shortly AI dashboard. From here, you’re all set to explore the various tools and services offered by Shortly AI, designed to enhance your writing process.
Annual Plan:
  • Priced at US$ 65 per month, billed annually.
  • Includes 2 months free, enhancing the value proposition.
  • Features powerful commands to expedite the writing process.
  • Aims to improve writing quality and eliminate writer’s block.
  • Promises continuous updates, ensuring the AI improves over time.
Monthly Plan:
  • Available at $79 per month, with the flexibility of monthly billing.
  • Also includes powerful commands for faster writing.
  • Designed to help users improve their writing and overcome writer’s block.
  • Offers continuous updates, perfect for those looking to access the latest AI capabilities without a long-term commitment.

Refund Policy of Shortly AI

  • Customers can cancel their subscription to Shortly AI services at any point.
  • Feedback or requests for service cancellation due to dissatisfaction can be directed to Shortly AI via email.
  • Shortly AI values customer satisfaction and aims to address concerns promptly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

5. Jasper AI

Jasper AI firmly establishes itself among the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories, blending intuitive design with powerful functionality. It’s tailored for horror writers who wish to harness AI’s potential to create compelling, eerie narratives that captivate and terrify readers.


Key Features of Jasper AI

Let’s discuss its key features:

50+ Templates

With over 50 templates, Jasper AI provides a structured approach to horror story creation, enabling writers to easily craft stories that leave a lasting impression on readers.

Up to 5 Seats

This feature facilitates collaboration among horror writing teams, allowing up to 5 users to contribute simultaneously, enriching the story with diverse perspectives.

Up to 3 Brand Voices

Jasper AI’s capability to support up to three brand voices ensures that writers can maintain consistency across different horror stories, each with its own unique tone and style.

Up to 10 Knowledge Assets

The inclusion of up to ten knowledge assets allows writers to integrate detailed background information, ensuring their horror stories are richly layered and deeply immersive.

3 Instant Campaigns

This feature enables rapid creation and deployment of horror story campaigns, ideal for writers looking to maintain engagement with their audience through consistent content delivery.

Collaboration & User Management

Jasper AI enhances team-based horror story projects with its collaboration and user management tools, streamlining the creative process and ensuring a cohesive final product.

Access to Jasper Art

With access to Jasper Art, horror writers can not only write their stories but also visualize them, creating compelling images that enhance the storytelling experience.

30+ Languages

The support for over 30 languages opens up global possibilities for horror storytelling, allowing writers to reach and terrify a worldwide audience.


    • Varied templates ease horror story creation.
    • Supports collaborative writing with up to 5 seats.
    • Enables consistent tone across stories with brand voices.
    • Richly layered narratives are possible with knowledge assets.
    • Quick campaign creation keeps audiences engaged.


    • Limited to 5 collaborators, which may restrict larger teams.
    • Only 3 brand voices may not suffice for versatile writers.
    • Balancing detailed knowledge assets with narrative flow can be challenging.
    • Instant campaign feature may prioritize speed over depth.
    • Requires creativity to fully utilize Jasper Art in horror storytelling.

Pricing and Free Trial

To cater to its users’ diverse needs, Jasper AI presents three distinct pricing plans, each with its own set of features and benefits designed to elevate your content planning.

Plus, to ensure it’s the right fit for you, Jasper AI offers a free trial across its plans. Here’s a breakdown of the monthly pricing for each tier:

Creator Plan: US$ 39 per Month

The Creator Plan is a cost-effective solution for solo professionals seeking AI-powered content creation. It supports one user seat and brand voice and provides access to SEO mode. Not only just this, but you can also use Jasper’s AI capabilities everywhere with the browser extension.

Teams Plan: Starting at $99 per Month

Geared towards small teams, the Teams Plan offers collaborative tools and content support for multiple users.

This plan includes one seat that can be added up to 5, supports 3 brand voices, 10 knowledge assets, and 3 instant campaign planning, and allows users of creator mode to collaborate and access the Jasper Art creation feature.

Business Plan: Contact for Pricing

For enterprise-scale needs, the Business Plan provides extensive customization and dedicated support. The features include unlimited feature usage, team spaces and collaboration, performance analytics and insights, custom style guides, and robust security and governance.

Along with this, subscribers of the business plan can have API access, and for premium assistance, Jasper will provide a dedicated account management team.

Refund Policy and Customer Support

  • Jaser AI will honor the 7-day money-back guarantee for those who have not used the completed trial.
  • For any assistance, whether it involves inquiries about the policy, guidance through the cancellation process, or other support needs, Jasper AI invites customers to contact their dedicated 24/7 via Call or Email.

6. Sudowrite

Sudowrite acts as a beacon for writers navigating the murky waters of horror storytelling. By blending advanced AI with intuitive writing assistance, it emerges as a crucial tool for overcoming writer’s block and elevating narrative depth, making it a treasure trove for authors keen on crafting spine-tingling tales.


Key Features of Sudowrite

Let’s discuss its key features:

Writer’s Block Solution

Sudowrite shines as a writer’s block solution, offering prompts and suggestions that ignite creative thinking, essential for breaking through the barriers that often halt horror story progression.

Snowclaw & Frostbane

These unique features act as creativity enhancers, providing unexpected twists and ideas, perfect for adding layers of intrigue and suspense to horror narratives.

Thesaurus Alternative

With its vast vocabulary suggestions, Sudowrite serves as an invaluable thesaurus alternative, enriching horror stories with evocative language that chills to the bone.

Guided Writing

Guided writing assists in structuring narratives, ensuring that each horror tale maintains a gripping pace and logical flow, essential for keeping readers engaged and terrified.

Poem Generation

For horror stories that incorporate poetic elements, Sudowrite’s poem generation offers a seamless way to weave haunting verses into the narrative fabric.

Multilingual Support 30+ languages

The tool’s support for over 30 languages enables horror writers to craft stories that transcend linguistic boundaries, broadening the reach of their terrifying tales.

Feedback Loop

A built-in feedback loop facilitates continuous improvement, allowing writers to refine their horror stories based on AI-generated suggestions and insights.

Up to 2,000,000 Credits Per Month

With up to 2 million credits per month, Sudowrite ensures that writers have ample capacity to explore extensive narratives and multiple drafts without constraint.

Dialogue Rephrasing

Dialogue rephrasing helps fine-tune conversations between characters, enhancing realism and tension in horror dialogues for a more immersive reader experience.

Character Generation

Character generation aids in creating complex protagonists, antagonists, and side characters, each with their own fears and motivations, deepening the horror story’s impact.

Writing Tips

Sudowrite offers targeted writing tips tailored to horror writing, providing genre-specific advice that helps authors sharpen their craft and avoid common pitfalls.

Brainstorming Aid

As a brainstorming aid, the tool sparks creative ideas for plots, settings, and twists, ensuring a wellspring of inspiration for horror writers at any stage of their process.


    • Eliminates writer’s block with creative prompts.
    • Generates unique ideas with Snowclaw & Frostbane.
    • Enriches language with thesaurus alternative feature.
    • Supports structured narrative flow with guided writing.
    • Expand global reach with multilingual support.


    • May encourage reliance on AI for creativity.
    • Unique features require a learning curve.
    • Multilingual quality may vary by language.
    • Credit limit could restrict very large projects.
    • Feedback accuracy varies, necessitating human review.

Pricing and Free Trial

Here’s the pricing plan of Sudowrite:

Hobby & Student Plan
  • Price: US$ 19 per month
  • Credits: 225,000 credits per month
  • Description: This plan is perfect for individuals who write as a hobby or for academic purposes. It is tailored to cater to the needs of casual writers or students who may not require a vast amount of credits but still benefit from the AI’s assistance.
  • Trial: Yes, Offers a start free trial, no credit card is required, and users can cancel anytime.
Professional Plan
  • Price: $22 per month
  • Credits: 1,000,000 credits per month
  • Description: Labeled as the most popular option, the Professional plan is geared towards individuals working on longer projects like novels or screenplays. It provides a substantial increase in monthly credits to accommodate the more extensive writing requirements.
  • Additional Benefit: This plan highlights that it offers double the amount of credits compared to the base tier.
  • Trial: Includes a start-free trial with no credit card needed and the option to cancel at any time.
Max Plan
  • Price: $44 per month
  • Credits: 2,000,000 credits per month
  • Description: The Max plan is designed for prolific authors who publish multiple works throughout the year. It offers the highest number of monthly credits to meet the demands of extensive writing and frequent publishing.
  • Rollover: Unused credits can roll over for 12 months, providing flexibility for users with varying writing schedules.
  • Trial: This plan also comes with a start-free trial, no credit card required, with the ability to cancel anytime.

Refund Policy and Customer Support

  • Sudowrite allows for full refunds within the initial 7 days following the purchase of any plan.
  • Their customer service team is reachable 24/7 via Call or Email, either through phone calls or emails.

7. Scrivener

Scrivener is distinguished not just as a writing tool but as a haven for horror writers seeking the best AI writing tools for crafting their narratives.


Its robust set of features caters to the intricate needs of story planning, writing, and organization, making it an invaluable asset for those delving into the depths of horror storytelling.

Key Features of Scrivener

Let’s discuss its key features:

Familiar Text Editing

The familiar text editing environment makes Scrivener an easy transition for writers, allowing them to focus on crafting their horror stories without the hassle of learning complex new software.

Formatting Presets

With formatting presets, Scrivener simplifies the process of applying consistent styles throughout your horror manuscript, ensuring that the focus remains on the content rather than the format.


The ability to import from various formats means that Scrivener can serve as the central hub for all your horror story materials, from research notes to drafts written in other applications.


Scrivener’s corkboard feature provides a visual planning tool for horror writers, allowing them to organize and rearrange plot points, scenes, and chapters with ease, much like laying out scenes of a movie in storyboard fashion.

Templates and Icons

Templates and icons in Scrivener help in organizing and visually distinguishing different parts of your horror story, making navigation through complex narratives a breeze.


For those who venture into the realm of horror screenplay writing, Scrivener’s scriptwriting mode conforms to industry standards, streamlining the process from script to screen.

Tools for Non-Fiction

Even horror non-fiction writers find Scrivener accommodating, with tools tailored to organizing research, structuring arguments, and compiling sources, all of which are essential for crafting compelling, factual horror narratives.

View Documents Side by Side

This feature is particularly useful for horror writers looking to make connections between different parts of their story, enabling a side-by-side comparison of texts for cohesion and continuity.

Full-Screen Writing

The full-screen writing mode minimizes distractions, immersing writers fully in their horror worlds, and fostering an environment where creativity can flourish uninterrupted.


    • User-friendly text editing for seamless writing.
    • Presets maintain consistency across the horror manuscript.
    • Easy compilation of research and drafts through import.
    • Corkboard and templates aid in detailed story organization.
    • Scriptwriting mode supports horror screenplay endeavors.


    • Learning curve to fully utilize all features.
    • Focus on manual organization may overwhelm some.
    • Lacks real-time collaboration features for team projects.
    • Primarily designed for solo projects, limiting group input.
    • May require supplementary tools for full project management.

Pricing Plans:

Here’s the pricing plan of Scrivener:

Standard Licence for macOS:

Priced at US$ 59.99, this plan offers a license for the full version of Scrivener for macOS. It is a downloadable product and requires macOS 10.13 or higher.

There is also an option to upgrade from an older version of Scrivener.

Educational Licence for macOS:

Priced at $50.99, this plan is exclusively available to students and academics and requires proof of institutional affiliation.

Like the standard license, it also requires macOS 10.13 or higher and provides an option to upgrade from an older version.

Scrivener for iOS

Scrivener for iOS is priced at $23.99, offering a comprehensive writing platform for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, with Dropbox integration required for synchronization features. It’s available for download on the App Store and requires iOS 11 or higher.

Refund Policy and Customer Support

  • Screviner offers a 30-day refund period for direct purchases if customers are not satisfied and encourages users to try their 30-day free trial before buying.
  • Refunds for purchases made through Apple’s App Store must be handled by Apple directly.

8. Content Shake AI

Content Shake AI carves out its niche among the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories by focusing on content ideation, SEO optimization, and streamlined publishing processes. It’s the go-to tool for horror writers seeking to captivate both search engines and readers with their eerie tales.


Key Features of Content Shake AI

Let’s discuss its key features:

Content Idea Generation

This feature serves as a muse for horror writers, offering endless inspiration for new stories, characters, and settings, ensuring that the well of creativity never runs dry.

SEO Improvement Suggestions

For those looking to enhance the visibility of their horror stories, SEO improvement suggestions provided by Content Shake AI ensure that tales are not only terrifying but also discoverable.

Blog Article Generation

With the blog article generation feature, creating engaging horror-themed blog posts becomes a breeze, enabling writers to maintain an active online presence and build a dedicated readership.

Compose with AI

Compose with AI empowers writers to draft their horror stories directly within the tool, combining convenience with AI’s creative prowess to streamline the writing process.

Third-Party AI Content Detection

This invaluable feature helps maintain the originality of your horror stories by detecting content that may have been generated or influenced by other AI tools, ensuring authenticity.

Centralized Content Management

Managing multiple horror narratives becomes effortless with centralized content management, providing writers with a bird’s eye view of their projects and facilitating easy access and organization.

Integration with Google Docs

For those who prefer Google Docs for drafting their horror tales, integration with Content Shake AI allows for a seamless workflow between idea generation and manuscript development.

Direct Publishing to WordPress

Direct publishing to WordPress eliminates the barriers between creation and publication, enabling horror writers to share their stories with the world instantly.

Overcome Writer’s Block

By offering a plethora of ideas and writing assistance, Content Shake AI stands as a stalwart ally against writer’s block, ensuring that horror stories flow uninterrupted.

Competitive Insights for Inspiration

Gaining insights into what works in the horror genre is made easy with competitive insights, guiding writers on how to craft stories that stand out in a crowded market.

Low-competition Keyword Discovery

Discovering low-competition keywords allows horror writers to target niche audiences, increasing the chances of their stories being found by true aficionados of the genre.


    • Endless inspiration for new horror stories.
    • SEO suggestions enhance story discoverability.
    • Simplifies blog post creation for engaging readers.
    • Detects AI-influenced content for originality.
    • Streamlines content management and publishing.


    • SEO focus might detract from creative aspects.
    • May rely heavily on AI for content generation.
    • Third-party content detection could flag false positives.
    • Direct WordPress publishing might limit formatting options.
    • Competitive insights require analysis for effective use.

Pricing and Free Trial:

Now let’s discuss the pricing plans offered by this tool ContentShake has two plans:

  • Free Plan: This plan is completely free to use.
  • Full Plan: This plan is priced at US$ 60/month.
  • ContentShake does not offer a free trial. Instead, the company offers a free plan with some limitations.

Refund Policy and Customer Support:

  • ContentShake issues refunds within 3 days of the original purchase of the plan.
  • ContentShake’s customer support is available Available via email.

9. ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands as a beacon for horror story writers, offering unparalleled support in crafting narratives that chill to the bone. As one of the best AI writing tools for horror stories, it transforms fear into art, enabling writers to delve deep into the macabre with precision and creativity. Its suite of features caters specifically to the demands of horror writing, making it an indispensable ally in the arsenal of terror.


Key Features of ChatGPT

Let’s discuss its key features:

Intriguing Plot Generation

Generates captivating horror story plots, weaving together elements of mystery and terror to engage and unsettle readers.

Character Development Tools

Crafts complex, multi-dimensional characters that drive the narrative forward, enhancing the psychological depth of horror stories.

Atmospheric Description Enhancer

Enriches narratives with vivid, immersive descriptions, setting a haunting atmosphere that grips readers’ imaginations.

Horror Trope Integration

Seamlessly incorporates classic and contemporary horror tropes, enriching stories with genre-specific elements that resonate with fans.

Suspense Building Techniques

Employs strategic pacing and tension-building techniques to keep readers on the edge of their seats, anticipating what horrors lie ahead.

Dialogue Crafting Assistance

Creates authentic, character-driven dialogue that heightens the emotional impact and believability of horror scenes.

Twist and Climax Ideation

Suggests unexpected twists and powerful climaxes, ensuring stories leave a lasting impact and keep readers guessing.

Mood Setting Vocabulary Suggestions

Offers a curated selection of words and phrases to precisely convey the desired mood, amplifying the horror experience.

Genre-Specific Writing Prompts

Provides creative prompts tailored to horror writing, sparking inspiration and helping writers overcome creative block.

Feedback and Revision Suggestions

Delivers constructive feedback and revision strategies, honing the narrative for maximum suspense and impact.


    • Elevates horror plot intricacy and engagement.
    • Deepens character complexity for psychological depth.
    • Enhances narrative atmosphere and immersion.
    • Integrates horror tropes effectively.
    • Builds suspense to keep readers hooked.


    • May require fine-tuning for specific horror subgenres.
    • Character development tools might need personalized adjustments.
    • Atmospheric descriptions could overwhelm narrative flow if overused.
    • Relies on user guidance to avoid cliché trope usage.
    • Feedback might not replace human editor insights in niche horror aspects.

Pricing and Free Trial

Now let’s discuss the pricing plans offered by this tool:

  • Free Plan: This plan is free, offering basic features with limited queries per month.
  • Plus Plan: Priced at $20/month.
  • Teams Plan: Priced at $30/month (when billed monthly) and US$ 20/month (when billed annually).
  • Enterprise Plan: ChatGPT’s Enterprise plan is tailored to large-scale business needs. Pricing is customizable based on specific requirements and usage. Contact OpenAI’s sales team for more information.

Refund Policy and Customer Support

  • ChatGPT does not offer refunds on any of their subscription plans.
  • You can contact their customer support via the “Help” button on their website or via the Chat button in the bottom right of the screen. The team is available available via live chat.

10. ContentBot.AI

ContentBot.AI positions itself as a pioneering force among the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories, offering a suite of features designed to amplify creativity, streamline the writing process, and ensure the originality of content for writers delving into the macabre.


Key Features of ContentBot.AI

Let’s discuss its key features:

Up to 400000 words/month

This generous word count allows horror writers to craft extensive narratives without fear of limitations, enabling the development of complex story arcs and detailed descriptions that bring the eerie atmosphere to life.

Unlimited Seats

With unlimited seats, ContentBot.AI encourages collaboration among horror writers, editors, and contributors, facilitating a shared creative process that enriches the storytelling experience.

AI Writing

The AI writing feature is at the core of ContentBot.AI, empowering writers to generate horror stories with AI assistance, ensuring a blend of human creativity and machine efficiency.

Unlimited AI Workflows

ContentBot.AI’s unlimited AI workflows offer a streamlined process for creating, editing, and publishing horror stories, optimizing the writer’s productivity and creative output.

Imports (500 rows max)

The import feature supports up to 500 rows, allowing writers to easily integrate research, outlines, and notes into their workflow, ensuring that all necessary materials are at their fingertips.


InstructBot enables writers to give specific commands to the AI, tailoring the generated content to fit the unique needs of their horror story, from developing chilling plots to creating ominous settings.

Plagiarism Checker

The integrated plagiarism checker ensures that all content is original and unique, a crucial aspect for writers aiming to publish their horror stories or maintain a reputation for originality.

Paraphrasing Tool

This tool is invaluable for refining and reworking existing text, allowing horror writers to revise and enhance their stories without losing the initial essence and impact.

2 x Human-enhanced AI blog posts written for you per month

This unique feature offers a blend of AI efficiency and human creativity, providing writers with two professionally crafted blog posts per month, perfect for promoting horror stories or sharing insights into the writing process.


    • Extensive word limit supports long-form horror storytelling.
    • Encourages team collaboration with unlimited seats.
    • Streamlines writing and editing processes with AI assistance.
    • Ensures content originality with plagiarism checking.
    • Offers professional blog post creation for promotion.


    • High word count may encourage overreliance on AI.
    • Unlimited seats might complicate project management.
    • Specific commands to InstructBot require clear articulation.
    • Paraphrasing could dilute the writer’s unique voice.
    • Limited to two human-enhanced posts per month.

Pricing and Free Trial offers four pricing tiers for their services, each tailored to different types of users and usage volumes.

Prepaid Plan:
  • Cost: $1 per 1000 words, billed as a one-time payment
  • A word range from 15,000 to 5 million words
  • Unlimited user seats
  • AI Writing capabilities
  • AI Workflows
  • Import functionality
  • InstructBot feature
  • A plagiarism checker
  • A paraphrasing tool
Starter Plan:
  • Cost: US$ 19 per month, working out to approximately $0.48 per 1000 words
  • A monthly word limit of 50,000 words
  • Unlimited user seats
  • AI Writing
  • AI Workflows
  • Import functionality
  • InstructBot
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
Premium Plan:
  • Cost: $59 per month, which translates to roughly $0.59 per 1000 words
  • A generous monthly word limit of 150,000 words
  • Unlimited user seats
  • AI Writing
  • Triple the AI Workflows compared to the Starter plan
  • Import functionality, with a cap at 50 rows
  • InstructBot
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • This plan is described as perfect for startups and content marketers.
Premium+ Plan:
  • Cost: $99 per month, or about $0.33 per 1000 words, making it the most cost-effective per-word plan for high-volume users
  • An even higher monthly word limit of 400,000 words
  • Unlimited user seats
  • AI Writing
  • Unlimited AI Workflows
  • Enhanced import capability of up to 500 rows
  • InstructBot
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • This plan is advertised as ideal for agencies due to its high word limit and advanced features.

Refund Policy and Customer Support

  • subscriptions are charged annually with the applicable Subscription Fee.
  • Payments are 100% money-back guarantee and recur annually.
  • Subscription fees are automatically charged using the subscriber’s Payment Information on the anniversary of the subscription start date.
  • Reminder notices are sent 30 to 60 days before the subscription renews, stating the current Subscription Fee.
  • Subscribers acknowledge and accept responsibility for recurring payments until the subscription is canceled.
  • Subscriptions remain active until canceled by the subscriber or terminated by by their Terms.
  • You may also email Contentbot by sending your request to 24/7 customer support at

How to Select the Best AI Writing Tool for Crafting Horror Stories

In the ever-evolving world of digital storytelling, selecting the right AI writing tool can elevate your horror narrative to spine-chilling heights.

The right tool not only enhances your creative process but also ensures that the eerie essence of your story is captured accurately.


Here’s what to consider when choosing the ideal AI writing assistant for horror stories:

  • Research the tool’s genre flexibility: Look for AI writing tools that specialize in or have robust support for the horror genre, ensuring they can handle the nuances of suspense, fear, and unpredictability.
  • Evaluate the AI’s understanding of horror elements: The tool should have a deep understanding of horror tropes, character archetypes, and plot structures to provide relevant suggestions and enhancements.
  • Check for customization options: A good AI tool allows you to tailor settings and prompts to suit the specific mood and style of your horror story, from Gothic to psychological thriller.
  • Assess the collaborative capabilities: The AI should facilitate seamless collaboration between the technology and your creative vision, allowing for easy alterations and input of unique ideas.
  • Read reviews and testimonials: Gain insights from other horror writers who have used the AI tool. Their experiences can highlight strengths and weaknesses you may not have considered.
  • Look for interactive storytelling features: AI tools that offer interactive elements can help you explore branching storylines or alternate endings, adding depth to your horror narrative.
  • Consider the tool’s ease of use: The interface should be user-friendly, allowing you to focus on creativity rather than navigating complex software.
  • Explore the tool’s ability to generate atmospheric descriptions: For horror stories, the setting is crucial. The AI should be capable of creating vivid, sensory descriptions that evoke the desired eerie atmosphere.
  • Ensure the tool respects privacy and intellectual property: Your story ideas and content should be protected and not used without your permission.
  • Trial the software: Most AI writing tools offer a demo or trial period. Use this to test how well the tool meets your horror writing needs.

Enhancing Horror Narratives: The Benefits of AI Writing Tools

In the shadowy corners of horror storytelling, AI writing tools using machine learning emerge as powerful allies, offering novel ways to craft narratives that grip and terrify. These digital assistants bring a multitude of advantages to writers aiming to delve deeper into the psychology of fear. Here are the key benefits of integrating AI writing tools into your horror storytelling process:


  • Stimulates Creativity: AI can suggest unexpected plot twists, eerie settings, or chilling character traits, pushing your creative boundaries and sparking new ideas.
  • Improves Writing Efficiency: With AI assistance, you can streamline the writing process, from plotting to drafting, allowing you to focus more on refining your story’s atmosphere and suspense.
  • Enhances Language and Style: AI tools can help refine your writing style, suggesting more impactful word choices and sentence structures to elevate the horror elements of your narrative.
  • Generates Atmosphere: Through advanced natural language processing, AI can produce descriptive passages that vividly depict dark, ominous settings and tense atmospheres essential to horror storytelling.
  • Offers Plot and Character Development Ideas: AI can provide suggestions for deepening character arcs and plot developments, ensuring your horror story maintains intrigue and emotional depth.
  • Provides Instant Feedback: Real-time suggestions and edits from AI tools can help identify and fix issues quickly, from plot holes to pacing, enhancing the overall coherence of your story.
  • Supports Research: AI writing tools can assist with background research, generating historical or scientific information that adds credibility and depth to your horror narrative.
  • Facilitates Genre Blending: With access to a vast database of writing styles and genres, Artificial intelligence can help you blend horror with other genres, creating unique and compelling stories.
  • Assists with Dialogue: AI tools can suggest dialogue that fits your characters’ personalities and the tone of the scene, making interactions more realistic and engaging.
  • Encourages Consistency: AI can help keep track of plot details, character traits, and story arcs, ensuring consistency throughout your horror story, which is crucial for maintaining suspense and immersion.

Revolutionizing Fear: The Future of AI in Horror Storytelling

As the tendrils of technology weave ever deeper into the fabric of creativity, AI’s role in shaping the future of horror storytelling becomes both transformative and expansive.


The intersection of artificial intelligence and creative writing heralds a new era where the boundaries of fear and imagination are continually pushed. Here are key insights into how AI is poised to redefine horror stories writing:

  • Personalized Horror Experiences: AI could tailor horror stories to individual readers, adjusting plot twists, themes, and scares based on their preferences and reactions, creating deeply immersive and personalized narratives.
  • Interactive Horror Narratives: The development of interactive, AI-driven horror stories where readers influence the story’s direction in real-time will provide more engaging and dynamic storytelling experiences.
  • Enhanced Creative Collaboration: AI will act as a co-author, offering writers a plethora of ideas for characters, settings, and plots, thus broadening the scope of horror narratives beyond human imagination alone.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Integration: Combining AI with VR technology could lead to fully immersive horror stories, where the environment and characters adapt in real-time to the reader’s actions and emotions.
  • Global Storytelling Networks: AI could facilitate collaborative storytelling across different cultures, blending horror traditions from around the world to create unique and diverse narratives.
  • Advanced Language Models: Future AI models will offer even more sophisticated language capabilities, enabling the creation of complex, nuanced horror stories that deeply resonate with emotional and psychological precision.
  • Predictive Plot Development: By analyzing readers’ preferences and current societal fears, AI could help writers craft stories that resonate more deeply with contemporary anxieties, ensuring greater relevance and impact.
  • Automated Editing and Publishing: AI tools will streamline the editing process, making it easier to refine narratives and even assist with publishing, making storytelling more accessible to aspiring writers.
  • Generative Horror Art: Beyond text, AI will also generate horror imagery and soundscapes, providing a multisensory experience that enhances the written word and brings stories to life in vivid detail.
  • Ethical and Emotional Exploration: AI-driven stories will explore the ethical boundaries of fear, challenging readers with moral dilemmas and emotional introspection, thereby deepening the horror experience.

Want to Read More? Explore Best AI Writing Tools Guides!

Enhance your writing skills with our carefully selected guides on AI writing tools


AI-written horror stories can be original in content, drawing from vast databases to create unique narratives, but they ultimately depend on pre-existing human input and creativity for inspiration.

Yes, AI tools  can generate entire horror stories, from plot outlines to detailed narratives, although the depth and coherence may vary based on the tool’s sophistication.

AI writing tools are programmed to recognize and apply horror genre conventions, but their understanding is based on patterns in the data they have been trained on, not genuine comprehension.

AI tools can both utilize and avoid clichés based on user preference, offering suggestions to subvert or embrace common tropes for creative effect.


As we’ve journeyed through the shadowy realms of creativity, it’s become clear that AI writing tools are poised to revolutionize the way we craft horror stories.

These digital assistants not only offer a new dimension of inspiration and efficiency but also challenge us to redefine the boundaries of fear and narrative complexity.

With the best AI writing tools for writing horror stories at our fingertips, we stand on the cusp of a new era in storytelling, where the amalgamation of human creativity and artificial intelligence births tales that are as terrifying as they are captivating.

I encourage readers to dive deeper into the world of AI and its impact on creative writing by exploring other articles available in our how-to guides, and through AI tool reviews on

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