Akool vs ArtSmart 2024: Which image generator is better?

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  • May 9, 2024

If you’re trying to decide between Akool and ArtSmart for your image-generating needs, you’ve landed in the right spot. I’ve spent countless hours testing both tools, diving into their features, usability, and the quality of images they produce and give you Akool vs ArtSmart comparison.

This isn’t just another review; it’s a real-life user experience that will guide you through making the best choice for your creative projects. Whether you’re a marketer, an artist, or just dabbling in digital content, this comparison of Akool vs ArtSmart is the only one you’ll need to read before making your decision.

Let’s find out which tool stands out as the best AI Image generator tools in USA in 2024.

Akool vs ArtSmart: A Quick Comparison

To help you decide which AI image generator might be the best AI tools in USA for your needs, here’s a detailed comparison of Akool and ArtSmart.

This breakdown covers everything from pricing to user interface, giving you a clear picture of what each offers:

Factors Akool ArtSmart
Rating 4.8 4.7
Best for Face swaps, realistic avatars, video translate Generating visuals for marketing, design inspiration
Pricing $21-$350 per month $19-$39 per month
Templates 5 available Various, includes unique Stable Diffusion models
Solutions Face swap, realistic avatar, talking photo, image generator Image generation, text to image, image upscaler
No of Languages 29 8
No of Users Not specified Not specified
Integration API for various features API available for integrating generative AI content
Data Security High; prioritizes user data privacy Complies with relevant data protection regulations
Free Trial Available Available
Customer Support Email support Email support
Refund Policy Not clear; refer to terms of service 30-day money-back guarantee
No of Days for Refund N/A 10 days

Akool vs ArtSmart: Detailed Overview

Let’s take a comprehensive look at Akool and ArtSmart, two prominent tools reshaping the AI-driven image generation landscape.

What is Akool?


Akool is an AI image generator known for its ability to create realistic avatars, perform face swaps, and translate videos.

Utilizing advanced AI technologies, it provides a broad range of creative tools, enabling highly customized and dynamic visual content. The platform supports 29 different languages, making it accessible globally.


    • Extensive language support with 29 languages available.
    • Innovative features like face swapping and realistic avatars expand creative options.
    • Strong data security measures protect user privacy.


    • Limited customer support options.
    • Unclear refund policy may be a concern for potential users.
    • Some advanced features may present a learning curve for newcomers.

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What is ArtSmart?


ArtSmart is a cutting-edge AI image generator that uses a distinctive Stable Diffusion model to convert text prompts into detailed, creative images.

Aimed at being user-friendly, it serves USA marketing professionals, designers, and content creators seeking efficient ways to produce high-quality visuals for diverse applications.

ArtSmart supports several languages and includes various advanced features to foster user creativity.


    • User-friendly interface makes the image generation process straightforward.
    • Extensive customization options for personalized image creation.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee provides reassurance for new users.


    • Fewer languages supported compared to some competitors.
    • More advanced features may require upgrading to higher-tier plans.
    • Lack of a free plan may deter some potential users from trying the service.

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Akool vs ArtSmart: Pricing and Refund Policy Comparison

Explore how Akool and ArtSmart stack up in terms of pricing and refund policies. Understanding these aspects can help you decide which tool offers the best value according to your budget and needs.

Akool vs ArtSmart Pricing

Here’s a detailed comparison table focusing on the pricing structures for Akool and ArtSmart, including insights on free trials and free versions under the theme Akool vs ArtSmart free to help you decide the best value

Feature Akool ArtSmart
Monthly Pricing Ranges from $21 to $350 per month Ranges from $19 to $39 per month
Annual Pricing Ranges from $252 to $4200 per year $192 to $390 per year (with discounts)
Free Trial Available Available
Free Version Not available Not available
Refund Policy No clear refund policy mentioned; refer to terms of service 30-day money-back guarantee
Days for Refund N/A Within 10 days of purchase

Akool Pricing


Akool offers four monthly pricing plans. The Basic plan is free, offering 100 gift credits, 5GB space, and basic API with watermarked results targeted at casual users.

The Professional plan, priced at $30/month, is the most popular, providing watermark-free results, fast processing, and 50GB space, suitable for small teams.

The Max plan costs $500/month, delivering 12,000 to 80,000 credits, 4K image and video resolution, faster processing, and 1TB space, ideal for studios and agencies.

The Enterprise plan features customized solutions and is tailored for large enterprises, with contact details for sales to discuss further.

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ArtSmart Pricing


ArtSmart offers three monthly pricing plans for image generation services. The Basic plan is priced at $19/month, intended for teams requiring confidence in project planning, without a free trial but with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Standard plan, labeled as the most popular, is for teams managing initiatives across multiple areas, costing $29/month with the same money-back guarantee and no free trial.

The Business plan costs $39/month, providing additional security and support for organizations, also including the 30-day money-back guarantee without a free trial option.


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Refund Policy

The refund policies for Akool and ArtSmart are crucial for users who may be considering the platforms but want assurance that they can get their money back if the services do not meet their expectations.

Below is a detailed comparison of the refund policies for both tools:

Feature Akool ArtSmart
Refund Policy No clear refund policy mentioned; details may be available in terms of service Offers refunds within 10 days of purchase
Duration of Refund Policy N/A 10 days
Process for Refund Unclear, likely requires contacting customer service Users must email the support team to initiate a refund
Conditions Not specified, refer to terms for any conditions Must be within the 10-day window. No usage restrictions mentioned

This table outlines the refund policies of both Akool and ArtSmart, with ArtSmart providing a more defined and user-friendly policy that allows refunds within 10 days, ensuring a risk-free trial of their services.

In contrast, Akool does not provide explicit refund terms, which might require potential users to inquire directly for more details.

Akool vs ArtSmart: Main Differences

Let’s break down the main differences between Akool and ArtSmart across several key factors:


  • Akool: Offers a limited number of templates (5 available), focusing on specific AI features like face swap and avatar creation.
  • ArtSmart: Provides a diverse range of templates, leveraging its unique Stable Diffusion model for a variety of creative outputs.


  • Akool: No specific mention of accessibility features; general use may require some familiarity with AI tools.
  • ArtSmart: Designed to be user-friendly, aiming for ease of use even for those new to AI image generation.


  • Akool: Supports 29 languages, making it highly accessible for a global user base.
  • ArtSmart: Offers support in 8 languages, less than Akool, but covers most major languages.


  • Akool: The interface may have a learning curve due to the features’ complexity.
  • ArtSmart: Focuses on a simple, intuitive user interface that facilitates easy navigation and operation.


  • Akool: Provides API access for integrating various features like video translation and realistic avatar creation into other platforms.
  • ArtSmart: It also offers API integration but is specifically tailored towards enhancing applications with image generation from text prompts.

Data Security:

  • Akool: Emphasizes robust data security protocols to protect user data and ensure privacy during content creation.
  • ArtSmart: Complies with standard data protection regulations, offering a secure environment for creating and managing digital content.

User Interface and Ease of Use:

  • Akool: The platform’s advanced features offer powerful tools but might require some technical knowledge or a brief learning period.
  • ArtSmart: Streamlines the creation process, focusing on user-friendly tools that lower the entry barrier for non-technical users.

Akool vs ArtSmart: Customer Support for Consumers

Akool Customer Support:

Akool offers less transparency regarding its customer support, with no specific details readily available on its website. Users needing assistance are likely to contact them via email or explore their site for contact information in USA, which might not guarantee immediate response or support.

ArtSmart Customer Support:

ArtSmart provides clear and accessible customer support through email. They outline their support process on the website, ensuring users know how to reach out for help. This structured approach facilitates easier communication and likely quicker resolutions, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Akool vs ArtSmart: Use Case

Understanding the specific applications of Akool and ArtSmart highlights their suitability for different professional needs.

Who Should Use Akool?

Akool is best for content creators and marketers in the entertainment sector who require advanced video and image manipulation capabilities like realistic avatars and video translation.


Who Should Use ArtSmart?

ArtSmart is ideal for graphic designers and marketers needing quick, high-quality image creation for e-commerce and social media, streamlining content production with ease.

Akool vs ArtSmart: Considerations

When choosing between Akool and ArtSmart, it’s essential to consider aspects like technical requirements, creative flexibility, ease of adoption, long-term value, output quality, and scalability to ensure you select the tool that best fits your image generation needs.


Technical Requirements:

  • Akool: Requires a moderate level of technical knowledge to fully leverage its advanced features, such as face-swapping and realistic avatars.
  • ArtSmart: Designed to be user-friendly with minimal technical requirements, making it accessible even to those with limited tech experience.

Creative Flexibility:

  • Akool: Offers significant creative control, allowing users to manipulate and customize images and videos in detailed ways.
  • ArtSmart: Provides creative flexibility primarily through text-to-image generation, catering to users who need quick, creative outputs without complex setups.

Ease of Adoption:

  • Akool: It may require a learning curve due to its interactive feature set, but offers comprehensive support to help users adapt.
  • ArtSmart: Boasts an intuitive interface that users can quickly adopt, reducing the time from setup to productivity.

Long-term Value:

  • Akool: The depth of its features ensures that it can meet complex and evolving creative needs, providing long-term value to users who need detailed image and video manipulation.
  • ArtSmart: Offers consistent updates and new features that keep the platform relevant and valuable for ongoing digital marketing and design needs.

Output Quality:

  • Akool: Delivers high-quality outputs, especially for tasks requiring detailed editing and customization.
  • ArtSmart: Ensures high output quality, particularly in generating diverse image styles from text prompts, suitable for professional presentations and marketing materials.


  • Akool: Well-suited for enterprises and professionals needing to scale up their content production with robust features and integration capabilities.
  • ArtSmart: Scalable for businesses of all sizes, providing efficient tools to increase production without a corresponding increase in complexity or resource use.

Akool vs ArtSmart: Additional Info

Here’s a table outlining key operational details like ideal customer size, deployment options, and API access for Akool and ArtSmart, tailored to help businesses across the U.S. find the right fit for their scale and technical setup.

Feature Akool ArtSmart
Ideal Customer Size Suitable for all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises Primarily targeted towards small to medium businesses and individual professionals
Deployments Web-based platform accessible globally Web-based, accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity
API Access Offers comprehensive API for integration with various features like video translation and realistic avatars Provides API access to integrate image generation capabilities into existing systems or applications

Akool vs ArtSmart: Alternatives

Exploring alternatives to Akool and ArtSmart can provide additional options for businesses in USA seeking different features or pricing structures.

Tools Alternative To
Fotor Alternative to both Akool and ArtSmart
Pareto Primarily an alternative to ArtSmart
Midjourney Alternative to both Akool and ArtSmart

Akool vs ArtSmart: My Overall Experience

When selecting the right AI image generation tool, considering reviews and ratings can provide insights into user satisfaction and tool effectiveness. Here’s a comparative look at how Akool and ArtSmart stack up based on user reviews and overall ratings.

Feature Akool ArtSmart
User Reviews Generally positive, with users praising its advanced features like realistic avatars and video translation. Some users noted a learning curve due to complex functionalities. Mostly positive feedback highlighting ease of use and the quality of generated images. Some users desired more features and customization options.
Overall Rating 4.8/5 4.7/5

This table reflects the experiences of users across the USA, from tech-savvy individuals in tech hubs to casual users in more rural areas, providing a broad perspective on the effectiveness and appeal of both Akool and ArtSmart.

Which One I Prefer?

Both Akool and ArtSmart offer unique advantages. Akool stands out for its advanced features like realistic avatars, ideal for detailed creative projects. ArtSmart excels in ease of use and quick image generation, perfect for efficient marketing and design work.

For my needs, ArtSmart is the better choice. Its straightforward interface and rapid output capabilities align perfectly with my workflow, making it ideal for producing quality visual content quickly and efficiently. This makes it especially valuable in my fast-paced marketing environment.


Akool AI offers services like face swapping, video translation, image generation, realistic avatars, and talking photos, catering to diverse creative needs.

ArtSmart AI prioritizes user security with robust data protection measures, ensuring a safe environment for creating and managing digital content.

The face swap feature in ArtSmart is designed for speed, typically completing the process within a few seconds, depending on the image complexity.

Conclusion: Who’s the Winner? Akool vs ArtSmart?

In the AI tool comparison of Akool vs ArtSmart, ArtSmart emerges as the winner. It excels with its user-friendly interface and rapid image generation, making it highly suitable for those needing quick, quality visual content.

While Akool provides advanced customization features, ArtSmart’s streamlined functionality makes it more accessible for daily use, particularly for marketers and content creators who prioritize efficiency.

This distinction highlights ArtSmart as the top choice in this AI tool comparison for users seeking efficient and easy solutions.

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