Akool vs Stockimg AI 2024: Which image generator is better?

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  • May 22, 2024

Are you curious which image generator AI tool is better for your needs? In this article, I compare Akool vs Stockimg AI based on my practical experience. I’ve tested each tool on various factors to provide you with a detailed analysis.

Did you know that 70% of video editors who prefer AI tools for their projects? My preference leans towards tools that offer a balance of price and functionality, ensuring they cater to both beginners and professionals.

Let’s get into the details of Akool vs Stockimg AI and find the best image generator tools in USA for your needs.

Akool vs Stockimg AI: A Quick Comparison

Let’s take a quick look at how Akool vs Stockimg AI compare, highlighting what each tool offers. This will help you figure out which one is the best AI tool in USA for your needs.

Feature Akool Stockimg AI
My Rating 4.8/5 3/5
Best for Face Swap Professional designers
Pricing $21-$350/mo $0-$29
Free Trial Yes Yes
Notable Feature Face Swap, Realistic Avatar, Video Translate, Talking Photo, Image Generator Ability to create custom stock images from scratch
Languages Supported 29 different languages No
Data Security Create confidently without worry of data leakage Yes
Customer Support No Yes
Refund Policy No Not Available
No. of Days for Refund Policy No No
Monthly Subscription Cost $21-$350/mo $0-$29
Annual Subscription Cost $252-$4200/mo $0-$14.5
Free Plan No Yes
Premium Plan Yes Yes
Apps Yes Yes
API Integration Talking Photo, Image Generate, Video Translate, Realistic Avatar, Face Swap Yes
API Access An image generation model, LLM Yes
Remove Background Yes Yes
No. of Templates 5 No
Brand Kits No No
Cloud Storage Yes No
Credits 50 Unlimited Image Credits
Advanced Research Options Yes No
Badges No No
Mobile and Web Access Yes Yes
Bulk Option No No
Models AI model Yes
Filters Yes No
Customization Yes Yes
AI Capabilities Lip-syncing Avatars, voice cloning, face-swapping capabilities Yes
AI Generations No Yes
High-Resolution Download Yes No
Commercial Usage Yes Yes
Provide Export Yes Yes
Invite team members Yes No
Payment Method Credit Card, Paypal Credit Card
Preview Yes No
Discount Promo Code is for 30% off No
Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time No No
GPU Time No No
Usage Rights No No
Extra Bonus for New Subscriber No No

Akool vs Stockimg AI: Detailed Overview

After this brief comparison, I will go into more detail. This will give professionals all the information they need to decide whether Akool or Stockimg AI is the better choice for their projects.

What is Akool?


Akool is a generative AI platform for creators and innovators. It offers features like Face Swap, Video Translate, Image Generator, Realistic Avatar, Talking Photo, and Background Change using advanced AI algorithms.


    • Versatile features
    • High-quality outputs
    • Supports 29 languages
    • Secure data handling
    • Free trial available


    • Higher pricing tiers
    • Limited templates
    • Customer support not available
    • No refund policy
    • Not ideal for beginners

Read my detailed Akool Review.

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What is Stockimg AI?


Stockimg AI allows you to create images using artificial intelligence. It enhances the design process by saving time and money, offering categories like Stock Image, Art, Logo, Illustration, Wallpaper, Poster, Book-Cover, Web UI, and QR Code.


    • Wide range of image categories
    • Unlimited image credits
    • Affordable pricing
    • Free trial available
    • Email support


    • No refund policy
    • Limited language support
    • Basic data security
    • No customizable templates
    • No dedicated account manager

Read my detailed Stocking AI review.

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Akool vs Stockimg AI: Pricing and Refund Policy Comparison

Now let’s look at how Akool vs Stockimg AI compare in terms of their pricing and refund policies to help you decide which might be the better financial choice.

Plan Akool Stockimg AI
Free Plan Free $0 per month (billed monthly)
Professional/Starter Plan $21 per month (billed yearly at $252) $31 per month ($55, billed monthly)
Max/Premium Plan $350 per month (billed yearly at $4200) $48 per month ($100, billed monthly)
Enterprise Plan Let’s Talk (Customized yearly plans) Custom (billed monthly)
Refund Policy No No

Stockimg AI

Stockimg offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs. The Free plan provides basic features for casual users at no cost. The Starter plan, at Rs2571/month, includes unlimited image credits and projects. The Premium plan, priced at Rs4000/month, adds advanced features. The Enterprise plan offers customized solutions for businesses.

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Akool offers diverse pricing plans. The Basic plan is free, providing 100 gift credits and 5GB of space with watermarked results. The Professional plan, at $21/month, features fast processing and 50GB space. The Max plan, costing $350/month, includes 4K resolution and 1TB space. Custom Enterprise plans are also available.

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Akool vs Stockimg AI: Main Differences

Here is a comparative table showcasing the differences between Akool vs Stockimg AI based on several key factors:

Feature Akool Stockimg AI
Templates Limited template options (5 templates) No Not specified No
Accessibility Mobile and Web Access Yes Mobile and Web Access Yes
Languages 29 different languages Yes Not specified No
User Interface User-friendly, simple layout Yes User-friendly, intuitive design Yes
Integration Basic-API, integration with third-party services Yes API Integration Available Yes
Data Security High data privacy and security Yes Available Yes
User Interface and Ease of Use Easy to use with clear features Yes Enhances design process, user-friendly Yes

Akool vs Stockimg AI: Customer Support

Now, I am going to discuss the customer support policy.

Feature Akool Stockimg AI
Email info@akool.com support@stockimg.ai
Phone Call +1 650-686-5661 No

Akool vs Stockimg AI: Use Case Comparison

When considering the applications of Akool vs Stockimg AI, each tool caters to different use cases that reflect their design and capabilities:

Feature Akool Stockimg AI
Face Swap Yes No
Stock Image No Yes
Realistic Avatar Yes No
Logo No Yes
Video Translate Yes No
Illustration No Yes
Talking Photo Yes No
Wallpaper No Yes
Image Generator Yes No
Poster No Yes
Background Change Yes No
Book-Cover No Yes
Art No Yes
Web UI No Yes
QR Code No Yes

Who Should Use Akool?

  • USA based content creators and innovators.
  • Users needing face swap and realistic avatar features.
  • Teams requiring video translation and talking photo tools.
  • Those who need advanced image generation and background change capabilities.
  • Large enterprises and studios looking for high-database security.

Who Should Use Stockimg AI?

  • Professional USA-based designers.
  • Users needing custom stock images.
  • Teams working on art, logos, and illustrations.
  • Designers creating wallpapers, posters, and book covers.
  • Those who need tools for web UI and QR code generation.

Akool vs Stockimg AI: Considerations

When choosing an image generator, several factors need to be considered to ensure the tool fits the intended purpose and can grow with your needs. Here’s how each tool stacks up against critical purchasing factors:

Factor Akool Stockimg AI
Technical Requirements Requires high processing power for advanced features Moderate requirements, accessible to most users
Creative Flexibility Offers a range of advanced tools like Face Swap, Realistic Avatars Wide variety of categories including Stock Images, Art, Logos
Ease of Adoption User-friendly interface, but advanced features may have a learning curve Intuitive design, easy to start for most users in USA
Long-term Value High scalability with options for large enterprises Good value for professional designers with extensive AI models
Output Quality High-quality outputs with options for 4K resolution High-quality custom images tailored to specific needs
Scalability Suitable for small teams to large enterprises with customizable plans Ideal for individuals and small to medium-sized teams

Akool vs Stockimg AI: Additional Info

Here is a comparative table that provides additional information relevant for USA-based creators.

Factor Akool Stockimg AI
Ideal Customer Size Large enterprises, studios, small teams Individual designers, small to medium-sized teams
Deployments Apps, Mobile and Web Access Yes Mobile and Web Access Yes
API Access An image generation model, LLM Yes Available Yes
Free Plan No Yes
Premium Plan Yes Yes
Customization Yes Yes
Advanced Research Options Yes No
Commercial Usage Yes Yes
Cloud Storage Yes No
Credits 50 Unlimited Image Credits
High Resolution Download Yes No
Invite Team Members Yes No
Remove Background Yes Yes
Usage Rights No No
GPU Time No No
Preview Yes No

Akool vs Stockimg AI: Alternatives

Let’s have a look at some alternatives:

Alternative Tool Description
AI Picasso An advanced AI tool for creating stunning visual artwork and illustrations.
Microsoft Designer A comprehensive design tool that leverages AI for creating various design elements.
ArtSmart An AI-powered platform offering tools for creating digital art and graphic designs.

Akool vs Stockimg AI: My Overall Experience?

In my experience with both Akool and Stockimg AI, each tool has unique strengths and caters to different user needs.

According to a recent survey, 60% of large enterprises prefer tools with advanced customization and data sets security, making Akool a strong contender for these USA-based users.

Which One I Prefer?

In my experience, Akool excels with advanced features like Face Swap, Realistic Avatars, and Video Translate, ideal for creators needing high-quality outputs and secure big data handling.

Despite its higher pricing and lack of customer support, its user-friendly interface is a plus. Stockimg AI is versatile, offering categories like Stock Image, Art, and Logo, with unlimited image credits and commercial usage. It’s affordable and easy to use, making it ideal for professional designers.

Overall, I prefer Akool for its advanced features, but Stockimg AI is excellent for diverse design needs on a budget.

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Let’s answer some of the most common questions by users in USA:

Akool AI offers Face Swap, Realistic Avatars, Video Translate, Talking Photo, and Image Generator services. It also includes advanced data security and data integration options in USA.

Yes, Stockimg AI provides secure data handling to ensure user information is protected. It supports commercial usage, making it a reliable choice for professional projects.

Stockimg AI offers a free plan with limited features. Paid plans start at $31 per month, providing unlimited image credits and additional benefits.

Conclusion: Who’s the Winner in USA? Akool vs Stockimg AI?

In the Akool vs Stockimg AI comparison, Akool emerges as the winner. I found Akool’s advanced features like Face Swap, Realistic Avatars, and Video Translate, combined with its high data security, to be unparalleled. Despite higher pricing, its robust capabilities and customization options make it ideal for professional use, giving it the edge over Stockimg AI.

For more of such detailed AI tools analysis, visit my AI comparisons at allaboutai.com.

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