HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI 2024: What Is My Preferred Option?

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  • May 14, 2024

Are you wondering which video AI tool might best fit your needs while living anywhere? In this detailed comparison of HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI, I draw from my practical experiences, having tested each tool on various factors to help you make an informed decision. Interestingly, a recent survey found that over 60% of digital content creators now use AI tools to enhance video production, pointing to a significant shift in how content is created.

As someone closely involved in the best AI video tools, my preference will guide this analysis, though I aim to provide an objective look at both tools.

This article covers pricing, use cases, refund policies, customer service, alternatives, and key differences between HeyGen and DeepBrain AI. Finally, I’ll reveal my top pick and why one of these tools might edge out the other for users.

HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: Is there a Quick Comparison?

Let’s look at how HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI compare, highlighting what each tool offers. This will help you determine the best AI tool for your needs.

Key Features HeyGen DeepBrain AI
Rating 4.5/5 5/5
Best For Generating AI Avatars Quick, high-quality video production
Pricing (Basic Plan) $29/month $24 – $129/month
Number of Templates 300+ 500+
Number of Languages Supports 20+ languages Supports 80+ languages
Text To Video Generator Yes Yes
Number of Users Multiple 3 seats
Integration Extensive (including API, ChatGPT integration) Comprehensive (including AWS, IBM Watson)
Data Security SOC 2 Compliance, Privacy Protection Advanced security features
Resolution Up to 4K Full HD 1080p
Free Trial Yes Yes
Customer Support Email Email (general support)
Refund Policy Yes (15 days) Yes (14 days)
AI Avatars 120+ Base and Premium Avatars 80+ AI Avatars
Voice Cloning Yes Yes
Screen Recorder Yes Yes
Media Library Yes 100K+ videos
Custom Fonts Yes Yes
Voiceover Uploads Yes Yes
Duration upto 5 min Unlimited
Additional Features Custom AI Avatars, Digital Twin, Public AI Voices One-Click Translation, Bulk Video Downloads, Auto Reframe

HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: A Detailed Overview for Professionals

After this brief comparison, I will go into more detail. This will give professionals all the information they need to decide whether HeyGen or DeepBrain AI is the better choice for their projects.

What is HeyGen?


HeyGen is a premier video AI tool primarily recognized for generating high-quality AI avatars. Now priced at $29 per month, it offers an impressive range of over 300 templates and supports content creation in more than 20 languages. HeyGen is especially adept at text-to-video generation, accommodating multiple users under one account, which makes it ideal for team environments.

HeyGen integrates seamlessly with numerous platforms and tools, including its own HeyGen API, ChatGPT Script Writer, and customization options for AI outfits. It also connects with Zapier for automation, enhancing workflow efficiency. The platform prioritizes database security, boasting SOC 2 compliance and a dedicated security portal to protect and moderate user content.

Offering resolutions up to 4K, HeyGen does not compromise video quality. Users can start with a free trial to explore its capabilities, and the service includes specialized support through contact@heygen.com. Should it not meet your expectations, users have a 15-day refund policy.


    1. Extensive AI avatar generation options, including base, premium, and custom avatars, with capabilities to create digital twins and take photos.
    2. Advanced voice features offer over 300 public AI voices and options for voice cloning using advanced AI algorithms.
    3. Strong focus on data sets security with SOC 2 compliance and privacy protection, ensuring a safe and secure environment for content creation.


    1. Limited language support in 20+ languages may not suffice for global users needing extensive multilingual capabilities.
    2. While offering multiple integrations, the specific technical requirements could be complex for less tech-savvy users.
    3. Higher resolution at 4k could demand more from users’ hardware and internet bandwidth, potentially limiting access based on users’ technical setup.

Read my HeyGen review here.

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What is DeepBrain AI?


DeepBrain AI excels with its robust feature set geared towards enhancing the auto-generation of content, making it an invaluable asset for content creators who need to produce high-quality videos quickly.

The platform’s pricing ranges from $24 to $129, depending on the chosen plan, which includes up to 360 video credits per year. It stands out with over 500 video templates, features like AI avatars, voice cloning, and advanced editing tools like auto subtitles and video stabilization.

This tool supports 80+ languages and offers advanced integration capabilities with platforms like AWS and IBM Watson, reflecting its versatility and technological advancement.


    1. Offers features like AI smart masking and frame rate conversion
    2. Provides access to over 100K media files
    3. Supports various platforms and provides API access


    1. The pricing can go up to $129, which might be steep for individual creators.
    2. The range of advanced features might overwhelm new users or those not tech-savvy.
    3. Lacks integrated storage solutions, which could be a limitation for users with extensive media files.

Read my detailed DeepBrain Review.

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HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: How do their Pricing and Refund Policy Compare?

Let’s look at how HeyGen and DeepBrain AI compare their pricing and refund policies to help you decide the better financial choice.

Plan Level Feature Highlights HeyGen DeepBrain AI
Free/Personal – Billed Annually- Non-commercial/Personal Use- Basic Avatars and Voices – $0/month- 1 Free Credit- 60+ Base Avatars- 300+ Voices – $24/month- 180 credits/year- 60+ AI Avatars- 5 AI Prompts/month
Creator/Team – Billed Annually
– General Commercial Terms
– Enhanced Features and Speed
– $24/month
– 15 credits/month (180 credits/year)
– Fast Video Processing
– 3 Instant Avatars
– $72/month
– 360 credits/year
– 80+ AI Avatars
– Unlimited AI Prompts
– Team Collaboration
Team/Enterprise – Billed Annually
– Advanced Commercial Terms
– Full Feature Access and Collaboration Tools
– $120/month
– 30 credits/month (360 credits/year)
– Faster Video Processing
– 4k Resolution
– Team Collaboration
– Custom Pricing
– Unlimited seats
– Unlimited credits
– API Access
– 24/7 Priority Support
Enterprise – Custom Plans
– Highest Processing Speeds
– API Access and Advanced Support
– Custom Pricing
– Custom Credit Limits- Fastest Video Processing
– Account Manager
– Custom Pricing
– Unlimited seats
-Unlimited credits
– API Acces
– 24/7 Priority Support

HeyGen Pricing Plan


HeyGen offers a range from a free plan with basic features and one credit per year to a comprehensive enterprise plan with custom credit limits, fastest video processing, and advanced support. Plans are designed to scale with users’ needs, supporting everything from individual creativity to large-scale enterprise requirements.

Get HeyGenOur Top Recommendation for AI Video Tools

DeepBrain AI Pricing Plan


DeepBrain AI provides plans starting at $24 per month for individuals up to custom-priced enterprise solutions offering unlimited seats and credits. Their robust offerings support many features, from artificial intelligence avatars to comprehensive team collaboration tools, ideal for small and large organizations.

Get DeepBrain AIOur Best Recommendation for AI Video Tools

Refund Policy

  • HeyGen: Offers a refund within a specific time frame; details are typically available upon request.
  • DeepBrain AI: Specific refund policies are also available upon request or during purchase.

What is the Difference between HeyGen and DeepBrain AI?

Here is a comparative table showcasing the differences between HeyGen and DeepBrain AI based on several key factors:

Factor HeyGen DeepBrain AI
Templates 300+ templates for various use cases. Over 500+ video templates with more customization options.
Video Duration Unlimited duration depends on the credit system. Unlimited, but limited by credits per year in each plan.
Languages Supports 20+ languages for broad accessibility. Supports 80+ languages, offering greater global reach.
Text to Video Generator Yes, with robust features for automated content creation. Yes, highly efficient with advanced scripting and customization.
Integration HeyGen API, ChatGPT Script Writer, Zapier for automation. Extensive integration, including AWS, IBM Watson, and more advanced API access.
Data Security SOC 2 compliance, privacy focus, and content moderation. Advanced big data security protocols, potentially more comprehensive than HeyGen.
User Interface and Ease of Use Intuitive interface designed for simplicity and ease of use. A complex but powerful interface with advanced features that may have a steeper learning curve.

HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: How is the Customer Support?

Regarding customer support, HeyGen and DeepBrain AI aim to provide valuable assistance to their users, but their approaches and offerings differ.

HeyGen offers targeted support primarily through email, with a specific address provided for users.

DeepBrain AI, on the other hand, scales up its support services depending on the plan. For individual and small business users, support is available via email support@aistudios.com, similar to HeyGen.

HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: What are the Use Cases?

When considering the applications of HeyGen and DeepBrain AI, each tool caters to different use cases that reflect their design and capabilities:

HeyGen Use Cases:

  • Product Overviews: HeyGen is particularly effective for creating detailed product overviews. Its tools allow users to generate engaging and informative video content illustrating product features, benefits, and use cases. This is ideal for companies looking to enhance their product marketing efforts.


  • Scaled Outreach: For businesses looking to scale their outreach efforts, HeyGen provides a robust platform for creating marketing videos that can be easily customized and distributed across various channels. This helps in reaching a broader audience more efficiently.


  • Learning & Development: HeyGen also supports the creation of educational and training videos. Its features facilitate the production of clear, concise, and engaging content that can be used in corporate training environments or academic institutions to enhance learning experiences using machine learning.


DeepBrain AI Use Cases:

  • Training & Education: DeepBrain AI excels in creating educational and training content, offering tools that make it easier for educators and trainers to develop compelling learning materials.


  • E-commerce: For e-commerce platforms, DeepBrain AI can produce dynamic product videos that capture consumer attention and drive sales.


  • News Media: In the news media sector, the platform supports quickly creating news reports and updates, helping media outlets deliver timely and visually engaging stories.


  • Finance: Financial institutions use DeepBrain AI to explain complex financial concepts in simpler terms through engaging video content, enhancing customer understanding and engagement.


HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: Considerations


When choosing a video AI tool like HeyGen or DeepBrain AI, several factors must be considered to ensure the tool fits the intended purpose and can grow with your needs. Here’s how each tool stacks up against critical purchasing factors:

Technical Requirements

  • HeyGen: Designed to be user-friendly, HeyGen requires minimal technical expertise, making it accessible for users with basic technical skills. However, its high-quality output options, such as 4K video resolution, may require more advanced hardware for smooth operation.
  • DeepBrain AI: This tool offers advanced features that might require a stronger technical setup, especially for utilizing high-end functions like API access and data integration with sophisticated platforms like AWS and IBM Watson. It’s ideal for users with a solid technical background or businesses with IT support.

Creative Flexibility

  • HeyGen: This software offers significant creative flexibility with over 300 templates and customizable AI avatars. It suits users looking to produce unique, brand-aligned content without extensive customization tools.
  • DeepBrain AI: With over 500 templates and advanced customization options, including gesture control and multi-avatar setups, DeepBrain AI caters well to users, requiring high degrees of customization and creative power.

Ease of Adoption

  • HeyGen: The interface is straightforward, making it easy for new users to adopt. The learning curve is relatively gentle, encouraging quicker adoption across teams.
  • DeepBrain AI: While offering more advanced features, the complexity of the interface may pose a steeper learning curve. However, it provides comprehensive support and training resources to facilitate adoption.

Long-term Value

  • HeyGen: By providing robust security features like SOC 2 compliance and ongoing updates to templates and avatars, HeyGen ensures long-term value for businesses focused on consistent content production.
  • DeepBrain AI: The scalability and extensive features of DeepBrain AI make it a valuable long-term investment for businesses looking to expand their use of AI in video production, especially with its support for diverse industries and integration capabilities.

Output Quality

  • HeyGen: Delivers high-quality output up to 4K resolution, making it suitable for professional-looking video productions intended for various platforms.
  • DeepBrain AI: It also supports high-quality outputs and adds features like video stabilization and frame rate conversion, crucial for producing broadcast-quality videos.


  • HeyGen: Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, HeyGen scales well through its credit system and multiple-user support but might fall short for larger enterprises needing vast content volumes.
  • DeepBrain AI: Offers excellent scalability options, from personal use plans to enterprise solutions with unlimited seats and minute credits, making it ideal for businesses at any stage of growth.

HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: Additional Info for Creators

Here is a comparative table that provides additional information relevant for creators using either HeyGen or DeepBrain AI, focusing on factors like ideal customer size, deployments, and API access:

Feature HeyGen DeepBrain AI
Ideal Customer Size Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses Flexible; ideal for small businesses to large enterprises
Deployments – 30, 60, 90 credits/month plans

– Max Video Duration per Video

– 4K Resolution

– Customizable credit plans

– Flexible video duration options

API Access Limited API options Comprehensive API access for custom integrations
Avatars and Voices – 120+ Base and Premium Avatars

– 300+ voice options

– Voice Selection

– Extensive AI avatar options, including 3D Avatars

– Advanced voice & language options

Video Features – Photo avatar unlimited

– SRT Upload

– Translation Proofread

– AI Video Generator

– AI Video Editor

– Screen Recording

Translation and Accessibility – Video Translation Basis

– Supports 20+ Languages

– Brand Vocabulary

– Auto Captions

– Text to Speech

– Custom Dictionary

Creative Control – Brand Vocabulary

– Voice Selection

– Gesture Control

– Multi-Avatar Scenes

– Custom Avatar

Resolution and Quality – 4K Resolution

– Translation Proofread

– High-quality studio options

– Brand Assets for consistency

Which is better, DeepBrain AI or HeyGen?

DeepBrain AI is the better choice for several reasons, especially if you want a tool that offers extensive customization, robust integration capabilities, and scalability.

It provides comprehensive API access, which is ideal for businesses looking to integrate video creation within their existing systems seamlessly.

DeepBrain AI’s advanced features, such as gesture control, multi-avatar scenes, and studio avatars, cater to various creative needs, making it highly adaptable to industry requirements.

HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: User Experience

HeyGen: HeyGen offers a streamlined, user-friendly experience with an intuitive interface that simplifies video creation, making it ideal for beginners and small teams seeking quick, effective content production without a steep learning curve.


DeepBrain AI: DeepBrain AI provides a comprehensive, feature-rich platform that caters to tech-savvy users and enterprises, offering advanced customization options and functionalities that may require a learning investment but reward high-quality, versatile video outputs.


HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI: Alternatives

Here’s a comparative table presenting alternatives to HeyGen and DeepBrain AI, highlighting the key features and capabilities of each platform:

Alternative Description
Hour One Offers AI-driven video editing and production tools, ideal for creating polished content quickly.
Lumen5 A versatile online editor that supports video, images, and GIFs, catering to creators seeking simplicity and collaborative features.
InVideo Provides a suite of AI-powered design tools, including video, graphic design, and logo creation, perfect for integrated marketing content.
Pictory Specializes in automatically converting audio and video content into optimized formats for different platforms, enhancing social media presence.

Final Verdict: Which One Works Best for Users?

After reviewing the capabilities and offerings of HeyGen and DeepBrain AI, several key takeaways exist, especially for users.

HeyGen’s user-friendly interface and straightforward tools make it ideal for smaller teams or individual creators who value simplicity and quick content generation.

It offers a solid array of templates and is particularly strong in producing high-quality AI avatars and voice options.


For my personal needs, DeepBrain AI emerges as the clear winner. I appreciate its comprehensive API access and the depth of its video editing capabilities, which align with my preference for a tool that offers high-level customization and the ability to integrate seamlessly into existing systems.

The flexibility to work with a vast array of features, from auto-captions to advanced AI avatars, enhances my ability to produce diverse and engaging content that meets professional standards, which is the most important requirement of content creators.

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Here are some of the best AI tools comparison:

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FAQs: HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI

Let’s answer some of the most common questions of users:

DeepBrain AI is a legitimate tool that provides advanced AI-driven video creation services.

It is designed for users ranging from individuals to large enterprises, offering robust features like API access, customizable avatars, and extensive integration capabilities. The platform caters to various professional needs and is trusted by businesses to deliver high-quality video content.

DeepBrain AI offers many benefits that cater to the diverse needs of its users, making it an invaluable tool for professional video production.

The platform is designed to enhance user creativity and efficiency through its extensive range of customizable features, including AI avatars, voice cloning, and gesture control options.

HeyGen offers a free plan that provides users with basic features, which are free forever under non-commercial terms. This plan includes access to limited templates and AI features.

Wrapping Up: Who is the Winner in HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI?

In the comparison between HeyGen vs DeepBrain AI, I find DeepBrain AI to be the winner for several compelling reasons. As someone who values extensive customization and advanced features in video creation tools, DeepBrain AI meets my expectations with its broad range of capabilities.

Its ability to offer customizable avatars, advanced video editing options, and support for multiple languages makes it an incredibly versatile tool for my projects. Furthermore, the robust integration capabilities with major tech platforms enhance its utility in professional settings, making it a seamless addition to existing workflows.

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