Pictory vs Colossyan 2024: Which AI Video Tool Is Best?

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  • May 14, 2024

Looking at the best AI video creation, Pictory vs Colossyan can reshape your digital content landscape. Imagine effortlessly crafting videos that engage and appeal to your audience—whether it’s a quick social media snippet or an in-depth tutorial.

In this article, I’ll divide the strengths and differences between Pictory and Colossyan, helping you pinpoint the tool that aligns perfectly with your creative vision and operational needs.

Let’s uncover the features that set each apart and determine which platform will be your ally in the quest for outstanding video content in 2024.

Get ready to transform your content creation process with the best AI video tools!

Pictory vs Colossyan: Quick Comparison of Key Features

I will help you make a suitable decision. Here is a detailed feature comparison of the best AI tools, Pictory vs Colossyan, focusing on their capabilities, pricing, and overall user value.

Key Features Pictory Colossyan
My Rating 4.7/5 4.6/5
Best for Digital Marketers, Social Media Managers Learning & Development, Marketing
Pricing Starts at $29/month Starts at $19/month
Number of Templates 40+ 33+
Solutions Text-to-Video, Social Media Reels AI Video Generation, Presentations
Duration Up to 30 mins Up to 90 mins
Number of Languages 13 70+
Storage 1 GB Video hosting/storage available
Text to Video Generator Yes Yes
Number of Users 10,000+ paying users Up to 3
Integration Google Drive, Hootsuite, and YouTube 360Learning, Articulate, Powerpoint
Data Security Retaining data SOC2, ISO27001, and GDPR compliant
Resolution 720p or 1080p Full HD (1080p) to Ultra HD (4k)
Free Trial Available for 3 video projects Available for 14-day trial
Customer Support Email, 24/7 support, live chat, and priority options Support available via email, 24/7 support, and live chat
Refund Policy Yes Yes
Refund Number of Days 15 14

This table illustrates how Colossyan vs Pictory pricing has different segments of the video production market. Pictory shines with its appealing solutions for digital marketers and social media managers, offering a swift and efficient means to create engaging content with a reasonable variety of templates.

On the other hand, Colossyan extends its appeal to those in learning and development, supporting a much broader range of languages and longer video durations, which is crucial for comprehensive educational content.

Its higher resolution capability of up to 4K and extensive API integration make it a versatile tool for detailed and high-quality video production needs.

Both platforms offer robust data security measures and customer support, ensuring users create content efficiently and securely. Choosing between Pictory and Colossyan will depend on your specific needs for video content creation.

Pictory vs Colossyan: A Detailed Overview

Pictory and Colossyan stand out as powerful AI video creation tools. Still, they cater to distinct audiences with different creative needs. Pictory excels in quick social media content production, while Colossyan is a favorite for its detailed educational and marketing video capabilities.

What is Pictory?


Pictory is a versatile AI video creation tool designed to streamline the production of engaging social media videos and quick content conversions from text to video. Pictory features are ideally suited for digital marketers and social media managers looking to enhance their online presence.

See my detailed Pictory review.


    • Rapid content creation allows quick turnaround on video projects.
    • Intuitive interface perfect for non-technical users.
    • Specialized tools for creating social media-ready videos.


    • Max 30 minutes might not suffice for longer, in-depth content.
    • It supports only 13 languages, which may limit its use in multilingual contexts.

What is Colossyan?


Colossyan provides advanced AI-driven video creation capabilities, focusing on generating high-quality educational and marketing videos. With features tailored to support detailed presentations and complex content structures, it is an excellent tool for learning development and marketing professionals.

See my detailed Colossyan review.


    • It offers over 70 languages, making it highly versatile for global applications.
    • Capable of producing videos in up to Ultra HD (4k) resolution.
    • Supports video lengths of up to 90 minutes, ideal for detailed instructional content.


    • More complex features require a steeper learning curve.
    • Starting at $19/month might be a barrier for budget-conscious users.

Get ColossyanOur Top Recommendation for AI Video Tools

Pictory vs Colossyan: Pricing and Refund Policy Comparison

Here are the pricing and refund policies of Pictory and Colossyan, breaking down each tool’s cost structure and how flexible they are with refunds. This comparison will help you understand which tool might be more cost-effective and risk-free for your needs.

Pictory vs Colossyan Pricing

Let’s look into the specific Pictory vs Colossyan pricing structure, highlighting key details such as the availability of free trials and the cost of various plans. This will help clarify the financial commitment involved with each tool.

Pricing Feature Pictory Colossyan
Free Trial 3 video projects Yes, 14 days
Starter Plan $19/month (billed annually) $19/month (billed annually)
Next Tier Plan $39/month (billed annually) Pro Plan: $61/month (billed annually)
Custom Pricing Available Available

This table lays out the key differences and similarities in the pricing structures of Pictory and Colossyan. As I look deeper, both platforms offer compelling starter plans and scalable options, ensuring they cater to a broad range of budgetary and functional needs.

Pictory and Colossyan each cater to different budget needs with their pricing structures.

Here’s the updated snapshot of Pictory and Colossyan pricing plans;

Pictory Pricing 


Moreover, Pictory’s monthly pricing plan for different levels of video creation needs:

  • Starter Plan: Priced at $29/month, suitable for individual content creators, offering 30 monthly videos and 600 transcription minutes.
  • Professional Plan: At $59/month, designed for professionals and small to mid-sized organizations, it includes 60 videos per month, 1200 transcription minutes, and access to over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images & Storyblocks.
  • Teams Plan: For $149/month, best for teams that need advanced features such as 90 videos per month, 1200 transcription minutes, and API access.

Colossyan Pricing 


Colossyan’s monthly pricing plans, tailored for different levels of video creation needs:

  • Starter Plan: For individual content creators at $27/month, this plan includes 10 minutes of video creation per month, AI script assistance, and a custom voice feature.
  • Pro Plan: Targeted at professionals and small teams, priced at $87/month. It expands offerings to 30 minutes of video creation monthly, enriched with AI image generation, limited avatar conversations, and additional multimedia assets.
  • Enterprise Plan: Designed for large-scale corporate use with custom pricing, providing unlimited video creation, enhanced avatar capabilities, 4K video output, and dedicated support.

Refund Policy

Looking at the refund policy is essential for users considering a trial or unsure about committing long-term to a tool. Here is how Pictory and Colossyan handle refunds.

Feature Pictory Colossyan
Free Trial Yes, 3 projects included Yes, 14 days
Refund Eligibility Within 15 days of purchase Case-by-case, within 14 days of purchase
Process Contact via email Contact via email with details of the issue

Pictory vs Colossyan offers free trials, which are beneficial for users to test the software before purchasing.

Pictory allows users to work on three video projects during the trial and offers refunds within 15 days, giving users a relatively generous period to evaluate its suitability.


Colossyan, although it provides a 14-day trial, handles refunds on a case-by-case basis, which might require users to give a valid reason for dissatisfaction. This could be seen as less flexible but ensures that each refund request is handled with attention to individual circumstances.

Pictory vs Colossyan: Key Differences

When evaluating Pictory and Colossyan, several key differences can influence a user’s choice depending on their specific needs. Below, I will examine these differences across various aspects critical to the decision-making process.


  • Pictory: Over 40 templates for quick, engaging social media content and blog-to-video transformations. This makes it particularly useful for digital marketers and content creators who need to produce visually appealing content rapidly and efficiently.


  • Colossyan: Features over 33 highly customizable templates, focusing more on educational and training environments. These templates are ideal for learning & development professionals who require detailed instructional content that can address complex topics.


Video Duration

  • Pictory: Supports video creation up to 30 minutes long, catering well to short-form content creators and digital marketers focused on quick consumption and high impact in their video marketing strategies.
  • Colossyan: Allows for creating videos up to 90 minutes long, providing a significant advantage for producing extensive training sessions, comprehensive tutorials, and in-depth presentations that require longer durations for detailed explanations.


  • Pictory: Can generate videos in 13 languages, making it a versatile tool for businesses targeting multi-regional audiences with multilingual needs. For example, it supports English (US, AU, UK, IN, IE, AB, WL), French (CA, FR), Spanish (ES, LA), Dutch, German, Swiss German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, and Tamil.


  • Colossyan: Extends support to over 70 languages, greatly enhancing its appeal to global enterprises and educational platforms that cater to a highly diverse international audience. For example, Chinese, Hindi, English, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, French, etc.


Text to Video Generator

  • Pictory Text to Video Generator lets you create dynamic videos quickly using text, URLs, or existing media. Known as the Best Video Creator, it features options to add your own or AI-generated voiceovers and access a vast media library of over 10M+ royalty-free assets. Powerful AI streamlines the process, simplifying video production into an efficient, user-friendly experience.


  • Colossyan Text to Video Generator transforms PDFs and PPTs into engaging learning videos tailored with templates optimized for an enhanced learning experience. It’s designed for scenario-based learning, making it perfect for educators and trainers. Select from a wide array of lifelike AI avatars or create your own to narrate your videos, adding a personalized touch that enriches viewer engagement.



  • Pictory: Provides comprehensive API integration that supports seamless workflow integration for individual creators and small teams. Pictory enhances user efficiency with key integrations like Google Drive for easy access and management of files across devices, Hootsuite for direct social media campaign management, and YouTube for streamlined video uploads and channel management.


  • Colossyan: Colossyan offers robust integrations that are particularly valuable in educational and corporate settings, including PowerPoint for transforming presentations into dynamic videos, Docebo for enhancing e-learning experiences, and 360Learning for creating comprehensive video-based training modules. Additionally, integration with Articulate allows for developing detailed educational courses with interactive elements, supporting a wide range of learning and development needs.


Data Security

  • Pictory: Pictory ensures the security of personal information by retaining data as long as necessary or as required by law. Users can access their data by contacting info@pictory.ai.
  • Colossyan: Colossyan is dedicated to setting high standards in security and privacy within the AI video generation field. It actively pursues SOC2, ISO27001, and GDPR compliance, signifying a robust commitment to enterprise-grade security practices. Colossyan has established comprehensive measures to safeguard data integrity and prevent unauthorized access, demonstrating leadership in adopting advanced security protocols.


User Interface and Ease of Use:

  • Pictory features an exceptionally user-friendly interface that caters to both beginners and seasoned content creators. It’s equipped with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and a robust selection of pre-designed templates, making the video creation process both straightforward and swift. This approach significantly reduces the learning curve, allowing users to produce high-quality videos with minimal effort and training.


  • Colossyan offers a more sophisticated user interface for users requiring detailed customization and advanced video creation capabilities. While it provides powerful tools for professional-grade video production, such as extensive avatar customization and advanced editing features, the interface demands a higher level of technical skill, making it better suited for professionals or users with specific, complex video production needs.


Pictory vs Colossyan: Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of user experience, especially when it involves complex software like AI video creation tools. Below is a comparison of the customer support features offered by Pictory and Colossyan.

Support Feature Colossyan Pictory
Live Chat Yes No
Knowledgebase Yes Yes
24/7 On-call Support Yes No
Dedicated Customer Manager No Yes
Video Creation Support Add-on No
Dedicated Data Center Add-on No
Email Support Yes Yes
Priority Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

This table highlights the more comprehensive support structure offered by Colossyan, which includes 24/7 support, live chat, and priority options, catering well to enterprises that require constant and immediate assistance.

Pictory, while offering essential support like a knowledgebase and email support, lacks in more direct and immediate customer service options like 24/7 support and live chat, positioning it as more suitable for users with less critical support needs.

Pictory vs Colossyan: Use Cases Comparison

Understanding how Pictory and Colossyan serve different professional scenarios can guide users in choosing the tool that best fits their needs. Below is a table highlighting typical use cases for each platform:

Use Case Pictory Colossyan
Social Media Content Highly effective for quick, engaging posts Suitable but focuses on more detailed content
Marketing Campaigns Ideal for rapid campaign video production Excellent for in-depth, narrative-driven campaigns
Educational Content Good for short educational clips Best for comprehensive educational modules and training
Corporate Communication Suitable for quick internal communications Preferred for detailed reports and presentations
Training and Development Basic training videos Extensive training programs with detailed content

Who Should Use Pictory?

If you’re part of a content team that needs to quickly turn articles into engaging video content, Pictory could be your secret weapon. It’s incredibly well-suited for content creators and marketers who must produce a high media volume for platforms like YouTube or social media. 

Pictory streamlines video creation, allowing you to transform written content into polished videos with minimal effort. This makes it perfect for digital marketers or social media managers who need to engage their audience with fresh, visual content consistently.


It’s also a fantastic tool for educators and trainers. Whether you’re looking to enhance online learning materials or create interactive training videos, Pictory simplifies the process, enabling you to produce educational content that is both informative and captivating.

For small business owners or freelancers, Pictory offers a cost-effective way to create professional-grade videos without needing a dedicated video production team, saving time and resources.

Who Should Use Colossyan?

Colossyan is ideal for organizations that require detailed, customizable video content across various departments.

From employee onboarding to compliance training, Colossyan’s robust features ensure that every video meets your organization’s needs, enhancing internal communications and customer education.


For Learning & Development professionals and Education Providers, Colossyan is particularly valuable. Its ability to produce in-depth educational videos allows for creation of comprehensive learning modules that can significantly enhance the academic experience.

This tool can help you deliver complex information in an accessible format, making it easier for learners to absorb and retain knowledge.

Moreover, for larger enterprises or teams that need to integrate their video content creation seamlessly with existing technology stacks, Colossyan provides advanced features and API access.

This integration capability makes it an excellent choice for digital marketers and enterprise content teams who need to produce a wide range of content consistently and efficiently.

Whether you’re a coach looking to enhance your online courses or a business professional aiming to boost your company’s online presence, Colossyan offers advanced tools and customization options to create high-quality, impactful videos tailored to your needs.

Pictory vs Colossyan: Considerations

When deciding between Pictory and Colossyan, weighing various factors that could influence their effectiveness in meeting your specific video creation needs is crucial.

As I look into the comparison, I’ll outline critical areas such as technical requirements, creative flexibility, ease of adoption, long-term value, output quality, and scalability.

Consideration Pictory Colossyan
Technical Requirements Minimal; mainly web access Higher; requires more robust hardware for 4K videos
Creative Flexibility Moderate; great for quick edits High; extensive editing tools
Ease of Adoption Very High; intuitive UI Moderate; more features to learn
Long-term Value High; continuous updates Very High; scales with enterprise needs
Output Quality Good; up to 1080p Excellent; up to 4K
Scalability Good for SMBs Excellent for large-scale operations

From my perspective, Pictory’s ease of adoption with its user-friendly interface makes it a standout choice for those new to video content creation, offering a smooth learning curve.

Colossyan’s creative flexibility and higher output quality are particularly appealing if you plan to produce large volumes of high-resolution videos. This makes Colossyan preferable for professional settings where video content is a critical operational or marketing strategy component.

Pictory vs Colossyan: Additional Info

To clarify how Pictory and Colossyan fit into various business environments, let’s examine their ideal customer size, deployment options, and API accessibility.

Feature Pictory Colossyan
Ideal Customer Size Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) Medium to Large Enterprises
Deployments Cloud-based Cloud-based
API Access Limited to higher-tier plans Extensively available across all plans

Pictory is especially suitable for SMBs that need straightforward, quick content production without extensive technical demands. The limited API access fits well if you don’t require deep integration with other systems.

On the other hand, Colossyan appeals to me as a better fit for larger enterprises seeking comprehensive API capabilities that support intricate, customized workflows.

Pictory vs Colossyan: Alternatives

Exploring alternatives can provide options that might better meet your needs. Here are three Colossyan and Pictory AI alternatives:

Tool Name Pictory Alternatives Colossyan Alternatives
Alternative 1 Lumen5 Animoto
Alternative 2 InVideo Fliki
Alternative 3 Wave.video Vyond

In my experience, alternatives like Lumen5, InVideo, and Wave. video offers capabilities that closely mimic those of Pictory, with some providing even more creative tools.

For those considering alternatives to Colossyan, Animoto, Biteable, and Vyond stand out as options that provide diverse template choices and enhanced editing features, making them well-suited for detailed and engaging content creation.

Pictory vs Colossyan: Which One I Prefer?

Analyzing the capabilities of Pictory and Colossyan has revealed two robust tools tailored for distinctly different user needs. Pictory shines in quick-turnaround projects, offering a streamlined experience perfect for digital marketers and social media managers who prioritize efficiency.

Its affordable starting price of $19/month and the practical user interface make it a go-to for swiftly producing snappy, engaging content.

On the other hand, Colossyan offers a more nuanced toolset suitable for creating detailed, high-quality educational or promotional videos, particularly effective in settings that demand depth and customization.

For my specific needs, I find myself gravitating toward Colossyan. Its ability to produce videos in resolutions up to Ultra HD (4K) and to support content creation in over 70 languages provides the versatility I require for my projects.

The platform’s strength in handling longer videos—up to 90 minutes—and its extensive API capabilities make it the superior choice for my detailed, content-rich video productions. Starting at just $19/month, Colossyan fits my budget and exceeds my expectations with its rich feature set.

The decision leans heavily on my objective to create educational content that engages and informs.

While Pictory is undoubtedly efficient for shorter, quick-release videos, the comprehensive features and scalability offered by Colossyan align perfectly with my goal to deliver impactful, long-form video content that makes a lasting educational impact.

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FAQs: Pictory vs Colossyan

No, Pictory does not offer a free version. However, it provides a trial where users can create up to three video projects to test the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Pictory is an AI-driven video creation tool designed to help users quickly convert text into engaging video content. It is beneficial for creating social media videos, short marketing clips, and content repurposing, simplifying the video production process with its user-friendly interface.

Colossyan does not offer a completely free version but provides a 14-day free trial that allows users to explore its features before deciding to subscribe to one of its paid plans.

Synthesia and Colossyan are tools for creating AI-generated videos, but they cater to different needs. Synthesia focuses on developing synthetic media content primarily for corporate training and communications using AI avatars.

In contrast, Colossyan offers more comprehensive tools for educational and marketing video production with extensive customization options, including higher resolution outputs and longer video durations.

Wrap-Up: Who is the Winner in? Pictory vs Colossyan

Choosing between Pictory vs Colossyan hinges on your specific video production needs. Pictory is ideal for those requiring fast content creation, particularly for social media, with a user-friendly platform that ensures quick deployment.

Its affordability makes it accessible for smaller teams or individual content creators.

Meanwhile, Colossyan shines for those needing detailed, high-quality educational or comprehensive marketing videos.

Its capability to produce longer, high-resolution content makes it a powerhouse for in-depth storytelling. For my needs, Colossyan edges out as the superior choice due to its versatility and advanced features, making it the preferred tool for creating impactful, professional-grade videos.

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