Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt 2024: Which Image Generator Excels?

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  • June 7, 2024

Are you confused between choosing Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt for your creative projects? You’re in the right place! As someone who loves experimenting with AI tools, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with both Stockimg AI and ImagineArt.

Each one has its own strengths and quirks, and this detailed comparison will help you figure out which one suits your needs best. By the end, you’ll have all the insights you need to make an informed choice.

Ready to find out which image generator reigns supreme? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt and discover the best AI image generators in USA for 2024!

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: A Quick Comparison

When it comes to choosing between Stockimg AI and ImagineArt, knowing the key features can make all the difference for American Professionals. Here’s a detailed feature comparison of the best AI tools in USA to help you decide which one suits your needs better.

Factors Stockimg AI ImagineArt
Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Best for Professional designers Creative exploration, image enhancement, content generation
Pricing Free to $29 per month $7 to $9 per month
Templates Stock images, art, logo, illustration, wallpaper, poster Text-to-image generation, diverse art styles
Solutions Smart branding, graphic design efficiency, customization Creative freedom, high-resolution images, fast processing
No of Languages English English
No of Users Not specified Not specified
Integration API integration available Discord, API access available
Data Security Available Available via cloud
Free Trial Yes (3 days) Yes
Customer Support Available via email ( Available via live chat, email, and Discord
Refund Policy Not available Available for major faults
No of Days for Refund N/A N/A

This quick comparison sets the stage, but let’s dive deeper to understand the nuances of each tool. Now, let’s explore a detailed overview of Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Detailed Overview

To make an informed decision, we need to look closely at what each AI image generator offers for American Consumers.

What is Stockimg AI?


Stockimg AI represents a significant advancement in AI-driven design, catering to professional designers. It offers the ability to create custom stock images, logos, book covers, posters, and more, streamlining the design process with powerful tools and high-quality results.


    • High-quality image generation
    • Customizable templates
    • Easy integration with existing workflows
    • Unlimited image credits for premium users
    • Robust customer support


    • Limited free trial period (3 days)
    • Higher cost for premium plans
    • No refund policy
    • Limited language support (only English)
    • Learning curve for new users

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What is ImagineArt?


ImagineArt is an AI art generator designed for creative exploration and image enhancement. It allows users to generate images from text descriptions, offering high-resolution outputs and a variety of artistic styles. Ideal for artists and content creators seeking innovative ways to produce visual content.


    • High-resolution image outputs
    • Variety of styles and customization options
    • User-friendly interface
    • Fast processing times
    • Integration with Discord


    • Paid plans only
    • Limited language support (only English)
    • Upcoming features not yet available
    • Limited integration with other tools
    • No detailed refund policy

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By understanding these aspects, you can better decide which tool, Stockimg AI or ImagineArt, meets your creative needs and preferences.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Pricing and Refund Policy Comparison

Understanding the pricing and refund policies of Stockimg AI and ImagineArt is crucial for making an informed decision. Let’s dive into the specifics of what each tool offers in terms of cost, free trials, and refund policies for American Marketers.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt Pricing

Factors Stockimg AI ImagineArt
Free Trial Yes (3 days) Yes
Free Version Available Not Available
Monthly Pricing Free to $29 $7 to $9
Annual Pricing $0 to $14.5 per month (billed annually) Not specified
Refund Policy Not available Available for major faults

Stockimg AI Pricing


Stockimg AI offers four monthly pricing plans. The “Free” plan is available at $0 per month, designed for basic usage.

The “Starter” plan costs $19 per month, reduced from $34, and the “Premium” plan, noted as the most popular, is priced at $29 per month, discounted from $60.

Lastly, the “Enterprise” plan is customized for business needs and requires direct contact for pricing details. Each paid plan includes a 3-day free trial.

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ImagineArt Pricing


Here is the Yearly pricing plan of ImagineArt:

Standard Plan

  • Price: $8 per month (billed yearly at $11/month)
  • Features:
    • Fast Processing
    • Access to all Styles & Models
    • Commercial License
    • No Android Access
    • No Early Access to new features

Professional Plan

  • Price: $10 per month (billed yearly at $14/month)
  • Features:
    • All Standard features, plus:
    • Fast Processing
    • Access to all Styles & Models
    • Commercial License
    • Android Access
    • No Early Access to new features

Premium Plan

  • Price: $13 per month (billed yearly at $18/month)
  • Features:
    • All Professional features, plus:
    • Fast Processing
    • Access to all Styles & Models
    • Commercial License
    • Android Access
    • Early Access to new features
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Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt Refund Policies

Here’s a comparison of the refund policies for Stockimg AI and ImagineArt:

Feature Stockimg AI ImagineArt
Eligibility for Refunds No refunds for any amounts billed or paid once a subscription is active​ (Stockimg)​​ (Stockimg)​ Refunds granted for major faults, technical issues, non-delivery of tokens, or defective digital goods​ (Proactive Support | Intercom)​​.
Refund Exceptions All payments are final and non-refundable after the free trial period​ (Stockimg)​ No refunds if requested after 30 minutes, if 50+ tokens are used, for subscription renewals, or for change of mind​ (Proactive Support | Intercom)​
Cancellation of Subscription Subscription can be canceled at any time via website or support email, but no refunds are provided​ (Stockimg)​ Can cancel at any time through account settings or customer support to stop future charges​ (Proactive Support | Intercom)​
Refund Request Requirements N/A Proof of purchase, subscription details, description of issue, token usage info, and any supporting documentation​ (Proactive Support | Intercom)​

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Main Differences

To help you decide between Stockimg AI and ImagineArt, let’s explore the main differences in their key features. Here’s a closer look at how they stack up against each other.


  • Stockimg AI: Offers a wide range of templates, including stock images, logos, illustrations, wallpapers, and posters, catering to diverse professional design needs.
  • ImagineArt: Provides diverse art styles and text-to-image generation templates, ideal for creative exploration and artistic projects.

Ease of Use

  • Stockimg AI: Designed for professional designers with powerful, customizable tools that significantly streamline the design process for US businesses.
  • ImagineArt: Features a user-friendly interface that allows users, including American artists, to create art quickly and easily without much hassle.


  • Stockimg AI: Robust API integration capabilities that seamlessly fit into existing workflows, particularly benefiting US professionals in graphic design and marketing.
  • ImagineArt: Integration with Discord and upcoming integrations with other popular art and content tools, enhancing creative possibilities.


  • Stockimg AI: Available on both mobile and web platforms, providing flexibility for US designers on the go, ensuring continuous productivity.
  • ImagineArt: Offers iOS and Android apps for mobile access, ensuring creative work can continue anywhere, which is perfect for American students and creators.

User Interface

  • Stockimg AI: Provides a detailed and professional interface suited for advanced users, making it a preferred choice for US professionals seeking depth in design tools.
  • ImagineArt: Boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface ideal for beginners and artists, allowing for easy adoption by a wide range of users.


  • Stockimg AI: Does not offer a refund policy, which might be a concern for some US customers considering a long-term investment.
  • ImagineArt: Offers refunds for major faults, providing a level of customer assurance and peace of mind for American users.


  • Stockimg AI: Generates high-quality images suitable for professional use, ensuring that US marketers and designers get top-notch visuals.
  • ImagineArt: Offers high-resolution outputs, including 4K and 8K images, making it ideal for detailed and vibrant creative projects.


  • Stockimg AI: Provides ample storage with a focus on unlimited image credits for premium users, supporting extensive use by American companies.
  • ImagineArt: Emphasizes secure storage with cloud-based solutions, ensuring data safety and accessibility for US users.

No of Languages

  • Stockimg AI: Supports English, catering primarily to US and English-speaking designers.
  • ImagineArt: Supports English, making it accessible to American artists and creators.

By examining these features, US professionals, marketers, videographers, and creative individuals can better understand which AI image generator aligns with their needs.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Customer Support

Having reliable customer support is crucial when choosing an AI tool, especially for US users who may need prompt assistance. Let’s explore the customer support options provided by Stockimg AI and ImagineArt.

Stockimg AI:

Stockimg AI offers customer support via email at They are dedicated to helping users make the most of their AI image generator, ensuring that any issues or questions are addressed promptly.

This makes it convenient for US professionals who might need quick solutions during their design projects.


ImagineArt provides robust customer support through live chat, email, and Discord. Their support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or issues, offering a high level of accessibility and responsiveness. This comprehensive support system is particularly beneficial for American artists and creators who rely on timely help to keep their creative processes flowing smoothly.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Use Case Comparison

Understanding who should use Stockimg AI versus ImagineArt can help you determine which tool best fits your needs. Let’s break down the use cases for each tool to see which one aligns with your specific requirements.

Who Should Use Stockimg AI?

  • Professional Designers: Perfect for US professionals seeking high-quality images and AI-driven tools to speed up the design process, enhancing creativity and efficiency.
  • Marketers: Ideal for American marketers who need a quick and reliable way to generate custom stock images for campaigns, social media, and content marketing.
  • Businesses: US businesses can leverage Stockimg AI to create professional-quality logos, book covers, and promotional materials without hiring a graphic designer.
  • Web Designers: Stockimg AI is beneficial for web designers in the USA who need high-resolution images and illustrations to enhance their website projects.
  • Content Creators: American content creators will find it useful for producing unique and engaging visuals for blogs, videos, and online publications.

Who Should Use ImagineArt?

Graphic showing various-use-cases-of-ImagineArt-AI-generator-tool

  • Artists: ImagineArt is excellent for artists in the US looking to explore new creative possibilities and generate inspiration for their projects.
  • Game Developers: Perfect for American game developers who need to create game assets and character art quickly and efficiently using AI.
  • Advertisers: Ideal for US advertisers needing stunning visuals for ad campaigns and social media posts, ensuring high engagement and reach.
  • Bloggers: ImagineArt helps American bloggers illustrate their articles and blog posts with custom-generated images, enhancing the reader’s experience.
  • Students: Useful for US students who want to create illustrations for reports, essays, and study materials, making their academic work more engaging.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Considerations

When deciding between Stockimg AI and ImagineArt, it’s important to evaluate various factors that will impact your overall experience and satisfaction with the tool. Here are key considerations to keep in mind while purchasing an AI image generator tool:

Technical Requirements

  • Stockimg AI: Requires internet access and is available on both mobile and web platforms, making it accessible for US professionals who work across different devices.
  • ImagineArt: Also available on iOS and Android apps, ensuring that American users can create on the go. It integrates with Discord, adding a layer of community engagement and support.

Creative Flexibility

  • Stockimg AI: Offers a wide range of templates and customization options, making it ideal for professional designers in the US who need diverse and high-quality visuals.
  • ImagineArt: Provides diverse art styles and creative tools such as text-to-image generation, catering to US artists and content creators looking for innovative design capabilities.

Ease of Adoption

  • Stockimg AI: Its professional interface might have a learning curve but is ultimately rewarding for American designers seeking depth in their design tools.
  • ImagineArt: Features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it a great choice for American students and beginners who want to quickly adopt and use the tool.

Long-term Value

  • Stockimg AI: Offers flexible pricing options, including a free version and various subscription plans, providing good long-term value for US businesses and professionals who need ongoing access to high-quality images.
  • ImagineArt: Though it lacks a free version, its affordable monthly plans and features like high-resolution outputs and creative freedom offer significant value for US artists and creators over time.

Output Quality

  • Stockimg AI: Generates high-quality, professional-grade images suitable for various professional uses, making it a reliable choice for US marketers and web designers.
  • ImagineArt: Delivers high-resolution images, including 4K and 8K, which are perfect for detailed and vibrant creative projects, satisfying the needs of American game developers and advertisers.


  • Stockimg AI: With robust API integration and unlimited image credits for premium users, it scales well for large projects and diverse needs, particularly benefiting US companies.
  • ImagineArt: While it offers creative freedom and high-resolution outputs, its integration capabilities and community engagement through Discord enhance its scalability for growing creative teams in the US.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Additional Info

To help you make an informed decision, here’s some additional information about Stockimg AI and ImagineArt. This includes ideal customer size, deployment options, and API access.

Factors Stockimg AI ImagineArt
Ideal Customer Size Small to medium businesses, freelancers, and individual professionals in the USA Individual artists, small creative teams, and content creators in the USA
Deployments Web, mobile (iOS and Android) Web, mobile (iOS and Android)
API Access Available Available

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: Alternatives

If neither Stockimg AI nor ImagineArt meets your needs, there are other AI image generator tools that might be a better fit. Here are three alternatives to consider, each catering to specific features and functionalities.

Tools Alternative to
Midjourney ImagineArt
ArtSmart Stockimg AI Both


Midjourney is an excellent alternative to ImagineArt, offering high-quality image generation with a focus on creative and artistic styles. It’s ideal for artists and creators who require versatile and detailed visuals.


ArtSmart provides a wide range of templates and customization options, making it suitable for professional designers and marketers. It matches the flexibility and professional quality of Stockimg AI, offering robust tools for detailed design work. is a powerful tool that integrates well with various platforms and offers high-resolution outputs. It serves as an alternative to both Stockimg AI and ImagineArt due to its comprehensive feature set, which includes customization, high-quality image generation, and ease of integration.

These alternatives offer a mix of features and functionalities that can serve as suitable replacements depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt: My Overall Experience

Having used both Stockimg AI and ImagineArt extensively, here are my personal reviews and ratings for each tool. This comparison will highlight the strengths and areas for improvement of both tools from my perspective for American Users.

Factors Stockimg AI ImagineArt
Ease of Use 4/5: Professional interface, but it takes some time to master. 3.5/5: Very user-friendly, perfect for beginners and artists.
Features 4/5: Extensive templates and customization options. 4/5: Diverse art styles and creative tools.
Integration 3.5/5: Good API integration with existing workflows. 3.5/5: Good integration with Discord, more coming soon.
Output Quality 4/5: High-quality, professional-grade images. 4/5: High-resolution images, great for detailed projects.
Customer Support 3.5/5: Responsive via email, could use more channels. 4/5: Great support via live chat, email, and Discord.
Value for Money 3.5/5: Flexible pricing, worth the investment for professionals. 3.5/5: Affordable plans, though lacks a free version.
Overall Rating 3.8/5 3.8/5

Areas for Improvement:

  • Stockimg AI: Could benefit from more intuitive onboarding for new users and a broader range of language support to cater to a wider audience.
  • ImagineArt: Introducing a free version or extending the trial period would be beneficial. Also, adding more integrations with other popular tools would enhance its usability.

Which One I Prefer?

After extensively using both Stockimg AI and ImagineArt, I’ve found that each tool has its own unique strengths and areas where it excels.

Stockimg AI excels with its extensive templates and high-quality images, ideal for professional designers and marketers. ImagineArt offers a user-friendly interface and diverse art styles, perfect for artists and beginners.

For my specific needs, ImagineArt works best. As someone who values ease of use and creative freedom, ImagineArt provides a more intuitive experience and meets my requirements for generating diverse, high-quality visuals quickly.

While Stockimg AI is a strong contender with its powerful tools and professional quality, the user-friendly interface and affordable plans of ImagineArt align better with my workflow, making it the tool I prefer to use for my creative projects.

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Here are some of the best AI tools comparison:

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The best AI art generator depends on your needs. Midjourney is highly regarded for its creative and artistic outputs, while DALL-E by OpenAI offers incredible versatility and quality.

Yes, Stockimg AI offers a free plan. This free plan allows users to generate one image with access to seven categories and 15+ AI models. It’s a great way to test the platform before committing to a paid plan. 

ArtSmart is known for having no restrictions on its usage and providing unlimited access to its features and tools without any hidden fees or limits.

Conclusion: Who’s the Winner? Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt?

ImagineArt emerges as the winner after comparing the features of both tools. Its ease of use, diverse art styles, and affordable plans make it a top choice for artists and beginners.

While Stockimg AI offers extensive templates and professional-grade images, ImagineArt’s user-friendly interface and excellent support give it the edge.

In short, both tools have their merits, but ImagineArt stands out in the Stockimg AI vs ImagineArt debate. Whether you’re a designer or an artist, exploring these tools will enhance your creative projects. Stay updated for more AI tool comparison blogs on

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