Why Waste Time on PowerPoint? Discover the Power of AI-Generated Slides

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  • June 13, 2024
Why-Waste-Time-on-PowerPoint-Discover-the-Power-of AI-Generated-Slides

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating PowerPoint presentations? 

I get it, too. Many people find making PowerPoint slides both time-consuming and tedious. But we can overcome this challenge by using the power of AI-generated slides, which can greatly enhance your productivity.

Using AI slides can save your time that could be better spent on other important work. Because there are several AI-powered tools that can help you make AI-generated slides as well as extract text from PowerPoint slides.

Want to know how can you make AI-generated presentation slides? Keep reading the blog to explore how AI-generated slides can transform your presentation process and discover all the amazing benefits they offer.

Are PowerPoint Presentations a Waste of Time?

Yes, if you make it manually without the help of AI, so you will definitely be spending hours on making it. I know this fact because I’ve been there too!


According to the Data, 30% of employees spend 5 or more hours making PowerPoint slides and feel they are wasting their energy. You could be using that energy to work on other important tasks, but instead, you’re stuck tweaking slides.

But what if you didn’t have to go through all that hassle? That’s where the power of AI-generated slides comes in. The AI presentation PPT can help you create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily, without all the stress.

It’s especially great for students who have tons of assignments and projects to juggle. The power of AI-generated slides for students means they can spend more time learning and less time struggling with presentation design.

What People Are Saying About Wasting Time On PowerPoint?

People have different opinions, but most agree that PowerPoint is a huge time-waster. Many find themselves spending hours on slide design, which could be better spent on other important tasks.

Let’s discuss people’s opinions over PowerPoint slides usage and see what people agree on; 

byu/NipponPanda from discussion

Some people think that making PPT is totally a waste of time;

byu/NipponPanda from discussion

What Are AI-Generated Slides?

AI-generated slides are slide presentations made by artificial intelligence. Instead of spending hours creating slides, AI can do it for you quickly.  The power of AI-generated slides can choose the right layout, add images, and even suggest the best wording for your content.

You can use Gemini to make free AI-generated slides as Google integrated Gemini AI into slides. Due to the rapid development of AI slides, people are giving value to the AI-generated slides which save their time and effort. If you are looking to enhance your presentations even further, you might want to explore AI prompts for presentations, providing innovative ways to captivate your audience. If you want to make these free AI-generated slides, you might also want to check out some AI tools to learn a new skill.

You can use Gemini to make free AI-generated slides as Google integrated Gemini AI into slides. Due to the rapid development of AI slides, people are giving value to the AI-generated slides which save their time and effort. If you want to make these free AI-generated slides, you might also want to check out some AI tools to learn a new skill.

Elements Of AI-Generated Slides

While AI simplifies creation, ensuring the slides are error-free and carry the intended message requires human intervention, especially in avoiding common AI image generator mistakes. Such mistakes can range from misrepresenting data to using visuals that don’t align with the presented content. Awareness and correction of these errors can significantly uplift the quality of your AI-generated slides.

Similarly, it’s crucial to edit AI output for style and tone consistency, as discrepancies in these areas can lead to a disjointed presentation. Editing ensures that the slides not only convey the information effectively but also maintain a professional and cohesive appearance throughout the presentation.

AI-generated slides offer a range of features that streamline the creation process and enhance the quality of presentations. Here are the key elements:

Automated Design Layouts:

  • Generates themes that enhance the presentation’s message.
  • Ensures consistent and visually appealing designs.


Content Generation and Amendments:

  • Creates and refines text content.
  • Generates summaries, headlines, and bullet points.


Data Visualization:

  • Transforms complex datasets into charts, graphs, and tables.
  • Automatically selects the best format for color correction purposes.

Dynamic Customization:

  • Personalizes slides for specific audiences.
  • Adjusts language, tone, and visuals based on audience analysis.


Accessibility Features:

  • Ensures slides are accessible to all viewers.
  • Uses appropriate color contrasts and adds alt text for images.

Interactive Elements:

  • Integrates clickable links, embedded videos, and animations.
  • Enhances engagement and caters to different learning styles.


Feedback and Suggestions:

  • Offers design and content suggestions to improve slide quality.
  • Checks for visual balance and arrangement of slide elements.

The impact Of AI-Generated Slides

AI-generated slides are transforming the way presentations are created and delivered across various sectors. The following sections explore the impact of AI-generated slides on different professions and industries.



AI-generated slides revolutionize business presentations by enhancing clarity and professionalism. They help transform complex data into readable graphs and infographics, ensuring that ideas are communicated effectively to investors and stakeholders.

This power of AI-generated slides helps businesses and organizations achieve their goals, allowing businesses to focus on content rather than design.


For teachers, AI-generated slides offer a significant advantage in delivering information effectively. AI tools can create visually appealing and well-organized presentations and motion videos for a better understanding of students. The use of AI prompts for educational videos can further enhance the learning experience by providing tailored content that resonates with different learning styles.

AI generated slides for teachers to automate the slide creation process, which can devote more time to student interaction and lesson planning. Exploring the question of will AI replace or assist teachers? provides insights into how AI tools not only serve as aids in educational settings but also as companions that enrich the teaching process.


The power of AI-generated slides provides students with a powerful tool to create professional-looking presentations effortlessly. Additionally, exposure to AI-generated slides for students helps them learn good design principles and improve their presentation skills.

There are now many educational AI tools available that help students to learn more effectively and efficiently. If you are a student, don’t run manually, but try smarter AI tools!

Understanding the implications of plagiarism and how to avoid it is crucial for every student. Leveraging the technology of AI in plagiarism detection can greatly aid in ensuring the originality of your work.

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams benefit from AI-generated slides by ensuring brand consistency and transforming complex market data into clear visuals.

This capability allows marketing professionals to focus on strategy and content and generate high-quality slides that effectively communicate their message.


Freelancers can use AI-generated slides to create impactful presentations that showcase their services and attract potential clients. AI tools help generate unique, visually appealing content that reflects a freelancer’s style and message.

These AI-free slides enhance the ability of freelancers to stand out in a competitive market, saving time and effort in the process.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations can leverage AI-generated slides to create compelling presentations that resonate with stakeholders, donors, and volunteers. You must be an expert in using AI writing tools for non-profit organizations.

AI presentation makers help enhance emotional connections through well-crafted text and visuals, ensuring that the message aligns with the organization’s objectives.

Public Speakers

Public speakers can significantly enhance their presentations with the Best AI presentation maker. AI tools help create clear, engaging visuals that support the speaker’s message, making it easier to influence and connect with the audience.

Public speakers can focus more on delivering their message effectively by saving time on slide design.


Researchers handling complex data and concepts can use AI-generated slides to present their findings clearly and understandably.

AI tools convert intricate research data into easy-to-grasp visuals, helping researchers highlight key points without spending excessive time on slide design. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for researchers with packed schedules.


AI-generated slides assist scientists in simplifying and presenting their discoveries and ideas. AI tools make it easier for scientists to communicate high-level information to non-experts. This capability is especially valuable in academic and conference settings.


Inventors introducing new inventions can use AI-generated slides to explain their innovative concepts clearly and creatively. AI tools help generate relevant text, themes, and visuals that vividly illustrate the invention’s purpose and functionality.

These AI PPT tools aid inventors in effectively conveying their groundbreaking ideas to potential investors and audiences.

The power of AI-generated slides enhances the effectiveness of presentations across various sectors. It allows professionals to focus on delivering their message, making presentations more engaging and impactful.

AI-Generated Slides And Audience Insights

Let’s see the insights from a wide range of audiences who need PPTs in their daily tasks and analyze their comments in the light of their experiences.

See how people recommend and admire AI PPT slides for the purpose of saving time. 

byu/Sea-Vehicle-1951 from discussion

See how people focus on the need for PPTs in their organizations;

byu/NipponPanda from discussion

What I Think About AI-Generated Slides

I believe the power of AI-generated slides is revolutionizing the way we approach presentations, saving us valuable time and effort.  As someone who has spent countless hours tweaking PowerPoint slides, I truly appreciate the efficiency and quality these AI tools offer for design and colors.


AI can create slides quickly, ensuring consistent design and suggesting relevant content. This saves time and effort.

There are various tools, such as Beautiful.ai, Slidesgo, and Google Slides’ AI features.

Generally, yes, but always check for data privacy policies and permissions.

ChatGPT can help generate content and structure, but it cannot directly create PowerPoint files.


Whether you’re a business professional, a teacher, or a student, AI tools can significantly improve your productivity and presentation quality.

Ready to enhance your presentations with AI? Explore the power of AI-generated slides today and transform the way you create presentations.

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