Elevate Your Presentations: AI Solutions For Turning PowerPoint Into Detailed Transcripts

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  • May 23, 2024

Are you having any hurdles reading long slides? Is there any data that you are unable to understand? 

If yes, then there is a piece of good news for you! There is an AI solution for turning PowerPoint into detailed transcripts.

Many people, whether students or professionals, face the issue while reading long slides because it is time-consuming. In this era, everyone is looking for ways to save time and effort, and when AI in PowerPoint is the solution, everything is good to go.

Recent statistics highlight a significant surge in productivity when businesses use AI. If you want to make your presentation more impactful, exploring how “ChatGPT” can assist might just be your next best step.

Keep reading the full blog to extract text from PPT and make it more impactful in our professional lives!

Ways To Turn PowerPoint Into Detailed Transcripts Using AI

Various ways can help you turn your Powerpoint into detailed transcript. Out of many I suggest you using the memory feature for chatgpt that you the best AI solutions for turning PowerPoint into detailed transcripts.


Additionally, using what we call prompt engineering, is the best AI Solution for Turning PowerPoint into Detailed Transcripts.

If your work requires a higher level of language sophistication, tools that support “formal language” can adjust the style of the transcripts accordingly.

We are going to take you through the ways and techniques to turn lecture slides into notes AI which helps you to understand Chatgpt and Slidespeak.

Exploring advanced text summarization techniques can also enhance the process of turning presentations into concise, easy-to-read transcripts.

Furthermore, to stimulate creativity or tackle specific tasks in your transcript creation, utilizing AI writing prompts can offer tailored guidance and inspiration.

1. Turn PowerPoint into a transcript using ChatGPT

Following are the ways to extract text from PPT online using ChatGPT. People also admire chatgpt turning PowerPoint into AI notes.

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a- Login Into ChatGPT

Users must first register and log in to their OpenAI account to access ChatGPT.


b- Write The Prompt

Determine the structure of the request and create an appropriate prompt to guide ChatGPT.

c- Input the text of the PPT to be summarized.

There are many ways that you can put your slides. Let’s discuss it!

  • You can copy the text and paste it into the Chatgpt
  • You can upload the file of the PPT presentation into the Chatgpt
  • You can also upload a PDF file of your presentation into the ChatGPT


d- Specify the desired length or detail of the summary.

You can specify the length or detail of the PDF you want to turn into AI notes and get the best results.

2. Turn PowerPoint into A Transcript Using Slidespeak. Co

Slidespeak can be your best AI Solution for Turning PowerPoint into Detailed Transcripts. Let’s see what people are saying about Slidespeak; 

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a- Login to Slidespeak.co

Login to the account of Slidespeak by entering your email so you can able to get started.


b- Upload Your PPT

Upload the PPT that you need to turn into a detailed transcript for free.


c- Get The Results

After uploading the PPT, you will able to extract text from the PPT for free.


The mentioned tools are helpful for extracting text from PPT online, and these AI Solutions are for Turning PowerPoint into detailed transcripts. You can also use other AI language models like Gemini AI slides which helps you to extract AI notes from PPT.

8 Ways To Use AI In PowerPoint

When I talk about using AI in PowerPoint, it really opens up a bunch of cool ways to enhance presentations without needing extra skills.

Beyond just enhancing your presentations, the realm of artificial intelligence offers vast opportunities for using AI tools for studying and learning new skills with AI, showing just how versatile and beneficial AI can be in various aspects of knowledge acquisition and skill development.

1- Design with AI Templates

You don’t need to be a design pro to make great slides. AI tools offer a variety of AI templates that automatically adjust to your content.

2- AI Quiz Generator

Moving on, quizzes can make presentations more interactive. AI can quickly craft quizzes from your slides’ content, adding a fun learning component.

3- Streamline Content Summarization

AI can condense complex information into bullet points and helps you fact-checking in AI-generated content. This feature is super handy when you need to highlight the key messages of your presentation without overwhelming your audience.

4- Turn Audio Recordings into a Presentation

If you have audio files, AI can transcribe them and help craft a presentation. This is perfect AI solution for turning powerpoint into detailed summary.

5- Improve Writing Style

AI can polish your writing style directly in PowerPoint. It checks grammar and suggests style improvements, and you can also use Chatgpt to summarize an article or to summarize your PDF documents.

6- Create New Images

Creating unique images can be tough, but AI simplifies this task. With AI-powered tools, you can generate custom visuals that make your slides stand out.

7- Generate Charts and Graphs

Just input your data, and AI will recommend the best way to present it visually, making complex information easy to digest.

8- PowerPoint’s Own AI Tools

PowerPoint itself includes AI tools like Presenter Coach and Design Ideas. These tools offer real-time feedback on your presentation skills and automatically suggest design enhancements.

It is also not about small PowerPoint slides but Chatgpt has the ability to convert big data of slides into transcripts. By using PowerPoint to note AI free professionals and students alike can transform their PowerPoint slides into comprehensive notes effortlessly.

In addition to turning PowerPoint presentations into detailed transcripts, it’s worth exploring how AI can revolutionize the creation process itself. AI-generated slides can save valuable time and enhance productivity by automating the design and content generation, ensuring that presentations are both visually appealing and content-rich.


Yes, PowerPoint can generate transcripts using AI tools, and it is the best AI solution for turning PowerPoint into detailed transcripts.

To convert a PowerPoint presentation to a transcript, use speech-to-text AI tools such as SpeechText.AI or Otter. AI. Just upload your audio recordings from the presentation, and these tools will provide you with a written transcript.

To turn your PowerPoint (PPT) into notes, use content summarization tools like SummarizeBot or the built-in summarizing features in PowerPoint to extract key points and turn them into concise notes.

AI tools like Otter.AI and Microsoft’s PowerPoint can help make notes from PowerPoint presentations. They can transcribe audio from

What I Percieved From This

I believe that this technology of converting PowerPoint slides into detailed transcripts is playing a pivotal role in enhancing how we handle presentations and extract valuable information.

I am particularly impressed by the capabilities of ChatGPT and slidespeak to turn lecture slides into notes AI. I recommend you explore this feature, and if you want to read the review of Chatgpt, check it out. Also, Chatgpt 4 turbo launched, which has numerous advanced features, but you can extract detailed text from PPT with the free version of Chatgpt.

The option of AI Solutions for turning PowerPoint into detailed transcripts is widely available, which lets you focus on more productive things.

This quality of Chatgpt of data extraction boosts productivity and improves accessibility and understanding other than the administrative task of note-taking.

I hope this blog teaches you the techniques to turn lecture slides into notes AI. Would love to hear your opinion on this!

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