Pictory AI Review 2024: Is It the Best AI Video Tool?

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  • May 7, 2024

If you’re considering an AI video-generating tool that balances affordability with comprehensive features, this is the only review you’ll need.

I’ve explored everything from Pictory AI’s various pricing plans to its customer support and the performance of its language models. Not to mention, I’ve put this tool to the test in real time to bring you firsthand insights. Stay tuned to discover how Pictory AI can elevate your video content and why it ranks highly among the best AI video tools available today.

Whether you’re a seasoned video creator or just starting out, my experience with Pictory AI will guide you through all you need to know. So, stay tuned and keep reading my detailed Pictory AI Review.

My Verdict – Pictory AI Review (3.5/5)

In my thorough exploration of Pictory AI as an AI video-generating tool, I’ve focused on a diverse range of critical factors.

As an expert in AI tools, I’ve evaluated how effectively Pictory AI transforms blog posts into engaging videos, generates accurate subtitles, and converts articles into dynamic videos.

Additionally, it excels in creating branded video snippets from long-form content, which is essential for content marketers.

The pricing, ranging from USD $29 to USD $149, provides flexible options for different needs.

I highly recommend Pictory AI. It stands out for its comprehensive feature set that supports 13 languages and offers robust integration capabilities that streamline video automation, enhancing multi-language content production.

The templates are natural-sounding, and the tool demonstrates a strong understanding of content, ensuring that videos are not only professional but also engaging and relevant. It’s mobile-optimized, making it extremely convenient for creators on the go.

With versatile solutions for everything from e-commerce videos to quick social media snippets, Pictory AI is an excellent choice for content creators looking for a tool that adapts to various video lengths and styles.

I recommend it for its sheer adaptability and user-friendly features.

For a more detailed analysis of each feature, please refer to the detailed ratings table I’ve provided, reflecting industry practices.

A Quick Overview – Quick Overview

To help you in the best way possible, I have shared a comparison table that I’ve precisely researched, featuring the key factors video creators consider essential in AI video generator tools.

This table is designed to help you identify the best AI tool for your specific needs.

AI Video Generator Factors Details My Ratings
Best for
  • Transform blog posts into videos
  • Generating subtitles
  • Turn scripts into sales videos
  • Create branded video snippets from long-form videos
Pricing USD 29 – USD 149 (3/5)
No of videos Upto 90 videos per month (3/5)
Templates N/A (0/5)
  • Customized Branding
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
Duration Maximum video length

  • 10 mins→ Free trial
  • 10 mins→ Starter
  • 20 mins → Professional
  • 30 mins → Teams
No of Languages 13 Languages (2/5)
Storage 1 GB to 5 GB (3/5)
Text – Video Generator Yes (3/5)
No of Users 10000+ Paying Users (4/5)
  • Patented video summarization
  • Multi-language text-to-video
  • Visual-to-video creation
  • Scalable pricing model
  • Modern caption-style templates
Data Security Yes 100% (3/5)
Resolution 720p – 1080p (3/5)
Free Trial Yes, 3 video projects, each up to 10 minutes long. (4/5)
Customer Support support@pictory.ai (4/5)
Refund Policy If you cancel within 15 days, they will refund your entire payment. (4/5)

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Pictory AI Review

Let’s commence my detailed Pictory AI Review by answering some of the questions you might have after seeing the above ratings:

What is Pictory AI Best For?

Pictory AI is best for transforming blog posts and articles into videos, generating subtitles, and creating branded video snippets from long-form content. It facilitates content repurposing for various digital platforms.

What is the Pricing of Pictory AI?

Pictory AI is priced between USD $29 to USD $149. The range suggests multiple tiers or packages catering to different user needs.

Pictory AI offers three pricing plans: Starter, Professional, and Teams.

Yearly $ Monthly $
Free Plan $0 $0
Starter Plan $ 19 / Month $ 29 / Month
Professional Plan $ 39 / Month $ 59 / Month
Teams Plan $ 99 / Month $ 149 / Month

How Many Templates Are Available in Pictory AI?

The exact number of templates available in Pictory AI is not specified by the official Pictory AI team.

What Solutions does Pictory AI offer?

Pictory AI offers e-commerce video solutions with various lengths tailored for full features, brand stories, social media, and promotional clips.

It emphasizes natural-sounding narrations using natural language processing, visual effect management, and mobile optimization.

What is the maximum video duration supported by Pictory AI?

Pictory AI supports video durations of varying lengths tailored to different subscription plans:

Free Trial Upto 10 minutes
Starter Plan Upto 10 minutes
Professional Plan Upto 20 minutes
Teams Plan Upto 30 minutes

In a comprehensive sense, Pictory AI provides scalable solutions for different user needs, from individuals testing out the platform with the Free Trial to larger teams requiring longer content.

The duration flexibility shows Pictory AI’s understanding of the diverse demands for video content across various platforms, from short social media clips to more in-depth explainers or promotional videos for professional use.

What Amount of Storage is Supported by Pictory AI?

Pictory AI offers a graduated storage plan depending on the subscription tier:

Free and Starter Plans: Both these entry-level plans provide users with 1 GB of storage, catering to individuals or businesses that are just starting out or have lighter video production and storage needs.

Professional and Teams Plans: These higher-tier plans offer a significantly larger storage capacity of 5 GB, which is suitable for professional content creators, marketers, and teams who require more storage space for their higher volume of video content or larger video files.

What Languages are Supported by Pictory AI?

Pictory AI supports 13 languages, catering to a multilingual user base and content creation. This feature is great for those who want to create content in multiple languages.

Does Pictory AI work as a Text to Video Generator?

Yes, Pictory AI functions as a text-to-video generator, capable of turning text-based content like blog posts and articles into videos.

What is the number of users in Pictory AI?

Pictory AI can accommodate 1000 playing users, indicating a robust platform capable of handling a significant number of simultaneous video plays.

What sort of Integration is used in Pictory AI?

Pictory AI integrates marketed video automation, multi-language text-to-video, video metadata, voice selection, and modern customizable templates into its platform.

Is there any Data Security Policy by Pictory AI?

Yes, Pictory AI has a 100% data security policy, including a “Vault 150gb,” which suggests a commitment to protecting user data.

What Resolution is Supported by Pictory AI?

Pictory AI supports video resolutions of up to 4k, providing high-definition video content.

Can I use Pictory AI for free?

Yes, Pictory AI offers a free trial that includes 3 video projects, each up to 10 minutes long.

How to contact Customer Support of Pictory AI?

Customer support for Pictory AI can be contacted at support@pictory.ai.

What is the Refund Policy of Pictory AI?

Pictory AI has a refund policy that allows for a full refund if the subscription is canceled within 15 days.

How do I cancel my Pictory AI subscription?

To cancel your Pictory AI subscription, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your account by clicking on your name.
  2. Go to the ‘My Account’ section.
  3. Select ‘Billing’ from the options provided.
  4. Look for the “Cancel” button or link and click on it to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription.

What is the unique selling point of Pictory AI?

The unique selling point of Pictory AI, which I have identified in my comprehensive Pictory AI Review, centers on its specialization in generating platform-specific video content.

As I’ve explored various tools, Pictory AI stands out for its tailored approach to creating videos specifically designed for major social and professional platforms.

Whether it’s generating dynamic LinkedIn videos that engage professional audiences, crafting polished corporate videos that effectively communicate brand messages, or producing captivating Facebook videos that drive social engagement, Pictory AI excels.

This ability to customize content according to the platform’s unique audience and engagement style is what makes Pictory AI exceptionally useful for marketers and content creators looking to maximize their online presence across different platforms.

Additional Key-Features – Pictory AI Review

In my exploration of Pictory AI, I’ve found features that enhance its utility as a top-tier video creation tool.

Here are some additional key features that significantly boost its functionality:

  • AI Video Editor
  • Text To Video
  • Image to Video
  • Blog To Video
  • AI Video Generator
  • Text To Video Generator
  • ChatGPT Video Generator
  • Video Transcription
  • Social Media Video Maker
  • Video Presentation Maker

Who can use Pictory AI?

Here’s a breakdown of the key user groups that benefit from using Pictory AI:

  • Content Marketers
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • Education Professionals
  • Business Professionals & Organizations
  • Course Creators
  • Content Creators
  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Enterprise Content Teams
  • Coaches

Each of these groups utilizes Pictory AI to create impactful, engaging content tailored to their unique audiences and objectives.

How to Remove Watermark From Pictory AI ?

To remove the Pictory AI watermark, you would need to choose either the “Starter,” “Professional,” or “Teams” subscription plan.

The “Free trial” plan includes the Pictory branding (which is likely the watermark), while the paid subscription plans do not. Upgrading to any of the paid plans should remove the watermark from your videos.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of Pictory AI


    Here’s a brief overview of the advantages users experience with Pictory AI:

    1. User-Friendly Interface: Pictory AI is easy to use, offering a broad range of capabilities without overloading the computer. The voice sync feature is particularly praised for its effectiveness.
    2. Efficiency and Integration: With its accuracy and extensive features, Pictory AI streamlines image-related tasks and easily integrates with other software, saving users significant time and effort.
    3. High-Quality Video Content Creation: Users appreciate that Pictory AI can produce high-quality video content from just a script thanks to its robust text-to-video feature.
    4. Intelligent Media Selection: The AI’s ability to pick suitable media files to match the text in scenes is highly valued, aiding in creative processes without much effort.
    5. Additional Resources: Access to images and videos from storyblocks within the same subscription enhances value, with hopes for more features like transitions in the future.


    Conversely, here are some challenges or limitations noted by users:

    1. Preparation Time: Users initially need to spend time identifying main keywords and finding corresponding stock videos, which can be time-consuming.
    2. Feature Restrictions: Not all features are available in the lower-priced tiers; accessing the full range of features requires a higher-priced plan.
    3. Limited Audio Options: The inability to use multiple audio files or background music for different scenes restricts flexibility in video creation.
    4. No Team Collaboration: The lack of team functions for collaboration is a significant drawback for users who work in groups.
    5. Limited Text-to-Speech Options: The limited options for text-to-speech voices can be frustrating, sometimes forcing users to rely on external software for better quality.

How Much is Pictory AI ?

Pictory AI offers three pricing plans: Starter, Professional, and Teams. Let’s discuss these in detail:

Yearly Pricing:

Starter Plan – $19/month

  • Designed for individual content creators starting with video.
  • Includes 1 user per account.
  • Allows for the creation of 30 videos per month.
  • Provides 600 minutes of transcription service monthly.
  • Offers access to over 2 million royalty-free premium videos from Storyblocks.
  • Features 34 text-to-speech AI voices covering 7 languages.
  • Gives access to 5,000 music tracks.
  • Provides 1 brand kit.
  • Comes with a free “YouTube Mastery” course.
  • Users can sign up for a free trial.

Professional Plan – $39/month (Popular)

  • Aimed at professional creators and small to mid-sized organizations.
  • Includes all the features of the Starter Plan with the following enhancements or additions:
  • Increases video limit to 60 videos per month.
  • Doubles the transcription minutes to 1200 monthly.
  • Adds 51 hyper-realistic AI voices (120mins) from ElevenLabs.
  • Extends the text-to-speech AI voices to 60, covering 29 languages.
  • Expand the video library to over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images & Storyblocks.
  • Provides 10,000 music tracks.
  • Includes 5 brand kits.
  • Offers bulk video downloads.
  • Adds a free “Video Marketing Made Easy” course.
  • Also has a free trial option.

Teams Plan – $99/month

  • Geared towards teams of video creators who collaborate.
  • Builds upon the Professional Plan with additional features suitable for collaboration:
  • Allows for 3 users per account.
  • Permits the creation of 90 videos per month.
  • Maintains the transcription service at 1200 minutes per month.
  • Provides 51 hyper-realistic AI voices (240mins) from ElevenLabs.
  • Retains the 60 text-to-speech AI voices covering 29 languages.
  • Continues to offer over 12 million royalty-free premium videos.
  • Ups the number of music tracks to 15,000.
  • Doubles the number of brand kits to 10.
  • Enhances collaboration with features like sharing & collaboration and API access.
  • Includes both free courses offered in the Professional Plan.
  • Offers a free trial as well.

For individuals or small creators, the Starter Plan could be a good choice, offering a basic set of features at a lower cost.

For professionals who need more resources and tools, the Professional Plan adds value with increased limits and additional features.

The Teams Plan is the most comprehensive and is suitable for multiple users, providing the highest limits and collaborative tools.

Monthly Pricing:

If you are willing to pay per month, then these are the pricing plans you will get:

Starter Plan – $29/month

  • Aimed at content creators, beginning with video production.
  • Includes 1 user per account.
  • Limits to 30 videos per month.
  • Allows for 600 transcription minutes each month.
  • Offers access to over 2 million royalty-free premium videos from Storyblocks.
  • Provides 34 text-to-speech AI voices that cover 7 languages.
  • Comes with 5,000 music tracks.
  • Includes 1 brand kit.
  • A free “YouTube Mastery” course is available upon purchasing an annual plan.
  • Users can opt for a free trial.

Professional Plan – $59/month (Marked as Popular)

  • Designed for professional creators and small to mid-sized organizations.
  • Increases video creation to 60 per month.
  • Doubles the transcription minutes to 1200 per month.
  • Adds 51 hyper-realistic AI voices (120 mins) from ElevenLabs.
  • Extends the text-to-speech AI voices to 60, covering 29 languages.
  • Expands video access to over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images and Storyblocks.
  • Enhances music library access to 10,000 tracks.
  • Provides 5 brand kits.
  • Includes bulk video downloads.
  • Offers free “YouTube Mastery” and “Video Marketing Made Easy” courses with an annual plan purchase.
  • Free trial is available.

Teams Plan – $149/month

  • Suited for teams of video creators focusing on collaboration.
  • Allows 3 users per account.
  • Permits creation of up to 90 videos per month.
  • Retains the 1200 transcription minutes per month.
  • Includes 51 hyper-realistic AI voices (240 mins) from ElevenLabs.
  • Keeps the 60 text-to-speech AI voices, supporting 29 languages.
  • Maintains access to over 12 million royalty-free premium videos.
  • Offers a larger music library with 15,000 tracks.
  • Supplies 10 brand kits.
  • Enables bulk video downloads.
  • Adds sharing and collaboration features and API access.
  • Provides free “YouTube Mastery” and “Video Marketing Made Easy” courses with the purchase of an annual plan.
  • Also comes with a free trial option.


Pictory AI is owned by Vikram Chalana, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of the company.

To remove the watermark from videos created during the free trial, simply subscribe to a paid plan and re-download your videos.

Yes, Pictory AI can be easily used on mobile devices. Just download the app, open it on your mobile, and start creating videos.

Choosing between Fliki and Pictory AI depends on your specific needs. Fliki has a higher user rating of 4.77 out of 5 stars based on 256 reviews, while Pictory AI has 4.75 out of 5 stars from 104 reviews, suggesting both are highly regarded for their features and customer service.


In wrapping up my Pictory AI Review, I find that Pictory AI stands out as a solid choice for anyone looking to create professional-quality videos with ease.

Whether you are a digital marketer, social media manager, or a content creator, Pictory AI’s intuitive design and broad feature set cater to a variety of video production needs.

The ability to efficiently transform text into engaging video content is particularly impressive. While it has some limitations in terms of audio customization and collaboration features, the overall value it offers makes it a worthwhile investment for enhancing your video creation process.

For more of such AI tools analysis, visit our AI reviews at allaboutai.com.

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