OpenAI Rolls Out ChatGPT Update: A Guide to 7 Exciting Features

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  • April 8, 2024

In a recent development that’s set to enhance user experience significantly, OpenAI has launched a series of updates to ChatGPT, introducing seven new features that promise to make interactions more dynamic and accessible.

We’re adding new features to help developers have more control over fine-tuning and announcing new ways to build custom models with OpenAI.


Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

1. Edit Images: Users now have the ability to edit DALL·E-generated images directly within ChatGPT across all platforms, including the web, iOS, and Android. This addition opens up a plethora of creative possibilities, allowing for personalized adjustments to AI-generated art.

2. Choose an Image Style: When creating images with DALL·E, users can now explore an extensive range of styles. This feature encourages creativity and exploration, offering endless inspiration for visual content.

3. No Sign-up Required: In an effort to make ChatGPT more accessible, OpenAI has removed the sign-up barrier. Now, anyone can use ChatGPT without the need to create an account, ensuring immediate access to its powerful features.

4. Read Aloud: This accessibility feature has been enhanced for mobile users on iOS and Android. By tapping and holding a message, users can select “Read Aloud” to have it spoken back to them. Web users can click the “Read Aloud” button below messages, making content consumption easier for everyone.

5. Turn off Training Models: OpenAI has introduced an option in the settings menu that allows users to opt-out of training models, with or without an account. This feature is geared towards users who are conscious about their data being used to improve ChatGPT’s responses.

6. Enhanced Link Visibility: For subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans, links within chat responses are now highlighted to stand out. This improvement aims at providing better context and facilitating easier content discovery.

7. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): With security in mind, MFA has been introduced for both ChatGPT and API accounts, adding an extra layer of protection for users.

Here is what people are saying:

People seemed to be quite impressed:

OpenAI’s latest update to Chat GPT marks a significant step towards making AI more user-friendly and secure.

By introducing features such as image editing, style selection, accessibility enhancements, and security measures, OpenAI continues to pioneer the integration of AI technology into daily digital experiences.

For tech enthusiasts and casual users alike, these updates not only enhance the utility of ChatGPT but also demonstrate OpenAI’s commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric design.

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in our lives, initiatives like these are crucial for fostering a secure and creative environment for users to explore the potential of artificial intelligence.

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