Sam Altman Labels ChatGPT Dumbest Teases GPT-6 and Plans Big on AGI

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  • May 7, 2024

At a recent event at Harvard University’s Memorial Church, Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, captivated over a thousand students and faculty with his insights on the future of Artificial Intelligence.

The event, orchestrated by Xfund, an early-stage venture capital firm linked with Harvard and MIT, recognized Altman with the 2024 “Xfund Experiment Cup” for extraordinary founders, awarded by David Parkes, dean of Harvard’s Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The moderator, Patrick Chung, managing general partner of Xfund and an early investor in Altman’s first company, highlighted Altman’s profound impact on the tech world, asking him to share advice with the aspiring young crowd.

After listening to his thoughts about AI, here’s what netizens have to say about it. Some found Altman confident enough to lead the AI race.

He candidly discussed the unpredictable nature of technological advancements in AI, noting that critical decisions often do not seem important at the moment.

For Altman, the essence of progress in AI lies not in slowing it down to mitigate risks but in managing its deployment wisely to ensure safety and ethical integrity.

Despite facing criticism and a temporary ousting as CEO due to safety concerns—which led to Larry Summers joining the new OpenAI board—Altman was reinstated, underscoring the ongoing debates about AI development’s pace and governance.

While some seemed to criticize Altman, saying that he was lying, which is evident on his face.

He defended the decision to shift OpenAI from a nonprofit to a for-profit model, arguing that the extensive resources required for advanced AI research necessitate such a structure.

In addition to his Harvard engagement, Altman participated in a Q&A session at Stanford University where he labeled GPT-4 as the “dumbest model” users would have to deal with, hinting at the significant enhancements expected with GPT-5 and beyond.

“GPT-4 is the dumbest model any of you will ever have to use again.” Said Sam Altman.

He expressed a willingness to invest heavily in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), emphasizing that the cost is justified by the potential societal benefits.

During his visit, Altman also addressed the future of AI technology, suggesting that the evolution of AI might not require the creation of new hardware. He argued that current devices, particularly smartphones, are sufficiently advanced to support the next generation of AI applications, which are increasingly cloud-based.

Altman also discussed the forthcoming GPT-5 AI model from OpenAI, noting that it will significantly outperform GPT-4 in intelligence.

He stated, “I think the most important thing about GPT-5, or whatever we call (it), is that it’s going to be smarter. And this sounds like a dodge.

But, I think that among the most remarkable facts in human history is that we can just do something and we can say right now with a high degree of scientific certainty, GPT-5 is going to be a lot smarter than GPT-4. GPT-6 is going to be a lot smarter than GPT-5 and we are not near the top of this curve,” 

Some said that Sam Altman is naive to call AI naive on such an incredible stage.

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This perspective aligns with his broader vision of AI’s integration into daily life, where AI functions seamlessly as a highly informed, cloud-based assistant rather than a standalone gadget.

While many were found defending his statements.

byu/lost_in_trepidation from discussion

Altman’s discussions at both Harvard and Stanford highlighted his dual focus on pushing the boundaries of AI while carefully considering the Ethical implications of rapid technological progress.

His leadership at OpenAI continues to stir both excitement and caution as the organization navigates the complex terrain of high-stakes AI development.

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