LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman Interviews His AI Twin

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  • May 7, 2024

Reid Hoffman, the visionary co-founder of LinkedIn, recently turned to a groundbreaking method to gain new insights: he interviewed an AI-generated version of himself, aptly named Reid AI.

This innovative encounter was shared via a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, captivating an audience intrigued by the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

During this virtual interview, Hoffman sought to challenge his digital counterpart on various fronts, including a rapid-fire question on condensing a comprehensive 336-page book about blitz scaling into a single sentence.

Further, Hoffman probed which of the two—the man or the machine—would serve better as a video host. The AI, with its ability to seamlessly manage extensive data, frequent updates, and multilingual content, appeared to outshine its human inventor in this arena.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Rohit Bhargava highlighted a segment from the video that showcased efforts to humanize Hoffman’s LinkedIn profile, showcasing AI’s evolving capability to personalize digital interactions.

This aspect of their discussion underscored the technology’s growing role in enhancing user engagement on professional platforms.

As the interview progressed, Hoffman shifted the conversation to address strategic changes at Inflection AI, the company he co-founded after LinkedIn. The dialogue touched on the recent appointment of co-founder Mustafa Suleyman as the head of Microsoft’s newly formed AI division.

Hoffman reflected on the challenges and opportunities ahead, noting that while Suleyman’s move to Microsoft would focus on consumer-facing products without immediate commercial pressures, Inflection AI would continue leveraging its prowess in emotional and cognitive intelligence.

Towards the end of their exchange, Hoffman shared a personal revelation about his interaction with Reid AI. He likened it to watching oneself on video, which can reveal subtle cues and improve personal communication.

But not everyone is moved by this technological advancement in AI and people have raised their concerns,

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According to Hoffman, engaging with his AI twin not only fostered a deeper understanding of himself but also opened avenues to enhance his authenticity and human connection.

This self-reflective journey through AI not only highlights personal growth but also signifies a strategic pivot in technology application, emphasizing AI’s integral role in personal and professional development.

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