Samsung’s New AI Update One UI 6.1.1 to Revolutionize Mobile Videography

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  • May 7, 2024

Samsung Mobile’s leadership hinted earlier this year at exciting developments in Artificial Intelligence capabilities for its Galaxy devices. The latest buzz comes from a well-known source in the tech community, Ice Universe, who suggests that the forthcoming One UI 6.1.1 update will bring significant advancements in “video AI.”

Although specifics about “video AI” remain vague, it likely involves either an AI-driven video editing tool or an AI-based video shooting assistant.

These tools could redefine the way Galaxy users create and manipulate video content, building on existing AI features like Generative AI editing and Instant Slow-Mo. These features currently allow users to modify images and transform standard videos into slow-motion clips, respectively.

Samsung recently reaffirmed its commitment to expanding its Galaxy AI suite, teasing that its partnership with Google will bring forward new AI-powered experiences for Android and Galaxy users.

This partnership suggests a continued focus on integrating more sophisticated AI technologies that could enhance the functionality of Galaxy devices far beyond current capabilities.

Looking ahead, Samsung may showcase this new AI feature at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, expected to occur on July 10. This event, where Samsung typically reveals major updates, could be the platform for introducing the enhanced One UI 6.1.1.

Samsung users generally seemed to like this new UI 6.1.1 update,

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Galaxy device users, particularly those with the latest Galaxy S24, have much to look forward to. Samsung has promised up to seven generations of OS updates and equivalent years of security updates, ensuring that even older models remain relevant.

The anticipated AI features might also extend to previous models like the Galaxy S23, which historically receives new features shortly after they debut on the latest models.

Samsung users who own other models also wish for this update on their device,

For those interested in the specifics of which devices will support the new video AI feature, a detailed compatibility guide is available. This guide provides valuable insights into how various Galaxy models will benefit from the latest AI innovations.

As the tech community eagerly awaits further announcements, the potential for AI to transform video editing and production on mobile devices continues to grow. Samsung’s commitment to advancing AI technology not only promises enhanced device longevity but also a richer, more creative user experience.

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